Eye+ TV Window Combines Multifunction Display and Scenic Window

Be it at home or offices, there is always constant need to create the most convenient atmosphere for the environments we've been around most of the time. in any case, convenient atmosphere can also improve mood and boost productivity. One of the easiest way to do that is by furnishing it with smart living technologies or simply making it more pleasant in every ways like window views for example. Unfortunately while the former method requires a fortune and thus not viable for everyone, the latter often poses the same challenge despite the simple nature. Eye+ TV Window represents a perfect blend of smart technology and refreshing view by combining multifunction display and scenic window into a single handy solution.

Property is never something you can decide or choose out of preferences. Most of the time, many people end up with some shabby neighborhood with air pollution, distressing noises, and even dumpster or people's laundry for window view. And there you are, trying hard to defend that there is not really a problem and the environment is actually not that bad while keeping the windows shut all the time. If you are one of those of them, you may want to consider it the right time to solve the issue once and for all. To do that, nothing is better than Eye+ TV Window. As its name suggests, Eye+ TV Window offers dual functionality as multifunction display and scenic window to help you create most convenient anywhere, anytime and without breaking the bank. Indulge in a stunning scenic window with broad selection of great views in any part of your homes or offices with the unique TV window. Looking just like another ordinary window, Eye+ TV Window allows users to play scenic videos or watch TV within single unit of display.

To live up to its role as scenic window, the advanced TV window actually works much like digital photo frame but offers more realistic visual experience. Users can enjoy immersive visual experience through the scenic window as if they were really looking at the real scenic views from around the globe thanks to the advanced built-in optical sensor. The sensor is the core key component for scenic window functionality as it works to adjust zoom feature and image displayed inside the scenic window to create most realistic visual experience possible. To make things easier and more convenient, users get to change the view for the scenic window from mobile app. That said, Eye+ TV Window also makes it possible for users to preload new videos or animated images to play inside the scenic window.

On the other hand, Eye+ TV Window also entails multifunction display functionality with TV as the most possible and relevant application. When cooking at the kitchen, you can switch the TV Window to TV channels and turn it back to the scenic window view when enjoying lunch. Best of all, the switching process between mutlifunction display and scenic window is seamless and effortless within a click of button on the bundled remote control. For easy installation and perfect blend with the existing decor of your homes and offices, Eye+ TV Window will come with large size variants of 46" and 55"; indicating the possibility to use it as multifunction display for other purposes such as wide-screen gaming, movie screening, or computing tasks.

As for scenic window functionality, this TV window can be adorned further with wood frames to intensify the realism of window as well as providing immersive visual experience. To the same extent, users can also set the TV window to display views in various type of format when used as multifunction display or scenic window. They can go for a photo-frame single scenic window, two panel window-esque, or even four tile windows. Also, you can have the TV window to be mounted in both landscape and portrait orientation, whichever you see fit for your environments. Hardware-wise, Eye+ TV window boasts LED HD panel with high definition resolution ensure high quality image performance for multifunction display and scenic window mode every time. To conclude, Eye+ TV Window offers instant solution to improve the atmosphere of your home and work environment with custom preloaded scenic window at disposal.

While mood is not necessarily all you need to boost productivity at home and work, it is certainly among the high impact elements. Think this. Just how many houses, apartments, and offices which can afford great views, especially in highly crowded metropolitans or big cities with poor infrastructures. The possibility goes down to the very bottom of the bar unless you are willing to spends some significant cash on it. Easy examples are those penthouse suites which not only comes with extensive spaces to put things in but also stunning views of the city, skies, or simply skyscrapers. Or consider how you have to pay much more money to enjoy dinner in rooftop resturants although the food tastes just the same. Come to think of it, people actually throws away so much money to be able to enjoy some great scenic views including on vacation. Eye+ TV Window comes just in time to save you from further money-wasting for the sake of great scenic views. The TV Window features unique custom scenic window mode where you get to play practically any recorded or pre-loaded scenic videos including those popular tourist attractions around the world, refreshing green nature views, or even futuristic scenes from sci-fi movies.

But what is so special about the scenic window in Eye+ TV Window is the built-in optical sensor which works wonder to deliver immersive visual experience. Instead of only playing slideshows of images or pre-loaded scenic videos, it intelligently tracks the viewers' eyes and distance from the TV Window via the color camera and depth sensor and tune the scenic views accordingly. What's more, the advanced optical sensor will also adjust the angle of the scenic window for best viewing experience. No matter how the viewers changes position or moves around the TV window unit, they will enjoy the same true-to-life, realistic scenic window as if they are seeing the real sceneries. While Eye+ TV window has made a great technology on its current state, it will be great if users can provide more connectivity options other than USB devices as input sources.

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