For A Stunning Visual Clarity Use Extron Video Wall

Words can be made so beautiful and moving, yet it is not always easy to deliver the message with words. Since it usually takes different approaches to communicate with people from various background and education and in order to be taken as expected, words often need to be chosen carefully. So instead of using words that the audience may not takes as it meant to be, why not deliver the message through pictures? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, when it comes to formal information and advertisement, a video wall is one way to convey the messages.

Video wall can be found in most public venues such as sports stadium and airports. Most major brands also use video walls for product advertisement. The sight of video walls often easy to find in big modern cities such as New York, Berlin and Tokyo.

Not only users will be able to say more with pictures but also present various kind of messages and information to different people at a time. The application of video wall offers a more flexible use as well as viewing experience: people can see from a distant and see the images clearly, while users can manage and update the content whenever necessary.

Video wall physically resembles a giant picture puzzle. Because they are meant to be put in a multiple setup, they are particularly designed with slim bezels and daisy-chain feature to facilitate easier management for the networked screens. The helm of video wall is a video processor which performs all key tasks from upscaling images over multiple screens to spread out different images on the (video wall) screens. For display, video wall can be built using LCD, LED, Plasma or rear projection devices. As long as not the standard LCD, LED, and Plasma displays which are not spesifically designed for video wall.

Regarding display, Extron video wall processor often incorporates with Emerson cutting-edge display. Emerson is a global manufacturing and technology company known for its ability to bring technology and engineering together in order to create a high quality solution. Emerson cutting-edge display technology met well with Extron’s video wall processor. The Extron video wall is capable of processing up to 3.5 billion pixels per second so (the video wall) processors can easily scale and magnify images across displays with high pixel and Emerson’s Christie Micro Tiles.

Christie Micro Tiles is a scalable and expandable processor that capable to support variety of input, output, and windows capabilities. Making the video wall features high performance video scaling technology capable of producing very high quality images. In providing a high performance, high reliability display processing solution for monitoring valuable infrastructure and assets, Extron video wall maintains optimal full frame rate performance with a high speen 100 GBpps RAPT video graphic. Thus, the Extron video wall allows large number of inputs to be processed while preserving real-time control response and image performance.

Only after completing the installation of those Extron video wall inputs, the system operator can begin designing presentations to be shown on the video wall. The Extron video wall is like a large virtual canvas provides a visual on-screen layout of the video wall. Users can also added windows to the video wall by simply ragging and dropping them onto the canvas. Once made available, the windows can be sized and positioned anywhere including to be removed from or prepared for placement. Changes made can be viewed instantaneously on the video wall display. The software application lets the user customize the layout by selecting source input for each window, adding a caption lavel or color border, as well as sizing, positioning and zooming images within the windows.

Extron video wall offers a variety of display scenarios to be pre-programmed or created on-the-fly. Its software is an intuitive control interface for setup and system operation complemented by high performance image scaling technology, which can accurately preserves the original image quality at all window sizes. Therefore many sources with various sizes, whether it is large size, few small sizes or a combination of both, can be shown at the Extron video wall.

The flexible source windowing capabilities made the system’s four sources can be positioned anywhere on the video wall. The Extron video wall sources can be tiled, overlapped, and placed inside one another for picture-in-picture presentation. Since the patented scaling engine inside the Extron video wall ensures that the PC and satellite sources are displayed with superior picture quality, either a single source is upscaled to fill the entire MicroTile display, or multiple sources are downscaled below their native resolution in a tiled arrangement.

Included with Extron video wall processors is intuitive control software for setup, configuration, and system operation. The software is made as user-friendly as possible and is organized into a series of tasks without complex setup procedures or programming.
So users can practicaly select sources and window arrangements from a group of pre-programmed window layouts. If the video wall window presets have been created, the Extron video wall software can be immediately used to create a simple user interface so that the system operator can quickly recall the presets.

The software lets the integrator create the interface with clickable buttons for each preset. It is also customizable including in background color, text color and the font, along with button color, size and position. A bitmap image can also be inserted to a buttor or the background of the interface. Overall, the Extron video wall responds to control commands with no system lag, allowing users to quickly and efficiently operate video wall systems in real-time.

Apart from image quality, the Extron video wall is equipped with removable flash storage or a removable hard disk drive, depending on the model. The Extron video wall is made available in different frame options and can be sized to the needs of a current application and later expanded as requirement evolve. The advantages make the Extron video wall ideal for all types of surveillance, presentation, and visualization applications.
As they said, ‘say more with Extron video wall’.

(Date: 13 June 2013; Frida)

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