Geist Pico Projector Features Unique Design and Ultimate Flexibility

Appearances is not necessarily important but unique design has been always enticing to most of the techno-geek crowd. This time, it is some young talents from Brazil and Italy which come up with what they called Geist Pico Projector which features unique design and ultimate flexibility with levitation concept. Say, just how many or how often you find a ball projector? Around the globe, projectors boast square, cubic, or bar form factor, instead of ball. While there may be certain consideration for the mainstream design, it does not make Geist Projector any less capable as opposed to the more conventional-looking projectors out there. In fact, Geist Projector easily offers ultimate flexibility for any projection applications thanks to its unique design which sports a literally levitating ball projector unit and detachable base. All these times when it comes to projection, users try and rack their brain to ensure the projector is positioned on the center or wherever it should be to get optimal projection. Likewise, manufacturers keep developing innovations and features to drive ultimate flexibility for their projection solution. Geist Projector, however, chooses to take different approach by using unique design of levitating ball to offer ultimate flexibility.

To get the ball projector unit levitated, Geist projector creates electromagnetic field between the ball projector and the ring system. By allowing the projector unit to literally levitate, Geist projector makes it easy for users to place the unique-looking projector anywhere in the room for optimal projection result every time. Not only that, users which looks for ultimate flexibility will be glad to find that Geist projector actually does not require any messy wiring to get up and running. Plus, it comes incredibly compact to save your precious workspace. As such, you can also be sure to get hassle-free projection when and where needed with this unique projector. In a way, the unique design of Geist projector will also give sort of futuristic look to your rooms while standing out from the crowd of bar-shaped projectors out there. To the extent of unique design, you may want to note that the ring base of Geist projector is detachable as well, providing ultimate flexibility for those needing optimal projection on the go. You can simply bring along this pico projector in pieces and have it assembled at an instant when and where needed. In particular, the ring base can be detached into four parts: speakers, input slots, battery pack, and card slot. Of course, you can also expect that the ball projector is equipped with wireless remote control for general navigation and operation. Really, there is no need for dedicated space or upholding stand to ensure optimal projection result as the pico projector can easily sit flush with the table and starts to do its magic.

If you happen to encounter Iris Uber gaming projector, Geist projector seems to bear some resemblances with the same unique design of circular base which is very uncommon with projectors. But while Iris Uber projector is intended especially for the gaming enthusiasts, Geist pico projector is aimed at more general crowd for easy projection and those looking for ultimate flexibility or unique design in particular. Geist pico projector also features unique design for a very good reason if you must know.

Instead of single stamdalone projector which projects single image to single direction, Geist Projector boasts a number of micro projectors inside to help create multiple images into multiple directions; providing the most ultimate possibility like never before. As such, you can easily enjoy different projection from different input sources on any surface when and where needed. n fact, Geist projector can support up to simultaneous projection. As any projector in general, Geist projector provides full compatibility with a wide selection of multimedia format and files for seamless projection every time. Only, you may have to pay attention of the projection distance as the pico projector which sports a very unique design does not come with high lumens level. On different note, Geist pico projector makes ideal projection solution for users with ultimate flexibility since it is fitted with smart battery system. Inside the circular base, the projector packs two piece of batteries for extra juice in extended use. Even if both batteries are drained, you can easily replace the battery on your own with the smart unique design of battery compartment.

Ultimate Flexibility

In some cases, magic happens within technology industry and Geist projector is easily one of the promising dream with levitating ball unique design as the major key to ultimate flexibility. Instead of conventional lens installed on the boxed system which sits on the table on mount on ceiling, Geist pico projector chooses different path with electromagnetic field. Unlike traditional projectors which is static most of the time or installed permanently, Geist pico projector adopts a highly dynamic electromagnetic field concept with unique design of levitating ball to provide ultimate possibility ever. Both the ball projector unit and the ring bases are designed with special plates which will create electromagnetic field once get in contact. After the electromagnetic field is formed, the ball projector unit will get levitated around 2 cm above the ring base and can be directed to project at multiple angles when and where needed. Users also do not have to be concerned if the ball pico projector cannot keep stable projection as the opposing forces between them will keep it in place. Interestingly, it is also possible to use the Geist pico projector as music player alone since it integrates built-in, detachable speakers which does decent job for personal use. For general control and navigation, Geist pico projector relies on the wireless remote control which leverages on infrared technology to transmit signal and control the projector from distance.

On the other hand, the unique pico projector also comes with relatively versatile connectivity options including LAN connection, SATA2 port, and USB 2.0 port to allow instant projection from multiple sources and thus ultimate flexibility without a hitch. As for wireless options, users can plug in various type of flash memory card for hassle-free projection on the go. All in all, electromagnetic field-powered floating ball concept for projector as depicted in Geist Projector is clearly one of a kind although we have to wait if it is really able to live up to the expectation of providing ultimate flexibility.

(Date: 27 May 2013; Lidya)

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