Get the Most Out of Your Video Wall with Management Software

It takes two to tango and it takes a powerful management software to get the most out of your video wall. While it is just a common sense, many users did not realize this fact until they get into troubles in managing the overflowing content. Or in the worst case, their high-investment video wall installation simply did not yield the expected result. A powerful hardware, which the display in the case of video wall installation, is important but again it is only a tool to deliver your messages. If you do not have the right content and know how exactly to deliver them, the display is nothing but an empty shell. In other words, you need more than a reliable hardware to get the most out of your video wall. An advanced suite of management software is one effective way to ensure your messages delivered on the right way and get the most out of your video wall installation.

But how exactly a good content management software is like? What are they are capable of? What to consider when choosing the right content management software? How do the management software can help you to get the most of your video wall? Yes, there is certainly a lot of question arises as video wall management software is concerned. In fact, some users actually have taken it for granted without realizing it. It is because there are many kind of content management software available out there, from the very basic one which lets you upload recorded content to the video wall unit via flash drive or connected PC manually to the most advanced system which enables users to fully control and manage their contents in video wall from remote connection in a flick of button through server.

Each content management software comes with their own features to help you get the most out of your video wall in the most cost-effective way possible. With software in general, the biggest issue is to learn the ropes as you need to know how to use the tools provided as well as any basic and advanced features available. The same goes for video wall management software. Some advanced management software such as Samsung MagicInfo solution focuses on providing an end-to-end video wall solution by featuring a complete tools for creating, editing, and managing contents in single package. However, there are also others which highlight on the management content instead with customization option such as scheduling and controlling contents and remote monitoring. All in all, you should consider both features and ease to use when choosing the right management software for your video wall installation.

In its most basic functionality, a good content management software should allow users to deliver content to the right audience at the right time and place in most effective and convenient way. It is also essential that you choose the management software which offers wide compatibility with various type of PC or server while also packing a comprehensive support for different input sources for the video wall installation. To get the most out of your video wall installation, you should also consider to choose the management software with high scalability and flexibility. It is especially important because you have to make sure that your video wall installation is open to future expansion with more displays to connect and manage. While the common video wall installation in commercial applications may go for a regular tile matrix type of video wall configuration, apparently there is a growing trend of using irregular wall configuration for those applications to capture more audience.

Still in terms of flexibility, some advanced management software actually allows users to display content in video wall installation with different display sizes but maintain to create seamless visual experience. After all, you may have to reconfigure the video wall installation for different requirements and contents. Of course, image quality remain important as ever and you have to ensure that the management software support wide range of file format as well as resolution and aspect ratio if you wish to really get the most out of your video wall installation. You cannot afford to have the contents not playable or get scaled incorrectly. To conclude, the key of choosing the right management software relies a lot on not only what it can do but also how it can suit your requirements in relation to get the most of your video wall in any applications. Here below is one good example of reliable management software which can help you to get the most out of your video wall without much fuss.

Samsung MagicInfo

With Samsung being one of the biggest display manufacturers, it is only natural that they got all the solutions covered, from hardware parts to software; ensuring a complete best experience for your business. In terms of video wall installation and large format displays, they invented Samsung MagicInfo software solutions which consists of three different variation for general large format display and video wall: MagicInfo Lite, MagicInfo-i, and MagicInfo-i Premium. Not only cater to different applications, each management software boasts different features and thus capabilities and flexibility for different level of requirement.

As mentioned earlier, Samsung MagicInfo can be considered one of the most advanced management software to date for both video wall and large format display installation thanks to the myriad of tools provided from creating, delivering, and managing the contents. That aside, Samsung also claims that their proprietary management software also outdo other competing products with a very intuitive user interface; helping users to get the most out of their video wall installation almost effortlessly. As the cream of the crop is the Samsung MagicInfo-i Premium which relies on three main elements to do its job, namely MagicInfo-i Premium Author, MagicInfo-i Premium Server, and MagicInfo-i Premium Client.

In the first place, MagicInfo-i Premium Author helps user to create any content to deliver their messages. They can use images, audio, videos or the combination of multiple elements. Or, they can also create Flash-based animations too for interactive displays. The user interface itself is relatively intuitive featuring handy tools, templates, timelines, and layers to create the most visually appealing for your contents. Plus, the management software also enable users to edit the content and publish it in real time, without needing additional third party software installation. Once you are done with the contents for your video wall installations, it is time to get it published and displayed with MagicInfo-i Premium Client. It hosts a variety of playback mode, publishing method, and storage options to help users ensure their contents delivered at the right way to the right audience at the right place. Finally, Samsung MagicInfo-i Premium Server is the last stepping stones to get the most out of your video wall. It lets you access, control and manage the contents in the video wall installation from anywhere, anytime via web-based interface. Even better, it also allows multiple administrators to manage your contents; offering high flexibility as well easier management over larger scale of video wall installation.

(Date: 19 April 2013; Lidya)

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