Home Automation Made Effortless with Ubi Connected Computer

In today's well-connected world, just how easy for you to connect with both other people and systems or devices? While you may still wonder if you could survive a day without touch-enabled mobile devices and all of other smart devices you've taken for granted all these times, smarter living is coming at you faster and larger that you ever anticipated. Among the latest one is Ubi Connected Computer. Built to introduce effortless home automation, Ubi Connected Computer enables you to connect to anyone and anything, from anywhere anytime in most convenient way. Featuring voice-activated wireless control capabilities, home automation is simply made effortless with Ubi connected computer since all you have to do is talk about it. Search the net, turning off lamp, call friends. Ubi connected computer helps you to do things more conveniently like never before. In fact, this unique connected computer is always on and ready to provide helping hands anywhere, anytime and thus the moniker Ubi (ubiquitous computer).

Home automation is nothing new but the fact that Ubi connected computer makes it smarter and intuitive than ever with less resources as compared to high-end home automation system. Simply plug this super compact connected computer to wall socket, connect it to Internet and you're ready to experience home automation like it is meant to be. No cables, no hands, no buttons. With Ubi connected computer, connecting with people and devices come as simple as telling it what to do. Bearing some resemblances to the popular Apple voice-assistant Siri, Ubi connected computer not only capable of listening to your voice commands but also provide voice feedbacks as in natural conversation. Of course, the sound feedbacks or answers from Ubi is limited and related to home automation functionality or communication process. That aside, it is also possible to set this connected computer to send notification about any updates on all connected systems and devices as in home automation system right to your very own mobile devices via Ubi app. For now, Ubi connected computer comes with support for English language only but the developer indicates non-English support in the future. In any case, the connected computer allows you to enjoy home automation experience with any simple basic voice commands starting with the word Ubi. Even, users are welcome to change the name for command prompt into any other term they are more familiar or convenient with instead of Ubi.

Ubi connected computer, at its heart, is an Android-based platform which integrates voice recognition and communication capability to make home automation more simple and effortless like never before. While the connected computer shares some capabilities of Android-based devices including smartphones and tablets, it especially differs from them in that it leverages on voice input to do everything. What's more, you will also find very minimal buttons and no touch-enabled inputs as the connected computer is intended as hands-free voice-activated smart assistant for convenient home automation in the first place. However, Ubi does come with a button which serve to mute or disable the microphone as well as turning the power off in case the voice command does not work or the systems gets into crash.

At its launch, Ubi connected computer is said to come equipped with a selection of Android apps to help with home automation and communication functionality. However, you may want to check out about the compatibility of the Android apps to add into Ubi since there will be no touch or visual capability available. Still on software-side, Ubi's developer convinces that the connected computer will always be up-to-date with the automatic software update feature. Some of the home automation functionality offered with Ubi connected computer is monitoring function for lighting system, air pressure, temperature, and humidity. When doing monitoring function, you can set that the collected data to be accessed in most convenient for you such as from web-based interface, direct voice feedbacks or written notification via email or text messages.

As expected, Ubi connected computer will also come handy to help you with Internet search and voice-call. In terms of connectivity, Ubi comes with USB port to allow users to connect it with other devices for integrated experience such as flash drive, sensors, cameras, and a variety of home automation products when and wherever needed. Last but not least, Ubi connected computer can also be an instant helping hand for disabled or impaired users to do thing around home more conveniently. For one, the connected computer can help them to turn on the light by only saying it without having to get up and do it manually. Or, Ubi can be programmed to send lights in certain colors and pattern to indicate responses and provide information on monitoring status in some applications.

How It Works

As mentioned earlier, Ubi connected computer makes home automation effortless in every way possible via smart voice-activated system. Similarly, setting it up is equally easy. You only have to plug it into wall outlet and set it to be connected to Internet via Wi-Fi and voila! To prepare and start giving commands to the connected computer, simply call Ubi by its name and it will be ready at your services, just like a personal virtual assistant. To establish wireless connection, you can do it via voice commands, mobile app, and PC. To connect Ubi to Wi-Fi with voice commands, the process goes as simple as giving command "Ubi, setup Wi-Fi". As for smartphone and PC, you will need to download and install app or software. By enabling direct power connection and wireless connection to Internet, Ubi connected computer practically eliminates the clutter of wiring at any chance while offering high mobility to carry it around from room to room.

In terms of performance, the built-in microphone is able to pick up audio up to distance of 5 meters with relatively high sensitivity of -40 dB. Interestingly, Ubi connected computer may also serve as wireless network storage by attaching USB flash drive to the built-in USB port. However, you may want to note that the Ubi connected computer relies entirely on Internet connection and thus any network problem or poor connection may result in delayed responses. For seamless home automation experience, users can have multiple Ubi connected computers installed in home or office and get them synced to each other.

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