How To Improve Business with Video Wall

With rapid advances in technology, there are simply many ways to improve your business without forking too much effort as well as fortunes. The key is to do it right and video wall is one of the better option. For those less familiar, video wall is those super big screen or multiple tile screens you may have seen in a lot of public places. What it does is basically to help you to improve your business by creating more impression on your brand, product, services. While video wall is a versatile system which can cater to diverse applications, some people also associate it with new way of advertising. And advertising here means selling out your company in any way possible. In general use, they are very effective in delivering your message to target audience with relatively low investment depending on your choice of video wall system.

Despite the benefits it offers to improve your business, to create video wall definitely not something you can and should do without doing little research. To create video wall which is able to improve your business, you have to first understand your own goals with the video wall, your audience and of course the budget you got. After all, the video wall will be your investment as well as a good bet to improve your business. First thing first is knowing what your purpose is. In other words, what exactly you want to do with the video wall. Increasing brand awareness is among the most common application with video wall including in both small medium to larger companies and hospitality industry. If you got a new startup, for example, video wall can help you to improve business by increasing your brand awareness. For this, you do not need a super big or complicated video wall system as it will require a bunch of equipments and very costly. A simple multi-monitor setup of smaller displays with 2x2 or 2x3 tile matrix will be more than sufficient to create a decent video wall system. You are also good to go with standard digital display and LCD or LED technology because they are slightly more simple than rear projection and looks better too. Then, LCD or LED-based video wall is usually more space-saving, which is good if you have limited space.

Next thing to do is to know your target audience. To improve business, you have to try your best that your messages will reach them effectively. Here is where video wall comes in. Video wall can help you to improves business by grabbing their attention and making the impression. Such scenario for video wall is especially popular for retail advertising, large scale conference, and trade show floors. As such, you will better off to create a video wall system with either a single large display or a multiple screen setup with bigger displays. Since you need to make the audience impressed, go bigger or go multiple is just the right choice. For this purpose, you can use both digital displays or rear projection type of video wall configuration. On on side, some consider rear projection video wall system is more suitable for these kind of deployment because they do not have mullion problem (gap between displays) and thus be able to offer seamless video wall system. However, with recent development in digital displays for video wall, the mullion issues seems to subside significantly thanks to super narrow bezel design. In fact, there has been quite a lot of breath-taking seamless LED-based video wall in various applications such as trade show, fashion show, marine parks, or artistic exhibition.

Last thing to consider to improve your business with video wall is the budget. With so many video wall configuration available, you should be able to make choice now to meet your requirements and purposes. However, spend wisely because video wall is more of the longer-term kind of application. And the budget we're talking about will also account for the additional cost such as backup unit and maintenance which is expected to come after the purchase and installation of the video wall. If anything, try to choose video wall solution which is highly scalable with reasonable cost. For example, video wall solution today like the one from Samsung comes equipped with intelligent content management system which allows you to expand the video wall system than you can imagine while managing it from a centralized server. This way, you are able to improve business effectively.

Choosing the Display

A seamless video wall is just the right answer to improve your business. In the first place, it helps to deliver messages with a striking visual. But to create striking visual itself, you will need a powerful display. So far, there are three core panel technology for video wall displays: LCD, Plasma, and LED. Nevertheless, among the three, LED seems to take off better thanks to the improved energy efficiency and reliable performance. Since video wall is meant for extended use, it is just reasonable that you go with LED displays for video wall. In fact, some video wall display manufacturers such as Samsung and Planar claims that their LED-based video wall solutions offer longer lifespan than competing products because the effective use of energy. The longer lifespan is one way to improve business since it means less cost to buy new equipments.

Another thing, LED-based video wall these days also features super slim bezels, eliminating the traditional mullion issues and creating seamless video wall system like never before, even compared to the rear projection solutions. Then, you also have to consider which video wall configuration will help to improve business best. Generally, there is two kind of setup for video wall: a single big display or multiple screens. Each has their own strength and weaknesses. But most importantly, each setup will work differently for different deployment. Both can definitely make high impact to improve business but multiple displays is a wiser choice if you got various kind of video wall applications in mind. With multiple display video wall system, you can easily reconfigure them to fit different requirements. In contrast, single big display is only applicable if you have that much space. Plus, they are usually more expensive.. That aside, multiple monitor video wall system is obviously more scalable than single big display. Users can easily add or remove displays from the video wall system when and where necessary. And with the right content software management, the multi-monitor video wall is also easily manageable.

Choosing Video Wall Controller

Done with the displays, the next step to go is choosing the video wall controller. If you choose to go with multiple screens for video wall system, there are several options of video wall controller; each cater to different requirements and of course budgets. For one, you can use a custom computer which can control multiple monitors. This option usually goes well with some content management software. Although it seems simple and handy, there is a high risk to lose controls over all the displays should the PC gets crashed on any other issues because you relies only on single system. That aside, such type of computer certainly needs hardware components with high specification and thus higher cost. Secondly, you can use server system which essentially control and manage all the displays in the video wall system through a connected server. In some ways, server may offer greater reliability as well as scalability as compared to PC. Lastly, there is stand alone video wall controller which connect any computer to the whole video wall setup. It features high mobility but less popular than the other two other options since it is more expensive and most people do not really need that kind of high mobility for their video wall system anyway.

(Date: 18 April 2013; Lidya)

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