IBASE Embedded System Packs High Performance in Slim Build

What it takes to ensure your digital signage applications work wonder? While some people consider the increasingly popular content management system crucial, powerful hardware is equally important as ever. You can have all the right and appealing contents but if the hardware are not capable, then it will just go to waste. With the nature of digital signage applications which commonly operates on 24/7 basis, high performance and extended flexibility are a must have qualities within any digital signage solutions including the embedded system which powers the digital signage. IBASE SI-38 embedded system packs high performance in slim build for effective and powerful digital signage applications.

To digital signage, you are not expected to merely get the contents delivered but more to deliver it with perfect result. And with appealing contents such as interactive multimedia contents, you certainly need a high performance processing system and thus a powerful processor. Featuring AMD APU R-Series which combines great processing power with high performance graphic solution, IBASE SI-38 embedded system is all set to deliver best visual experience for any multimedia contents with rich graphical elements and lifelike image rendering. When it comes to processing prowess, AMD itself is no stranger and those into computing scene must have recognized in the first place. With the APU solution inside IBASE embedded system, users can be sure to indulge in reliable and high performance content delivery and management every time. In terms of scalability, you can also count on the award-winning embedded system since it supports multi-display setup and up to 16 GB memory expansion with the dual built-in SO-DIMM memory slots. Specifically for the multi-display setup, the embedded system is equipped with two hybrid DVI-I output options which can support high quality video inputs up to 1080p. Other connectivity options in the embedded system includes USB 3.0, RJ45 Ethernet, RS232, and PCI-E(x) for optional Wi-Fi, TV Tuner, or Bluetooth connection. As for storage, the embedded system boasts hot-swappable 2,5" HDD/SSD drive bay for flexible installation as well as future expansion. All in all, IBASE embedded system ticks all the boxes as viable solution for digital signage applications thanks to its high performance and scalability.

To ensure overall best experience with digital applications, IBASE SI-38 embedded system also comes in slim build so it easily attached to single display, multi-display, or PC-based setup without ruining the seamless installation. Measuring only 26,mm at its thickest point, this IBASE embedded system remains powerful enough to empower your digital signage applications without requiring you to give up high performance. In fact, the embedded system goes all robust with rock-solid alumunium thermal frame and advanced cooling system behind its slim build, ensuring reliable and high performance content delivery for extended use. Since cooling system is crucial to the reliability of digital signage applications, IBASE decides it is best to isolate the airflow from the electronic components so as to prevent any contamination or short circuit issues on the embedded system, This way, IBASE also claims that the embedded system will run quieter than usual while keeping high performance for your digital signage applications.

At a closer look, you will also be stunned with the fact that IBASE actually uses the same single piece aluminum frame to serve multiple roles in the embedded system from backbone structures, HDD railing, EMI shielding, airflow divider, thermal conduit to mounting bracket. No wonder that IBASE SI-38 embedded system manage to secure at least several international award and accolades for their innovative design. Among the honored awards are iF Product Design Award 2013 and COMPUTEX Design and Innovation Award on 2012. Eventually, the embedded system's slim build also makes more flexible installation for your digital signage applications. You can have the embedded system mounted on the displays or simply attach it to the central PC which manages your digital signage applications; whichever you see most fit. IBASE SI-38 Embedded System for digital signage applications will be offered in various configurations on processor type and storage options to cater to your diverse requirements. Merging high performance and slim build in one compact package, SI-38 is clearly one of the best embedded system to build your digital sigange applications.

High Performance

It is only common knowledge in technology industry that high performance comes along with high end machine and IBASE SI-38 embedded system is no exception. Taking the helm to power your digital signage is AMD APU R Series which integrates latest powerful AMD discrete graphics HD 7000 for ensured high performance in your graphic performance and thus content delivery. Unlike standard high-end PC system which is built for the computing purposes alone, IBASE SI-38 embedded system is optimized to help users getting the most out of their digital signage applications thanks to the incredible data and graphic processing power offered by the advanced AMD APU engine.

With the APU engine inside the embedded system, users actually get to enjoy double processing power plus slim build. Clocked at blazingly fast speed of 2,3 GHz and 2,7 GHz for quad-core and dual-core version respectively, the embedded system is surely to deliver high quality image and graphics for your digital signage contents without a hitch. For those less familiar, the integration of discrete GPU (graphics processing unit) to handle the graphics processing task actually play great role in providing high performance in terms of visual rendering job in this embedded system. And AMD Radeon HD 7600 is the best candidate around to pair with the embedded system to run contents with rich graphics of digital signage applications thanks to the full support for latest APIs. That aside, the embedded system also offers advanced video decoding capability for multiple formats including H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, and WMV.

Umatched Flexibility

High performance aside, it is also important for embedded system solution for digital signage to boast high flexibility in terms of connectivity option and scalability aspect. After all, digital signage applications are generally meant to be used in long term and in multiple locations. IBASE embedded system simply delivers unmatched flexibility with its innovative slim build. The slim build of SI-38 embedded system makes it easy for users to fit it behind the displays and virtually out of sight for seamless view of digital signage applications. On different note, IBASE also equip the embedded system with iSMART technology which features EuP/Erp power-saving functionality to keep the system's power consumption low as possible without compromising high performance. While it is true that high performance leads to high power consumption, it is always not the case especially if the system got power-saving features like SI-38 embedded system. The iSMART technology also incorporates power resume and auto power on/off scheduler for further reduction of power consumption. As in terms of connectivity, the powerful embedded system is fitted with dual hybrid DVI-I display outputs which supports both analog and digital inputs. Another appreciated feature is the hot-swappable HDD/SSD slots and dual mini PCI-E slots.

(Date: 29 April 2013; Lidya)

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