InFocus Announces New Business Projectors for Large Venues

The bigger the better is usually what people would expect for projection, especially in large venues such as convention hall or auditorium. Thing is the audience will fill the whole room with many sitting or standing positions and look to the images in a variety of viewing angles. As such, you want to make sure that everyone got well covered can clearly see what is on the highlights. The new InFocus IN5550 business projectors not only introduce bigger pictures for large venues but also better ones with stunningly brilliant projection, versatile connectivity, and easy-to-use controls.

Bigger is good but large venues need a lot more than big pictures alone. With the new InFocus business projectors, making dazzling big projection is almost effortless thanks to myriad of ground-breaking features including six interchangeable lens and two user-replaceable color wheels. Most business projectors typically only feature a single lens to fit all of different environment and requirements in large venues. However, these new business projectors from InFocus stand out from the crowd by making it easy to project with different kind of room configurations of large venues. The six interchangeable lens bundled with these business projectors allow user to easily project from short, medium or long distance without much fuss. To switch from one setup to another, all you need to do is push a button and replace the lens. In very much way, the interchangeable lens system will remind much of the mirrorless camera especially if you are photography buffs. In terms of projection, it will especially beneficial for large venues deployment such auditorium and convention hall since they get a lot of different projects with different requirements of projection.

On different notes, users will also appreciate user-replaceable color wheels. As DLP-based projectors, IN5550 business projectors sports color wheels to help produce the accurate projection. However, InFocus actually provides two different color wheels in these business projectors, tailored for two different scenarios commonly used in large venues: super bright images and color-critical projection. What's more convenient is that users can replace them on their own to suit different requirements in large venues; making them versatile for every application. And since audience in large venues are generally seated around in the room, InFocus is also thoughtful enough to arm theit new IN5550 business projectors with image blending and 360-degree projection for optimal image projection in wide angle.

Image quality aside, connectivity also plays a big role in projecting for large venues. Hotel ballrooms or meeting rooms, for example, may often find it troublesome that they have to provide many different converter or switcher and other equipments because the projectors cannot meet customers requirements. And all the problems arise because of the connectivity and compatibility issues. The new InFocus business projectors makes it easy to connect to myriad of devices and platform with different kind of interfaces and standard.

In the first place, these business projectors comes equipped with universal HDMI 1.4 port which is widely-used in a lot of audio visual and computing devices. With this, users can easily project digital contents from different sources in large venues. In fact, the the universal compatibility of HDMI 1.4 in IN5550 business projectors also significantly reduces wiring and setup as it supports transmission for both audio and visual elements. That aside, these business projectors also simplifies signal processing with 5 BNC input standard which supports both RGBHV and YPbPr color space for seamless connection. If you already got your own switching equipments, IN5550 Series which are targeted at the large venues projection, are also compatible with various popular brand such as Extron, Kramer, and many more.

Another common situation with projecting in large venues is high resolution contents which are frequently did not appear as expected in the real-time projection. InFocus IN5550 business projectors boasts the latest 3G-SDI digital interface which makes it possible for users to project high resolution contents accurately as it is in the original source. And since large venues also uses centralized control system to manage devices in each and every room, these new business projectors also got RS232 control port to allow easy integration to existing control systems. All in all, InFocus IN5550 business projectors seem to be one of the most ideal option for projection in large venues with a host of versatile features to begin with.

Brilliant Projection

While people generally believe what matters most for projecting in large venues is bigger picture, it is not always the case. In some large venue projectors, for example, the manufacturers are only focused to produce extra large projection image and nothing else. As such, many side problem arises from audience not being able to see the projection and details clear enough because the projector light is excessively bright or they simply find the images less sharp or curved for some reasons. The new InFocus IN5550 business projectors delivers big pictures in brilliant quality for large venues thanks to a range of innovative features. Among them is the six interchangeable lens and user-replaceable color wheels.

As mentioned earlier, the six interchangeable lens is especially designed to make it easier for users to project in various distance and from various position regardless of where audience are seated or the viewing angles. From short-throw to ultra-long-throw projection, these business projectors can easily produce vivid, brilliant images for your large venues applications. No longer you have to do all the hassle with setting up projectors to suit different situations and audience at different time. You can just switch the lens with the suitable one based on your requirement at a push of button. The new IN5550 business projectors make it effortless to get brilliant projection in large venues, every time.

On the other hand, user-replaceable color wheels simply takes your large venues projection further with two option of color wheels for different applications. On one side, there is "Presentation" color wheel which is specialized for delivering super bright projection and prioritize high brightness over anything else. In contrast, "Cinema Correct" will be a wiser option for those working most with graphics, visuals, or color-critical data since it provides greater control in color accuracy. However, both color wheels in these business projectors are powered with the same single-chip DLP technology as well as InFocus BrilliantColor Implementation.

Brightness seems to be one of the most crucial aspect when it comes to projecting in large venues. But it really does not matter with the new InFocus IN5550 business projectors. These business projectors boast a whopping brightness of 8300 lumens to ensure bright vivid projection in large venues without a hitch. You no longer have to worry if the room is not dark enough or if anyone can clearly see the images. IN5550 business projectors also offers excellent projection in well-lit rooms which is commonly found in large venues such as convention hall, auditorium, or hotel meeting rooms and ballrooms. To further enhance the projection result, IN5550 business projectors also pack a motorized lens shift to allows users set up and save their frequently used settings of lens, zoom, and focus in dedicated memory. In fact, the lens shift function is available in both vertical and horizontal axis.

Versatile Connectivity

Build especially for projection in large venues, inFocus IN5550 business projectors got a pretty versatile connectivity options to allow easier connection to different devices and platforms. Whatever your contents are, in any different format or resolution, these business projectors simply take it and make it bigger and beautiful. With the recent HDMI 1.4 port, you can project from any digital sources in a single hassle-free connection; eliminating the need for the messy wiring and additional equipments. Similarly, the latest 3G-SDI standard interface is also supported in these business projectors to enable seamless high quality content projection in your large venues with no compromise on image quality. For those often puzzled with switching and signal processing, the new InFocus business projectors come with both RGBHV and YPbPr color space.

Easy-to-use Controls

Projection in large venues is often not as simple as it is to the point it is frustrating because of too many devices and remote controls. The new InFocus IN5550 business projectors take your worries away with wired, wireless, and centralized control. In the first place, you can control these business projectors from network with the supplied LAN RJ45 connection. Or if you prefer wireless control, which is increasingly popular too in large venues for easy maintenance and management, simply have those business projectors integrated to the existing control system with other networked devices inside the room. For those goes well with wired, you can always relies on the bundled remote control.

(Date: 15 April 2013; Lidya)

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