InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Adapter Foster Collaboration

One day you come across wireless presentation technology. You get to pull, stream, and share contents without the messy wiring or any complicated. You think life is wonderful and wireless presentation is the best thing could happen to you. Unfortunately, it is only half correct because InFocus is to change the entire story with their latest InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Adapter which is designed to foster collaboration like never before. So what about the InFocus LiteShow III? How does the wireless adapter is going to change the already-wonderful wireless presentation forever? Set to bring over the true convenient of wireless presentation, the new InFocus LiteShow III actually lets you start the wireless presentation in seconds time. All you need to is to connect to the local network, plug in the LiteShow USB flash drive, and voila! Now you are all good to go.

In terms of compatibility, InFocus LiteShow III works well with major operating systems for both computing and mobile platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Apart from the handy plug n play wireless presentation across multiple devices and platforms, the InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter also works to foster collaboration with the Moderator and QuadView features. In most collaboration cases, people often have to battle with several input sources from several devices and multiple display outputs. As a result, you spend most of the time and energy doing the setup instead of focusing on the presentation or collaboration itself. You cannot afford that to happen and Moderator feature is exactly the answer to your problem. Moderator feature in InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter allows you to choose from multiple input sources connected to the display and get its contents displayed right away. No hit and miss affair with multiple connection. But the best thing is that you can easily do this via a convenient web-based interface. So simple and effortless. To further foster collaboration, the wireless adapter also enables multi-display view simultaneously up to four screens. This way, you can also facilitate more seamless collaboration while saving costs to but multiple displays. Connectivity-wise, this advanced wireless adapter leverages on latest 802.11n wireless technology which is touted to have extended coverage up to 91 meters with transmission speed up to 150 Mbps.

It is still a long way to go with the new InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter because quick handy wireless presentation is only part of the overall show. The wireless adapter still has many tricks out of its sleeves with flexible configuration options and multiple security levels, and access point capability. In the first place, InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter can also function as a dedicated secure wireless access point for both devices connected to the same networks or external devices outside the network. In other words, any computing or mobile devices can easily connect to this wireless adapter as long as it has wireless functionality and gets their screen displayed in an instant.
Similar to access point in general, users also can apply different settings and define type of access granted for different users. For example, you can set up a display access only for the guest presenter while giving both access to display and Internet connection for internal presenter within the same connection to InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter. This way, you can foster the collaboration to go smoothly and effectively while protecting your network assets from any security risk. When necessary, there is also option to apply security encryption to the wireless adapter based access point such as WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK. Performance-wise, the new InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter supports myriad of file type, formats, and codecs up to high definition quality. In fact, you are able to enjoy high quality content stream and wireless presentation with InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter with the built-in video decoding capability. Although this wireless adapter relies on analog VGA/D-Sub 15 pin connection to connect to your display, audio projection is also made possible after installation of optional driver bundled within USB flash drive of InFocus LiteShow III.

Redefined Wireless Connection

To connect and collaborate wirelessly is definitely a bless in disguise for a lot of people in workplace. Not only it allows seamless collaboration, it also helps them to actually focus more on the collaboration instead of the equipments. The new InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter redefines the meaning of wireless connection and thus wireless presentation by promoting all the good qualities of wireless connection including easy and reliable connection as well as versatile connectivity. With InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter, all you need to do is a single VGA connection to the display output and now you make a wireless display yourself for instant connection and presentation from any connected devices. For advanced wireless connection such as for guest, you can simply hand in the LiteShow USB drive to provide the same access to the display output. No software installation needed as they can start using the LiteShow functionality by running the provided application. With InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter, your wireless presentation comes easy as plug and show. All in all, the wireless adapter got all it takes to foster collaboration and make the most out of your wireless presentation.

Beyond Wireless Presentation

Apart from the easy wireless presentation, InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter is also designed to foster collaboration with Moderator mode and QuadView functionality. To access the Moderator Mode in this wireless adapter, you do not go to the LiteShow application on your PC. Instead, you go to specific address in web browser. As such, users practically can control over their wireless presentation from anywhere, anytime. With Moderator mode in InFocus LiteShow III, users can easily switch between multiple presenters or input sources to foster collaboration. The Moderator itself consists of two different users: basic and admin. With basic users, you can change the displayed screen. Admin users, in different note, provides greater control over the wireless presentation such as network setup, projection setup, wireless setup, and wireless client setup. Included within the wireless setup is encryption setting where you can set security level for the wireless adapter, just like a router or access point.

Next, there is the wireless client functionality which transforms InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter into an independent access point. With this function enabled, you can extend the functionality of wireless presentation to the devices outside the networks. What's more, the wireless adapter is also equipped with Gatekeeper function which allows you to assign different access level to different devices or users. There are basically three level of access avaialble: display only, display and internet, and full access including access to the networks. It is especially comes handy if users have concern over security aspects. QuadView is basically an extension to the Moderator mode where users can display up to four screen in a single view to foster collaboration. In many ways, there is no doubt that InFocus LiteShow III wireless adapter is the best fit for any wireless presentation applications regardless of your requirements.

(Date: 23 April 2013; Lidya)

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