InFocus MondoPad Transforms Work Collaboration

When it comes to visual and a lot of display products, the bigger generally means the better. But as InFocus introduces their new collaboration system, Mondopad, bigger also means more effective work collaboration. Built as a collaboration tool, InFocus Mondopad transforms work collaboration by integrating touch interactivity and advanced collaborative features into a giant touch tablet while offering compatibility with wide selection of collaboration system.To put it simple, InFocus Mondopad packs all you need to improve work collaboration in a single big touchscreen. Although working just like your interactive whiteboard solution in many ways, InFocus Mondopad actually allows you to do more for more effective work collaboration. In fact, InFocus Mondopad is at different level altogether since it is powered by a built-in PC. What's more, InFocus Mondopad also highlights more on the touch-based interactivity with your very own hands as opposed to digital pens in other interactive whiteboard solutions.

Featuring the moniker of giant touch tablet instead of interactive whiteboard, users can expect to foster effective work collaboration with a seamless and engaging presentation and sharing activity every time. In terms of functionality, users can use InFocus Mondopad as giant display output, interactive whiteboard, video collaboration tool, and sharing points. With such versatile capabilites, users can now say goodbye to complicated or multiple equipments and focus more on their work collaboration. Present, share, and interact with others in work collaboration now only need some flicks or taps with your fingertips thanks to InFocus Mondopad. Things are even better as you get to do all the touchy-feely things on a super big screen size of 55" boasted by InFocus Mondopad. There is also an option to actually control and manage InFocus Mondopad from any devices including your tablets or smartphones when and where needed for a truly effective work collaboration. Now at its second iteration, InFocus Mondopad sees a number of new features and some improvements in terms of usability including more sensitive screen and higher number of touch sensor as well as enhanced companion software and new virtual training session.

In its original version, InFocus Mondopad sports a big 55" display panel to enable optimal viewing experience in your collaboration. That said, the display is not only big but also offers stunning high quality visuals as it features Full HD 1080p resolution. And since InFocus seeks to foster natural touch-based interaction, it is only expected for Mondopad to also come with multi-touch support. With all those aspect alone, you may have as well ensure yourself effective work collaboration. However, InFocus looks to up the ante for collaboration solution and thus best work collaboration possible. As the first step, they decide to give some upgrades to the panel screen of the new InFocus Mondopad.

While the original InFocus Mondopad has been a decent performer, the new InFocus Mondopad comes with a five-point multi-touch capabilities for overall enhanced usability in your work collaboration. Then, InFocus also improves the sensitivity aspect further by increasing the number of touch sensors in the second iteration of InFocus Mondopad. As such, users can be sure that all of the touch inputs, handwriting, and gestures during the work collaboration are captured perfectly and effectively.

On the other hand, the new InFocus Mondopad also sees upgrades Mondopad software with the recently released version 1.6. As expected, most of the upgrades are meant primarily to enhance your work collaboration by allowing seamless integration with other applications or simply extra collaborative functionalities. But users with secure collaboration scenario may find the new security option in the new InFocus Mondopad most handy. As for applications, the new InFocus Mondopad is back with the full support for document annotation, Microsoft Office, and video conferencing functionality. At last, InFocus gets very thoughtful of their users by providing new virtual training options within the new InFocus Mondopad. These virtual training sessions comes in two different version: the two-hour and four-hour duration and are designed to help users to make the best out of the Mondopad for work collaboration. With the trainings, users can definitely learn better about InFocus Mondopad and which features can be helpful to their work collaboration.

The Real Interactive Work Collaboration

Everyone these days seem to be happy with touch-based devices because it put all the controls at their fingertips and let them do a lot of things almost effortlessly. If any, it is the natural interaction which makes them so. With that in mind, InFocus comes up with an innovative touch-based collaboration tool called InFocus Mondopad which is engineered to transform work collaboration in the first place. Combining touch-based tablet and interactive whiteboard concept as a single collaboration tool, InFocus Mondopad intends to provide a new way to enhance work collaboration like never before.

With InFocus Mondopad, you can easily present, share, and collaborate effortlessly and effectively every time. The main highlight of InFocus Mondopad is the natural interaction for your work collaboration as you have enjoyed all this time with personal touch-based devices such as smartphones and tablets only with bigger size. For display and interaction, InFocus Mondopad relies on the massive 55" inch display which now supports up to five touch points for multi-touch capability. This way, multiple users will have no difficulty to interact with the display simultaneously. But that's not the only aspect that makes smoother interaction with InFocus Mondopad. It is because unlike interactive whiteboard which depends entirely on separate PC, InFocus Mondopad actually incorporates powerful Intel-based PC and Windows operating system. As such, users can use InFocus Mondopad for other purposes other than the interactive whiteboard alone, for example for video conferencing. To users advantage and for the sake of versatility, InFocus Mondopad even got build in HD camera and microphones, just like your video collaboration system. Nevertheless, you will have to install separate video collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Lync or WebEx in order to use this functionality in your work collaboration.

On different note, InFocus Mondopad works wonderful as ever as interactive whiteboard. Users can easily write, draw, or do other interaction with the InFocus Mondopad as they usually do with other interactive whiteboard solution. Only, this time they will feel more comfortable because they use their fingers instead. The included collaboration tools comes with a host of functionalities and features to enahnce your work collaboration including real-time annotation and sharing features. When necessary, it is also possible to save the modified contents or documents during the work collaboration on InFocus Mondopad for later review or shared between participants. While you relies on your finger for inputs, there are several ways to control InFocus Mondopad. Users can display and control the documents or contents displayed on InFocus Mondopad from virtually any devices. For gadget enhusiast, they can easily connect to Mondopad and takes control of it from their smartphones or tablets with Mondopad Connect. However, note that the app is only available for Apple iOS and Google Android for the time being. As for users with desktop PC, there is also ControlView app to do exactly the same functions from viewing to controlling InFocus Mondopad.

(Date: 07 May 2013; Lidya)

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