Kramer Introduces New Multi-Format Presentation Switcher for Multimedia Applications

In a lot of professional multimedia applications, the need to display both video and audio signal from multiple sources remains high concern for users. In the first place, they have to ensure that all the devices can be accommodated for both output and input. Then, they also have to consider if there is any incompatibility issues since they work with multiple devices with multiple standards and files. Enter multi-format presentation switcher to solve all the worries of users with multimedia applications. But what about audio performance. Kramer new multi-format presentation switcher VP-28 is designed to deliver the best stereo audio for your multimedia applications. And if you really need to work with a huge number of devices and signal inputs/outputs in your multimedia applications, then this new Kramer presentation switcher is definitely your cup of tea thanks to a comprehensive input options up to 14 inputs for both analog and digital input sources.

Featuring switcher functionality for multiple type of computer graphics video, microphone, and stereo audio signals, VP-28 presentation switcher can be used in two different switching configuration to cater to both small and medium scale multimedia applications. On one hand, the presentation switcher can be used with the standard configuration of 3x1 composite video, 3x1 HDMI, 3x1 VGA, 3x1 DVI-I and 2x1 DisplayPort. On the other hand, it is also possible to use the presentation switcher with the configuration of 5x1 video switcher and 14x1 audio switcher. In terms of integration, this presentation switcher simply makes seamless multimedia applications. Not only boasting superb versatility on connectivity options, this new Kramer presentation switcher also excels in performance aspect with blazingly fast data transmission speed for your multimedia applications. With total bandwidth of 6.75 Gbps, users can also run multiple data transfer simultaneously and still get enough speed for up to three or four different graphic channels depending on your required speed.

When it comes to multimedia applications, it is also essential for users to choose presentation switcher with a wide compatibility for various standards used by most digital home devices. Kramer new multi-format presentation switcher VP-28 is compliant with HDCP (high-bandwidth digital content protection) standard which mean users can seamlessly connect it with other HDCP-enabled devices and enjoy secure data transfer in high quality almost instantly and effortlessly. To enhance overall content quality for your multimedia applications, Kramer also equips their new presentation switcher with the latest EDID technology. EDID stands for Extended Display Identification Data is a technology works to identify details of display or video sources connected. But unlike the standard EDID, the inteliigent EDID processing that empowers VP-28 presentation switcher allows instant plug and play connection to HDMI-enabled system or input/output devices. As for those intend to do a lot of tweaking with their multimedia applications, the presentation switcher is fully-armed to serve you by packing numerous handy features. Among the appreciated ones are button selectable options for microphone and audio mixing as well as one-touch access to master output and intelligent mute function. Particularly for microphone, you can easily switch between condenser and dynamic microphone. Or if you happen to use the same audio or video setting for your multimedia applications, the presentation switcher also comes with Audio Level Memory which can be set to save your audio setting for later switching. In terms of visual, there is no worry over image quality as the presentation switcher is fully compatible and powerful enough to display your contents in bigger screen like HDTV in full glory. Finally, there is also an option to change the three DVI inputs into analog when and where needed via the supplied breakout cable.

High Performance Solution

In a highly diverse presentation and multimedia applications, you cannot afford any compromise both on audio performance and versatility of system installations. Kramer new multi-format presentation switcher VP-28 delivers excellence in both aspects to ensure the best result for your presentation and multimedia applications. Build as multi-format switcher, Kramer new presentation switcher VP-28 combines total 14 inputs to cater to both analog and digital input sources under single compact package, saving you the hassle to do with multiple equipments for switching purposes. In a way, the all-rounder multi-format presentation switcher also eliminates the need for you to spend cost on multiple devices while increasing efficiency in your multimedia applications thanks to the centralized controls.

As expected with most multi-format presentation switcher, users can use it either independently as HDMI, DVI, composite, DisplayPort, and computer graphics video (VGA) switchers independently or simultaneously for your multimedia applications. Aimed particularly at multimedia applications which require integrated solution for mix of digital and analog inputs, VP-28 presentation switcher can be used in two different configuration to meet different switching requirements. In the first place, you can use typical 3x1 setup for HDMI, composite, VGA, and DVI inputs and 2x1 configuration for DisplayPort inputs, with each switcher covers both audio and video signals plus support for unbalanced stereo audio. Or, if you want to break it down to audio and video signals, the presentation switcher works perfectly as 5x1 video switcher and 14x1 audio switcher for your switching need in multimedia applications. Apart from these two configurations, users who require additional VGA switchers can also turn the DVI inputs into analog with the supplied breakout cables. Finally, users with high demanding multimedia applications will definitely benefit from the high speed data transmission up to total 6,75 Gbps via HDMI and DVI inputs. Nevertheless, note that the speed will be adjusted if you use it to transfer data simultaneously within several input channels. Especially for VP-28 presentation switcher, it supports up to four lanes ofr high speed data transfer.

Versatile Performer

Versatility-wise, there is only few multi-format presentation switcher out there that can go on par with the new Kramer VP-28 presentation switcher. The first and foremost versatile feature of this presentation switcher is its broad range of control options. You can control the presentation switcher via wired connection, which is the RS232 control ports, and wireless connection via IR remote control as well as LAN via Ethernet. However, there is high chances that users prefer the physical instant access to control and manage their multimedia applications. As such, Kramer is thoughtful enough to fit their new presentation switcher with handy lockable front panel buttons. These buttons essentially covers all of the inouts and functionalities offered by the presentation switcher for easier switching in your multimedia applications. But most importantly, users will also find some selectable buttons to adjust audio output level, microphone output, mute functions, and other mixing configuration.

Other aspect that helps VP-28 presentation switcher to be a versatile performer for your multimedia applications is the full supports and compatibility with various digital multimedia standards. The presentation switcher are HDCP-compliant and works flawlessly with HDMI systems thanks to Kramer's proprietary intelligent EDID processing.

(Date: 02 May 2013; Lidya)

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