Kymera Magic Wand Redefines RF Controller Like Never Before

In a way, technology works like magic and there will be the day where you get to do things by speaking out some commands (instead of casting spells) over your devices to perform tasks or swinging some wand to control objects. At least those all the future depiction you can pull off from the popular fantasy franchise of Harry Potter. Until that happens, you may have to do with conventional controllers which offers relatively intuitive control experience when done right. The Wand Company brings such future closer than ever with Touch screen, remote control with button, wall switches, you name it. Even the most sophisticated controller will certainly become things of past with the introduction of Kymera Magic wand RF controller like never before. In fact, Kymera Magic Wand redefines the entire control experience with RF controller like never before by featuring button-less universal design. Best of all, the fancy RF controller can actually help you to control a variety of audio visual system from TV, media players, speakers, and other devices which supports RF controller. Even, you can also opt to control your lighting system if it did work on RF technology with Kymera Magic Wand.

As expected and you may also have guessed, Kymera Magic Wand works to control system and devices by using motion or gestures. Users will find themselves swinging, flicking, or swishing Kymera Magic Wand a lot to manage and interact with their systems and devices, just like in fantasy novels or sci-fi movies. What's more, the RF controller makes it epic as it is able to learn and record up to 13 set of movement to represent the functions from your conventional remote control. Working simply like magic, this RF controller takes the control experience to the entirely different level since you do not even need a single button or whatever icons. Kymera Magic Wand RF Controller is where technology meets magic to allow users to control their systems and devices like never before with magical gestures.

Both touch and motion technology are increasingly popular for control and input devices thanks to their user friendliness and flexibility in the first. In fact, integration of both technology in devices and systems are said to offer intuitive user experiences as users are able to interact more naturally. Kymera Magic Wand RF Controller is built with such expectation in mind to deliver most intuitive, personal, and unique control experience. Not only providing extraordinary control experience, Kymera Magic Wand also promotes ease of use with button-less design and wireless RF technology. While the Chris Barnardo, founder of The Wand Company claims that Kymera Magic Wand is the world's first motion-based button-less remote control, you may want to note that LG also creates the similar but different concept of magic remote with wand (which does not look exactly like wand as Kymera Magic Wand do) to control their Smart TV products. If anything, nothing seem could beat Kymera Magic Wand as the most real magic wand you can ever imagine regardless of its main function as RF Controller.
Design-wise, Kymera Magic Wand is easily the most unique-looking RF Controller since it takes after the ancient-looking real magic wand from those fantasy series like Harry Potter. The Wand company even makes extra efforts to pack the RF controller with old-fashioned packaging to enrich overall user experience. Despite the unique-looking design, the RF Controller do have scientific aspect on its won with integrated microprocessor and accelerometer to detect RF signal from system and devices and responds accordingly. Leveraging on Radio Frequency (RF) technology, users can virtually uses Kymera Magic Wand as universal remote controller for any systems and devices which support RF controller. That said, Kymera Magic Wand RF controller is also able to cast sort of beam of light which is none but the RF signal. In general, you will count on "magical" gestures most of the time to control your systems and devices since this RF controller boasts button-less design. As such, all you do to control is pointing and moving the Kymera Magic Wand around to start the magic. Although The Wand Company claims that their wand-shaped RF Controller has no issue in detecting motion, it will take some time before every move counts. All in all, Kymera Magic Wand offers a new and unique proposition of universal remote control for various systems and devices which leverages on RF technology. To greater extent, it portrays technology in different perspective of magical world.

How Kymera Magic Wand Works

All these time, magic and technology hardly gets along since there is nothing in common between them except for both can help human does things in instant or something which human cannot possibly do on their own. Although dubbed as Kymera Magic Wand, the unique RF controller from The Wand Company is based on technology and science on the most part. To begin with, the RF controller works by detecting details of your motions including the direction and power and making responses accordingly. At its heart, Kymera Magic Wand consists of two core components: three- axis accelerometer and microprocessor.

Like accelerometer used in various kind of motion-based devices such as gaming console, this RF controller picks up the details of the movement such as direction, gravity force, and orientation to be sent to the microprocessor. That aside, users can also feel reassured about the sensitivity and accuracy of motion-sensing with this RF Controller thanks to the special three axis accelerometer. Next, the microprocessor will then analyze the data and look for any matching details from the pre-defined gesture-based programs to emit RF signal accordingly. Interestingly, the microprocessor which powers the RF Controller is also able to tell deliberate action from real command as well as providing haptic feedback whenever action is done.

Users can record up to 13 magical gestures to use with the RF controller for their systems and devices. Some basic movements from Kymera Magic Wand include rotating, flicking, swishing, pushing and pulling. There is also option to actually teach the RF controller to learn some functionality from any conventional IR-based remote control. With universal compatibility with RF controller, you can easily control multiple systems and devices from the same Kymera Magic Wand and unleash the magic anywhere anytime. Depending on your systems and devices, however, different movements of Kymera Magic Wand may or may not trigger the same functionality.

(Date: 27 May 2013; Lidya)

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