LG LED TV Transforms Living Space with Breath-taking Viewing Experience

When it comes to visual and display, nothing seems to be more important than the picture quality and thus viewing experience itself. It is a De facto one for all kind of rule including for TV. Say, what will make the best TV for you? Breath-taking picture quality, stylish design, advanced technologies and features or seamless complete connectivity options? LG LED TV has just all it take to become your dream ideal TV, transforming living space with breath-taking viewing experience. Unlike older TV generation, LG LED TV comes with the latest LED backlighting technology such as Full LED Slim, LED Plus, and LED to ensure breath-taking viewing experience - every time, whatever your applications are. Be it living space, working space, or commercial deployments like public facilities, LG LED TV simply delivers all the visuals what you need. Not only that, LG LED TV actually offers an all-in-one entertainment package with stylish design, latest technology and features as well as diverse connectivity options. If you are out for a complete TV solution, then you cannot be wrong with LG LED TV.

But then what makes LG LED TV stand out from the crowd including their own siblings such as LCD TV and Plasma TV. Leveraging on the same basic concept of LED technology for display, LG LED TV also poses all the good aspects of LED technology including the slim profiles, lower energy consumption, and brilliant image quality. LG LED TV is also available in various screen sizes with plethora of features including 3D capability and the hottest Smart TV features to cater to different needs of various market segment. However, the main highlight of LG LED TV will still be in the LED technology itself which has evolved rapidly in these recent few years; bringing over breath-taking viewing experience to living space plus a number of whistles and bells. In living space, for instance, we see quite a big scene from LG LED TV with 3D TV, Smart TV, OLED TV, and Ultra HD TV. Simply said, there is an LG LED TV for every viewing need.

With LG LED TV, breath-taking viewing picture is an everyday experience in you living space. For those into movies, LG LED TV bring the cinema quality viewing experience right to your very living room thanks to the superior image clarity and details. All you need is to do is turn on the TV and pick your favorite seat. If you are still not sure on how the magic of LG LED TV works, imagine those crystal clear blue sky or vivid details of the elderly faces. In general, LG LED TV leverages on three types of LED backlighting: Full LED Slim LED Plus, and LED; each build to impress and deliver viewing experience like never before.

On the very top pf the crop is the Full LED Slim which is basically an array of LED bulb positioned across the entire panel and distribute equal amount and intensity of light to deliver an uniformly bright picture and consistent viewing experience. Secondly, here comes the LED Plus which places the LED backlit on the edge of the screen instead but still manages to provide superior brightness, colors, and details. Finally, some models of LG LED TV is equipped with basic LED backlighting to deliver the best viewing experience with ultra slim build and lower power consumption. In addition to the innovative LED backlighting technologies, LG LED TV is also capable of delivering the optimal viewing experience thanks to local dimming feature. It essentially works in tandem with existing LED backlight technology in LG LED TV to better control the amount and intensity of backlight in accordance to ambient light. As such, contrast level will improve significantly and result in deeper blacks and brightest white at the same which is previously not possible.

Panel technology aside, LG LED TV also packs a bunch of picture enhancement features to help bring customers the best viewing experience in their living space. Among them is the TruMotion technology which ensures smooth performance in fast-moving scenes like sports or actions. In short, LG LED TV get the right visual for every living space, delivering best viewing experience for every application.

Stylish Design

If it is visual, then everything must count including the packaging. In today era, a good TV which is capable of delivering decent viewing experience is not enough. More than a good TV, LG LED TV also comes in a stylish packaging with all the eye candy elements you will never expect. For one is the Cinema Screen which tries to emulate a cinematic viewing experience by combining floating stand concept and ultra thin bezels. In fact, it is virtually frameless until you power it on. Unlike LCD and Plasma TV, LG LED TV is indeed considerable much slimmer and sleek in build while does not necessarily make it any fragile or less robust as opposed to the other two TVs. In fact, the slim stylish design of LG LED TV makes it more flexible in terms of installation. You can easily leave it to stand on its own or have it mounted on the wall to save more space. And with the elegant sleek design, LG LED TV will definitely fit any room configuration or environment perfectly, especially with minimalist interior design commonly found these days with both living space and offices. If you intend to use it for commercial applications, the slim build of LG LED TV will be just the ideal choice as they can easily fit any kind of deployment and purposes. Above all, LG also did not forget to arm their LED TV with variety of connectivity options such as HDMI, USB, RGB, PC Audio, Component, and even LAN RJ45.

Breath-taking Viewing Experience

With the brilliant image quality, comes the breath-taking viewing experience. As a pioneer in display industry LG has a broad range of latest technologies and features to power its LED TV. Among the interesting ones are the Intelligent sensor and Picture Wizard. As you may have guessed, Intelligent Sensor functions to detect ambient light and adjust brightness accordingly to achieve a balanced level of brightness, contrast, and color reproduction for the best viewing experience. Next, there is also a Picture Wizard feature which helps user to choose the right picture setting for their scenario usage such as watching movies, playing game, or anything. Really, with LG LED TV, it is a matter of click and play. Effortless and fun. Whatever the application are, LG LED TV ensures you the best viewing experience without much fuss. No need for calibration. No complicated setup. Viewing experience aside, users also get to save energy and thus electricity expenses in living space. Smart Energy feature in LG LED TV helps users to adjust performance setting including the backlighting and keep optimum performance when and where needed.

(Date: 10 April 2013; Lidya)

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