LG Large Format Display Built to Deliver Seamless Visual Experience

To create seamless visual experience can prove easy as long as you find the right solution, in this case the right display, to deliver your message as it is meant to be in full glory. Standing high as of of the most recognized display manufacturers in the world, LG knows nothing but producing the right display solution for their customer's ever changing requirements from time to time. And with commercial display landscape, especially large format display takes the center stage for the few years, there is little reason why they will do nothing about it. LG has one of the most extensive range of large format display, all built to deliver seamless visual experience in various kind of deployment and applications. In fact, you can easily find LG large format display installation in a lot of vertical businesses including point of transit, retail stores, hospitality, and education. Similarly, LG large format display is one versatile performer to cater to diverse type of installation ranging from video wall, digital signage, to public display both for indoor and outdoor installation.

But most importantly, users with commercial applications can feel reassured that LG large format display will always deliver seamless visual experience every time thanks to a multitude of latest technologies and features it packs in. Among the essential one is the LED backlighting which works wonder to ensure immersive visual experience while keeping power consumption low. With large format display installation in commercial applications, this technology is particularly crucial too since users can also expect to have enhanced durability to survive 24/4 type of operation. That aside, LG also have a good reason to use LED backlighting instead of other similar solution since it is also able to improve reliability aspect in that it will keep the large format display lasts longer thanks to better power saving and reduced heat issues. Indirectly, LG large format display actually offers high possibility for commercial users to save maintenance and operational cost without giving up on optimal visual experience to engage their audience. Finally, LG large format display can definitely help users with commercial applications in mind to stand out from their competition by incorporating all the advanced image enhancement features to ensure ultimate visibility and thus superior visual experience.

While large format display is intended more for commercial applications and thus different from consumer grade display, they do have something in common. They are both are engineered to deliver immersive visual experience. The key to immersive visual experience is the right technologies to enhance the display. LG large format display simply tick all the boxes with just the perfect suites of image enhancement technologies and features to deliver seamless visual experience in your commercial applications. In the first place, LG large format display leverages on the IPS panel technology which is increasingly popular in the past recent years thanks to its superior viewing angles. With IPS panel technology in LG large format display, users in commercial applications can be sure that all the audience will get to enjoy the same immersive visual experience anywhere anytime, regardless whether they sit, or stand, and from any angles.

Not only that, LG also equips all of the large format display range with their proprietary Shine-Out technology. As you may have guessed from the name, this technology works to improve visual experience by drive away unnecessary light from the large format display for enhanced visibility and thus optimal visual experience. This technology will definitely come handy for the large format display installation in both indoor and outdoor applications where direct sunlight may comes excessively or simply comes in unwanted direction which can possibly affect the overall visual experience. For those curious about how it works, the Blu-panel inside the large format display actually emits their own lights to kind of repel the external light. While featuring immprevive visual experience for your commercial applications, LG large format display does not require you to make any compromise on the outer appearances. Even better, LG designs their large format display to be visually enticing with bezels as thin as 5,3 mm. With such super narrow bezels, users can easily configure the large format display for a variety of installation and still enjoy the seamless visual experience without a hitch.

Seamless, Engaging Visual Experience

With display, large is generally better because there is bigger viewing area and often clearer view which makes people see more. LG large format display is built to deliver all the goodness of large screen and seamless visual experience. Armed by a dynamic duo of LED backlighting and IPS panel technology, LG large format display lineup effortlessly produce brilliant images and vivid colors for immersive visual experience in your commercial applications. That said, you do not have to be concerned over the performance and power consumption in extended use.

LG ensures the same brilliant images and visual experience from their large format display from time to time thanks to the ever powerful LED backlighting. They also convince users in commercial applications that the large format display is highly efficient with up to 30% reduced power consumption compared to the other competing display with the built-in auto brightness sensor. The sensor will intelligently detect the ambient light and adjust the brightness of the large format display accordingly to optimize the power usage but keep high visibility and best visual experience. To different extent, all of LG large format display sports Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) to match the massive size and optimize the overall visual experience. After all, you got to have more pixels stuffed inside the display panel for all the details to be shown in such big viewing area. Whatever commercial applications you got or kind of configuration, LG large format display goes all out to deliver engaging seamless visual experience to your target audience in every way possible.

All-Rounder Performer

As mentioned earlier, LG has a broad range of large format display to suit different kind of deployments of commercial applications. As such, it is only expected that each large format display tailored for different segments will carry a number of specific advanced features to enhance overall visual experience despite the common qualities. For example, LG large format display designed for outdoor applications usually boast high brightness up to 2000 nit for optimal visibility even under strong sunlight. What's more, the category of large format display also often integrates anti-reflection coating, reinforced glass and enhanced cooling system to ensure reliable performance under the tear and wear of outdoor usage including heat and weather. Or, if you have more specific needs, there is also special large format display with touch capabilities for interactive visual experience.

(Date: 13 May 2013; Lidya)

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