Latest Sony Public Displays Promotes Engaging Visual Experience for Digital Signage

Generally speaking, visuals seems to be the most effective way to capture attention and deliver your message. Particularly in digital advertising/marketing industry, visual sometimes can be more effective than words alone and it is even more with the invention of public displays as medium of digital signage. For those less familiar, digital signage is the new, recent tool of communications which displays visuals, audio, texts, combination of them, and other format of contents to provide users with most engaging visual experience. Therefore, an ideal digital signage should at least consists of reliable public display and powerful digital signage software if it is to create ultimately engaging visual experience. Sony recently has just refreshed its public displays offering with the new S-Series which particularly promotes engaging visual experience for digital signage platform. Comes in three different screen sizes of 42", 46", and 55" as represented in FWD-S55H2, FWD-S46H2, and FWD-S42H2, these new Sony public displays boast slimmer form factor, high brightness, and low power consumption, which are just ideal for digital signage application.

To bring quality visual experience for your target audience, you will need a powerful hardware and Sony new public displays are just the perfect choice. Featuring Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, users can expect to provide their target audience with best visual experience for highest engagement possible. In terms of brightness, new S-Series public displays boasts high brightness up to 1000 cd/m2 and high contrast ratio up to 4000:1 to ensure optimal visual experience in all lighting conditions including environments with bright ambient light or outdoor applications. Sony new public displays also leverages on LED backlighting to deliver stunning pictures for engaging visual experience while keeping power consumption low. Even, Sony claims that their updated public displays for digital signage offers more efficient power usage with up to 45% less per unit per area. The improvement on the power consumption end definitely brings advantage for digital signage applications in commercial installation as it trims down the overall operating costs. As with other LED-based public displays, expect to enjoy longer lifespan and reliable performance with Sony latest public displays as LED backlighting uses power more effectively and generates less heat that may damage components in long run.

To create compelling content and immersive visual experience, Sony new public displays will rely on the premium Sony Ziris Canvas digital signage software which remains as powerful and comprehensive as ever. Unlike general digital signage software, Sony Ziris Canvas helps you to produce high impact contents with practically infinite possibilities for public displays regardless of your applications. Designed to complement public displays for a complete digital signage solution, Sony Ziris features four dedicated apps to create, play, share, and manage the contents for your digital signage application. No matter how unique you target audience is, Sony Ziris enables users to create most personalized contents with rich mix of images, text, audio, or any other elements for a truly engaging visual experience every time. That aside, Sony Ziris Canvas also integrates built-in Playstation3 Cell processor to power your public display in seamlessly rendering high definition images and graphics-critical contents. Not only powerful, Sony Ziris Canvas also offers high scalability to your digital signage application by allowing users to add up 5000 unit of public displays and manage it from a single interface.

As far as installation, Sony Ziris Canvas actually provide infinite possibilities to configure the public displays in every way possible for captivating visual experience. Users can play with unlimited number of public displays and orientation/positioning as they see most ideal to introduce high impact visual experience to your digital signage installation. The same flexibility also extends to the contents aspect where you are welcome to stretch single contents across the multi-array of public displays for immersive visual experience. Similarly, of course you can also assign different images at different public displays. All in all, Sony Ziris Canvas makes a perfect match for their newly introduces public displays for digital signage application thanks to the effortless content creation, management, and delivery system.

Engaging Visual Experience

Engaging visual experience is one definite, if not crucial goal of any digital signage application. By creating engaging visual experience, users certainly can get their messages delivered or at the least makes the target audience aware of their products or brands. While there is plenty of digital signage solutions out there, only few can really offer a truly powerful tool to deliver best visual experience and gets your messages across the audience. Sony comes up with their latest public displays offering for digital signage application which packs a number of powerful features while backed up with the tested and proven Sony Ziris Canvas digital signage software for seamlessly engaging visual experience. As a start, let's take a glance at Sony new public display developed under S Series which is enhanced with commercial grade design as well as latest image enhancement features.

Aesthetic-wise, Sony new public displays sports slimmer form factor with reduced depth up to 20% thinner build as compared to CCFL models. The trimmed down profile of these public displays, according to Sony, is possible thanks to the smart integration of I/O ports into the side of the panel display, instead of rear part as found in many public displays. These public displays can be mounted on the wall or hold up in a stand whichever you consider best for your digital signage application. The flexible installation is also supported with the fact that these public displays can be installed in both portrait and landscape orientation along with the adjustment for the menu. As a result, users can build a space-saving but compelling digital signage application for optimal visual experience. To top things off, Sony latest public displays is fully armed with complete connectivity options including HDMI, HD-SDI, RJ-45, and RS-232.

But powerful hardware alone is not enough to create engaging visual experience. For that, Sony equips all of their public displays solution including the latest S-Series with their proprietary digital signage software, Sony Ziris Canvas. At its core, Sony Ziris Canvas is built to help digital signage users to create, share, manage, and deliver most effective contents and engaging visual experience to their target audience anywhere, anytime. To create contents, Sony Ziris Canvas introduces Ziris Create which enables users to produce contents for their digital signage applications using any resources possible from text, images, audio, video, or other format in any way imaginable; eliminating the limitation to work with only certain kind of contents found with some digital signage solution. Next, Ziris View will help users to check out their work for the public displays by turning any PC into mighty digital network player with full support for high definition multimedia playback. Finally, Ziris Manage is essential to manage and control all the contents distributed across your networked public displays. Not only providing monitoring function, the app actually offers real-time access to any of the contents in your digital signage application to ensure effective and engaging visual experience delivered to the right audience at the right place.

(Date: 17 May 2013; Lidya)

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