Leap Motion Controller Changes the Way of Interaction Forever

If you think touch screen and gesture controls is life-changing technology and how you may not be able to survive a day without them, think again as Leap Motion bring something which can truly changes your life. And by changing life, they are meant to change the way you interacting with your devices forever. To put it simple, Leap Motion controller allows you to do things with your hands and fingers as you moves them in natural interaction such as pointing, waving, or swiping. You may think it is exactly the same as what touch screen has to offer but it is totally not. While touchscreen requires to make contact with any display or surfaces to do things, Leap Motion controller spreads out the entire huge space between your fingers and the surface; changing your way of interaction for once and all with ultimate freedom of moving your hands and fingers in any way.

With Leap Motion controller, nothing comes in the way between you and your devices but your very own hands and fingers which can easily and naturally move or doing any motion as you like it. With conventional way of interaction, users are bound with making contacts with the displays or surfaces of the devices or at least getting close to them. It does not mean anything is wrong with such way of interaction. Only, imagine if you can do it more naturally like when you are holding a cup or clapping hands. No more taps, clicks, presses, or even knocks to get your devices doing your commands thanks to a small wonder but big impact controller from Leap Motion.

But it is not all there to this amazing Leap Motion controller has to offer to change the way of interaction forever. Navigating around the menu and apps, browsing through collection of favorite musics, drawing a sketch, playing guitar, and many more. You name it and Leap Motion controller may just makes it happen to introduce new way of interaction and do anything previously impossible with your touch screen. For those are passionate about motion gaming or 3D designing or just excited about the most natural way of interaction possible with any devices, Leap Motion controller is definitely your cup of tea. Interacting is made easy and effortless most of the time with this controller as you only move around your hands and fingers and not even a touch on anything. Really, Leap Motion controller indeed works like a magic from famous fantasy novels like Harry Potter where people get to move things (or objects inside the display in the case of this controller) with their sticks.

For your reference, the Leap Motion controller also support the use of pencil or even paintbrush to interact with your computing devices, of course without making any contact. Make a work of art just the way you are doing it naturally in real life on the computers and let your hands and fingers dancing on the thin air. Leap Motion controller simplifies way of interaction with devices like never before. If you does not expect nothing fancy from Leap Motion controller, it does the same wonder for your regular office environment which involves typing and other common way of interaction.

To ensure intuitive and seamless interaction, Leap Motion controller comes with super sleek, compact design and tiny form factor at 3 inches long, making it virtually invisible to your work space. With the incredible portable built, it also makes it handy and convenient to carry Leap Motion controller around when going places so that you are able to benefit from natural way of interaction anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is connecting the motion controller via single USB connection and you're all good to go. In terms of sensitivity, Leap Motion controller can detect your movement of hands and fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter for the most natural way of interaction possible. When put between your devices or displays and you, the motion controller creates a spacious invisible three dimensional interactive working space for your hands and fingers to do the magic. Offering ultimate freedom to move your hands and fingers naturally, this Leap Motion controller allows users to move in any way they like, to any direction. In particular, the Leap Motion controller provides up to 150 degree of field of view and Z axis for depth.

Interestingly, the unique motion controller is said to be also capable of identifying which of the fingers you are using as well as any slightest movements of them. Above all things, users will feel relieved to find out that the motion controller actually is compatibel to be use along with existing input devices such as mouse, keyboard, or touchpad. Instead of replacing all those devices, Leap Motion aims to provide more option of the way you interact with your devices. Users are welcome to combine the motion controller with those conventional input devices when and where needed.

And when you think things cannot get better than this, Leap Motion still got another tricks up their sleeves. Introducing AirSpace, "the first app store for the first ever apps" as Leap Motion explains about their app store which are designed especially to provide apps for Leap Motion controller. Leap Motion is strongly commited to deliver the new way of interaction with their unique motion controller and nothing better to make it happen but their app store. With AirSpace, Leap Motion expects developers can leverage on the unique capability of the motion controller to make apps previously imaginable before due to the restriction of motion, gestures, and controls with the conventional input options and touch screen. Unleash your creativity and make some world-shacking apps with motion taking the center stage. Wandering around every inch of the globe or flying through the world with 3D world maps in Google Earth. Plucking the guitar string as you do in real life. Reaching out to the stars literally. Rotate and pinch to zoom photos. Work, Play, Interact. Leap Motion controller enables you to interact with your devices like never before.

Recent updates from Leap Motion shows how their unique motion controller is compatible to use with Windows 8 platform and devices. Previously, Leap Motion announced their partnership with HP and ASUS on April and January respectively to integrate the motion controller into their products.

(Date: 24 May 2013; Lidya)

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