LightPack Ambient Lighting Enhances Visual Experience

Despite the advanced technologies which power today's display, there seems to be a constant need for more brightness and the rest of image-enhancement features than ever to ensure optimal visual experience. Similarly, users have been into some risky, health-damaging ways of getting immersive visual experience on their own ways such as watching in darkness like in cinemas or sitting very close to the displays. Woodenshark tries and come with a better solution to enhance overall visual experience through their LightPack Ambient Lighting. Essentially extending color and lighting from your screen into the surface behind it, LightPack ambient lighting delivers a healthy and optimal visual experience. That said, the unique ambient lighting also integrates custom software called Prismatik which automatically detect and analyze visual applications from your displays or TVs and sets LED color accordingly.

The software is designed as open source and cross platform so users can easily get it to work across a wide range of operating system including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. While it works wonder to ensure optimal visual experience with best ambient lighting for various visual scenario like watching video, gaming, or document editing, the software also provides option for users to customize luminosity threshold to their convenience and preferences. Not only that, LightPack also makes it possible for users to to do screen grabbing or capture the entire or only parts of screen with each LED unit to assign different ambient lighting. Aside of the main general functionality of producing appropriate ambient lighting for optimal visual experience, LightPack also features extra functionality to provide light-based notifications with certain applications. For example, you can set that your LightPack-powered PC monitor will emit blue ambient lighting when there is incoming mail in MS Outlook. According to LightPack developers, it is even possible to program custom alerts which links to hardware status or action, not just app-based actions. For convenient use and optimal visual experience every time, LightPack ambient lighting comes with supports for multiple lighting profiles and hotkeys.

To begin with, LightPack ambient lighting is meant to enhance your visual experience by extending color and lighting from the screen into the surface behind it and thus reduce the difference of light intensity between bright and dark scenes. In general, eye will take some time to adjust vision when switching between light intensities. The longer the switching or the more frequent the switching can lead to tired eye and even vision problem in extended time. LightPack ambient lighting can help you to protect your eyes from such extreme situation while keeping optimal visual experience at the same time. By creating ambient lighting for the screen, LightPack expands your viewing area from the actual display sizes. As an illustration, LightPack is able to make 42-inch TV looks like a 50-inch with 10 feet of distance thanks to the ambient lighting. As such, users may be able to enjoy best visual experience in a healthy way and minimal resources (no need to spend more cash to buy display with larger size).

The design of LightPack ambient lighting itself is very compact and lightweight to allow easy and flexible installation with displays of various type and sizes. To use it with the display, you will have to mount it on the back of your display choice and attach up to ten LED units to the edges of the screen (on the rear panel). There is no definite rule on where to put your LED sets (except that it should be somewhere around the edges to create the intended extended/ halo-styled ambient lighting) or how much should be used. Nevertheless, you may want to take note that the LightPack ambient lighting is only capable of providing enough lighting for any displays up to 50 inch size. If you happen to have bigger screen, LightPack indicates that you can stack two units of LightPack. In terms of aesthetic, the unique ambient lighting also keeps cleaner installation as both the main unit and LED sets are tucked away behind the screen; making it virtually invisible from sights.

All these times, display manufacturers has always going for image-enhancement features and technologies to enhance visual experience. Most of the time, it is obvious that they only focus on the image performance on the screen by improving display specifications such as brightness, contrast, or backlights. While it does enhance visual experience in some ways, there is possibly some negative effect on users' eyes for longer time or less ideal environments. Unfortunately, it is exactly what most people have been doing with any screen in any environment for the sake watching, gaming, or even working on documents. LightPack ambient light takes different approach by going beyond the screen and focus on the human vision instead. So, it works to enhance visual experience by creating ambient light as an extension of your contents. As claimed by its developers, LightPack is said to also cut down time for pupil to make adjustment toward frequent switching light intensity from the screen by expanding the luminosity and color over the surface behind the screen.

Plus, LightPack does not merely produce random ambient light, largely thanks to the intelligent software. Dubbed as Prismatik, LightPack will detect the lighting and color of your contents regardless of the application and set LED units to emit corresponding colors and lighting in the background. Extended ambient backlighting is touted to offer softer changes between bright and dark scenes and thus ease for eyes. To make things easier for you, LigthPack comes with several ambient lighting presets for various applications such as watching movies, playing games, and regular Office multi-tasking. Nevertheless, Prismatik is also fitted with options so customize color balance, color capturing areas, and luminosity threshold so that users can easily tune the ambient lighting to their requrements, preferences, or merely convenience. Interestingly, you can also LightPack ambient lighting as mood lamp to refresh your work space or room. At last, LigthPack offers open net API which allows developers to actually integrate the ambient lighting solution to be controlled from mobile devices using Apple iOS or Google Android platform. All in all, LightPack ambient lighting provide effective solution to enhance visual experience regardless type of the displays while protecting your eyes at the same time.

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