Lutron Dimmers to Enhance the Room´s Light

Lighting is often viewed as a minor necessity for a room. But as an office tool, lighting is necessary since it can enhance a presentation and influence people’s concentration. Dimmer is a device which works to regulate brightness level of light. Not only to simply light up/off rooms, lamp dimmer allows users to increase or decrease certain intensity of light. A dimmer generally functions to control several different kind of lighting which is accessible by the dimmer switch or IR/RF-based remote control.

However, some type of lighting may require specific type of dimmers with its particular load spesifications. Lutron, the leading lighting control system, able to accommodate both electronic and magnetic low voltage lighting and it comes with single/dual remote options. Interestingly, some range of Lutron dimmers also made available in a variety of colors and designs with the matching accessories and wallplates.


Lamp dimmers available in six types: incandescent/halogen, magnetic low-voltage (MLV), electronic low-voltage (ELV), neon/cold cathode (magnetic ballast), fluorescent: Electronic Fluorescent Dimming Ballast, and Light Emitting Diode (LED): Electronic LED Driver.

Each of lamp dimmers above has its own strenght. Touch dimmers allow its users to change the brightness of light by touching a button. It also allowing users to change the lighting to the previous state without having to reset the dimmer. While the integrated dimmer gives an option of creating many preset lighting settings. Users are allowed to choose the one they want by easily pressing a button or by using remote control. As for manual control, users can choose to have a slide dimmer. Another type of lamp dimmers is a rotary dimmer which is also a very affordable option. The type has a dial that users can rotate to change the brightness of the light.


One of the many benefits of having Lutron dimmers is the amount of control you are promised to have over the light in the (meeting) room. So while doing a presentation, instead of flipping a switch and only being able to choose between light and dark, you can control the intensity of light by setting the instensity of light. Lutron dimmers also offer other benefits if it comes to lighting intensity. For example, when someone need to do a presentation, she or he can dim the lights, the dimming lights will enhance the contrast and colors of the screen projector.

Since brighter is not necessarily better and dimmer might not always be bad, by using Lutron lamp dimmers you are able to create a more constructive working space. As mentioned before, the lamp dimmer can be used to adjust the light over video presention, or on the contrary, you can enhance the brightness for doing paperwork or to brainstorming and having discussions. Overall, there’s no other way to set up a perfect mood for a room than switching the dimmers (into the kind of light you would like to have).


But more important than a stylish look, Lutron dimmers are made for keeping the commitment to energy saving and eco-friendly technologies. Deriving from the fact that we need energy to light homes, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. From all those various necessities, around 30 to 40 % of total global energy today goes to light up commercial building all over the world.
That’s why as the result of energy crisis in the country, people who lives in the islands outside of Java often find a situation when powercuts could happen for hours and days. Because the light consumes such a large portion of energy, it has become top priority for energy efficiency efforts. Such efferts will reduce carbon emissions and hence, save our environment.
In short, one of the best way to save energy is to choose the right dimmers and other light control devices.
Lutron dimmers work by reducing usage of electricity. Because by using lamp dimmer, the lifespan of incandescent bulbs can be lenghtened from only a few months to several years, so it will minimize the annual energy costs and also from the necessity to buy a new one after a while.

Lutron legacy began in the 50s when its founder, Joel Spira, invented the solid-state light dimmer in his New York apartment. Two years later, Spira founded Lutron which in the same year introducing its Capri rotary dimmer. The lamp that has forever changed the way people look at light.

Before Capri rotary dimmer, dimming lights was mostly a theatrical affair, and the equipment used was also inefficient. The invention of Lutron dimmers have advanced the state of lighting technology and expanded the energy efficiency with the newly found light controls.

Apart from the benefit of lamp dimmer, lies a relatively simple science that has not changed too far from when it was firstly developed. A triac, an electronic dimmer component, turns the light on and off very rapidly, around 120 times per second. When the light is off, no energy is being used. Therefore the longer the triac is off, the more lights are dimmed, the lower the light output, the greater energy savings will be.

Apart from the triac, other unpopular aspect of light dimmer is that dimmer can get warm sometimes and nothing to be worry about it. Since normally around 1-2 % of power from dimmers will dissolve as heats and it eventually gets closer to its maximum output or load, the warmer it will becomes.

For the sake of todays efficiency and energy savings, enter LED lighting which are believed to be more power efficient. Not only shifting from CCFL to LED, futher actions are taken such as turning off the lights when not in use, cut down the lighting number in some streets, and adapt design interior that will let in more sunlight. If it feels like quite an effort for one’s business, thanks to the advance lighting system and Lutron technology, we can have everything taken care of in a snap of lamp dimmers.

With Lutron dimmers, all we need to do is press a button which sets up the lamp dimmer, and the room will be ready for the meeting. Just like in the Harry Potter movie...a magic shortcut for everyone.

(Date: 3 June 2013; Frida)

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