Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 Simplifies Single-Room Light Control

In recent independent reports, it is said that lighting system takes up at least 40% to 60% of the power consumption in workplace. With lighting takes center stage in your workplace from time to time, finding the right light control is a must before the electrical costs gets inflated to the extent of affecting your business growth. But they said even long journey begins with a small step. So instead of trying to do power management in large scale which costs dearly, a single room light control may be a better option. Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 is a versatile lighting solution which simplifies single-room light control by allowing different lighting presets to be applied in the same room accordingly to various applications such as meetings, presentations, and many more. In fact, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 makes light control very effortless thanks to intuitive preset systems and flexible light control options including touch-based switches. All you need to do is configure some lighting setting you will frequently use and you're all set to manage your lighting system at a snap of finger. Preset scenes in Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 is defined at initial setup for once and all. You can change them to change type of light control but you can use it anytime for the same scenario without having to setup it every time. For seamless light control, switching between preset scenes happens almost instantly at a touch of button.

What's more, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 works seamlessly with a wide range of light bulbs and ballasts including incandescent, fluorescent, magnetic low voltage, and neon/cold cathode. For more precise light control, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 provides options to divide your lighting systems in the room into several zones of light with each of lighting zone can be configured with different presets. Generall, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 allows users to assign up to four presets for up to four or six zones of light depending on the requirement. Users are also welcome to add more control panel (such as wall station) to get more preset scenes. Or, users with multi-room applications can also enjoy easier light control by linking several Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 together. Likewise, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 can be paired with automated shading solutions such as Lutron Sivoia QED to gain greater light control and thus more optimized power saving in both daylight and night time. To cater to different requirements of light control, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 will be available in multiple configuration with control units ranging from two zones to six zones.

Greater light control aside, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 Series also features easy to use interface and flexible control options to enhance overall lighting control experience and drive higher power saving. Generally, the control unit of Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 consists of light zones (which varies from two to four zones), scene buttons, light level adjustment buttons, fade rate buttons, and temporary change button. All of these functions is designed to provide the most intuitive and highly personal light control over your lighting systems. Next, you may also want to note that each light zone has its own maximum capacity limit of voltage that can be assigned to it. While all the components of this light control solution may sound a little to complex for end users, you can feel peace of mind as far as initial setup and daily operation is concerned. Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 is fully compatible to use with various control options such as wall stations, IR-based remote controls, and PC-based interface via Liaison software. If you wish to go easy with the day to day light control, wall station is an easy choice with simple, easy to understand keypad buttons. Especially with the wall station to control Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000, users can customize it with backlighting or engraving buttons to enhance control experience further. Nevertheless, those roaming around the room and prefer wireless light control option, IR-based remote control obviously comes handy.

On different context, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 actually integrates a number of features to keep your lighting system deliver its peak performance in extended time with minimal downtime. Among the most handy ones is the Lutron unique circuit design called RTISS which keeps the light level stable regardless of the power line conditions. Even better, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 is equipped with extra protection against lighting strike up to 6000V, 300A.

Light Control Gets Simplified

Technology is invented to make life more simple in the first place and that is exactly what Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 is all about. While inflated power consumption due to the poor light control remains challenging as ever, users now can turn to light control solution to helps manage their lighting system for highest power saving possible. With Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000, controlling the lighting systems is much more simple and effortless. It especially works flawlessly to provide highly customized light control over single or multiple lighting system inside a single room. Previously, you may have different switches at different places for different lighting. Now with Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000, everything can be controlled easily and instantly under a single interface.

But most importantly, you also do no have to manually adjust lights every now and then for different applications such as meetings or presentation. Instead, you can simply define the favorable lighting setting beforehand and reuse it when and where needed. Of course, you can always the preset scenes to suit to your light control scenario when necessary. Although Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 only supports four preset scenes by default, users can expand the presets by adding more wall station up to 16 units for a total of 64 preset scenes. It is also possible if you want to control Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 with wireless remote control thanks to the integration of infrared receiver inside the control unit. For ultimate light control, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 provides full compatibility with both direct and interfaced light sources including fluorescent, incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and neon/cold cathode. All in all, Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 offers comprehensive light control over your lighting system with intuitive, flexible controls for optimized energy saving.

(Date: 16 May 2013; Lidya)

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