Lutron Improves Hyperion Solar Shading Solution with New Features

When it comes to energy saving issue, the first thing to cross most people mind is probably the lighting system. They tend to think that the only, if not the most effective way to save energy is to optimize the lighting system which is only partly true. With the optimized lighting system you can save significant energy but you forget that the natural light is actually as powerful as the artificial light from lighting system. The only and biggest problem with natural daylight is that it cannot be controlled, be it amount, intensity, or when and where. As a leading lighting system specialist, Lutron tries to provide the optimal energy saving by offering control for both daylight and lighting system under one hood with their Hyperion solar shading solution. Now with the latest iteration, Lutron looks to improve their Hyperion solar shading solution by introducing two new features for easier control and more effective energy saving.

Designed to allows users gain full control over lights for optimized lighting in their environment, Lutron Hyperion solar shading solution relies on the automated system to make the most of out of the lights. As mentioned earlier, the Achilles' heel of natural daylight is that they are uncontrollable and it is exactly what Hyperion solar shading solution is built for. With the solar shading solution, users can now better manage the natural daylight by using the shading to either let or block the daylight into their space. In fact, users can comfortably adjust the rough amount and intensity of daylight going through their spaces with this solar shading solution. But most importantly, Hyperion solar shading solution offers a great way to "befriend" the natural daylight with sensors and dimmable features to harvest daylight in the right amount at the right time for the right place. In most cases, this solar shading solution will be paired with shading solution such as Sivoia QS to particularly enhance daylight harvesting while maintaining comfortable environment. The improved Hyperion solar shading solution introduces Radio Shadow sensor and QP4 Hub control panel. If Radio Shadow sensor which mainly functions to help adjust shading solution when detecting any shadow or clouds, QP4 offers deeper integration with Quantum total light management system for centralized control and thus more effective energy saving.

Light is essential for daily life including work space but too much light or light which is uncontrollable like daylight can bring serious problems to productivity. For instance, the daylight can cause glare to your display. Or, you may feel the solar heat is just too much to start create discomfort. Seeking to figure out the issues, Lutron comes up with Hyperion solar shading solution which basically work together with the existing shading solution to manage the daylight and solar heat by regulating it accordingly to the sun position. In relation to the optimized energy saving, this solar shading solution helps to make the best out of the daylight when and where needed such as to minimize overhead lighting.

That aside, since this solar shading solution allows them to control the amount and intensity of the natural daylight, users can definitely save costs on air conditioning system thanks to the reduced solar heat. Interestingly, users can also integrate this solar shading solution with multiple shade installation to meet various requirements while cutting down on cost and providing easier control. On the former version of Hyperion, the solar shading solution comes with two control options: physical keypad and wireless control via Q-Admin software which is an extension of Quantum total light management. Nevertheless, the new updated Hyperion adds in QP4 which combines power panel and processor into a single package for seamless integration and control of the shading solution. Another new feature in the updated Hyperior solar shading solution is the Radio Shadow Sensor. As its name suggests, the sensor is engineered to adjust shading solution when it detects any cloud or shadow which will affect the response of the automated shades. Typically, the automated shading solution will lower down the shade at maximum sun position regardless if the view is blocked by another building or where the sky is cloudy. The built-in sensor in this new solar shading solution helps to keep the shades open and optimize the daylight harvesting into your environment.

Q4 Hub for Seamless Integrated Control

Not only helps users to better control and make the most out of the natural daylight, Lutron improved Hyperion solar shading solution this time is equipped with QP4 Hub for seamless integration with the shade control and Quantum total light management. Working primarily to combine drive higher efficiency and effective energy saving for your environment, the hub integrates power panel and Quantum processor under single package. It is especially handy for users with multiple shading solution to manage. With the centralized power panel in Hyperion new solar shading solution, users can control and manage up to ten shade systems simultaneously and effectively. There is also option to add or remove panels to this hub for extra flexible installation. Because this shading solution put together all the control and management under the same hood, users automatically can save the hassle and costs. In general, the hub will leverage on the Q-Admin software to get all the controlling and monitoring jobs done. Some handy features offered by the intelligent software include daylight harvesting scheduling, diagnostic reporting, and occupancy setting.

Radio Shadow Sensor

Hyperion solar shading solution is designed to help optimize energy saving by providing precise control over shading solution to behave accordingly based on sun positions. If any, this solar shading solution aims to prevent direct or excessive sunlight exposure to your environment in the first place. But what if the sky turns cloudy out of blue when it is peak noon. Theoretically, the solar shading solution will keep the shades lowered down to conform to the sun position. As a result, you may end up with the poor-lit room and have to depend on artificial lighting system instead. The new Hyperion solar shading solution introduces radio shadow sensor to solve this issue. The sensor intelligently open the shades whenever shadow or cloud is detected by the solar shading solution. In a way, the sensor also allows users to get maximum views of window at the right time for increased mood. Finally, the new sensor in this solar shading solution is easy to use and works flawlessly with the QP4 Hub and Q-Admin software for effective energy saving.

(Date: 03 May 2013; Lidya)

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