Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor C.L Dimmer Provides Hands-free Control

When it comes to light, most people often behave in their business and offices like they do in their very own home. Turning off lights where not in use is an easy yet challenging chore for them. They turns the light on to do something and then leave it just like that. The most common sights are bathrooms, pantry, meeting room, guest lounge, and many more. Enter integrated lighting solution which lets you control the lights in multiple rooms in a flick of finger. It comes handy but then you still could not help it. If only there is a smart lighting solution which can turn on and off by themselves accordingly? Yes, they are. Lutron Technology introduces their new Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor C.L dimmer which provides hands-free control over the lights in any room; eliminating the hassle to even flicking a finger. Keep your hands off the switches and let the magic begin with the Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor which is also integrated with the enhanced C.L dimmers.

Saving energy has been one of the main concerns among home and business users alike but people simply find it hard to turn off the lights when leaving a room. Some people claims to be forgetful while others are just ignorant. Whatever the reasons are, things need to change so if you cannot change people behavior, another option is to change lighting system. Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor works wonder in providing instant, handy hands-free control over lights by sensing the presence of people inside the room and turning lights on or off accordingly. Not only that, with integrated C.L dimmer, it also helps to save energy further by dimming the lights where necessary. As a whole package, the Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor can be an easy and ideal lighting solutions to your common problem of leaving the lights on. In fact, Lutron said that consumers can expect to save up to 60% energy with the new occupancy sensor. In terms of compatibility, the C.L dimmer remains a reliable yet versatile performer for numerous type of dimmable lights including incandescents, CFLs, LEDs, and halogen. With Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor which features hands-free control of lights, energy saving is made incredibly simple and convenient. Let lights tag along your way and enjoy your life.

Especially in home and business application, controllability of lighting solutions are critical in that it is one of the key factor in energy saving as well as cost management. Some prefer to use dimmers while others consider occupancy sensor or timer better options. The right lighting solution will greatly depends on your own lighting configuration such as the type of light bulbs installed. The new Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor C.L dimmer offers extensive compatibility with dimmable light bulbs and improved dimming performance as compared to standard dimmers thanks to the HED technology. That aside, users can actually adjust the dimming range with a one button easy dial. In a word, Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor provides comprehensive hands-free control over your lighting system, optimizing energy saving and cost management at the same time. By combining occupancy sensor and dimmer, users can benefit from the real scenario of the right light on the right place. You can as well bid goodbye to the old habit of leaving the lights on. Dim more, save more, and indulge in a hands-free control.

Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor C.L dimmer will be available with in a variety of colors and two different finishing starting from US$54.

The Powerful Sensing Technology

As with every occupancy sensor, the main mission of Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor is to adjust lights in accordance to the occupancy level of the room. When people comes in or presents, the light comes up. When they leave, the light comes off. However, do you ever wonder how it can be so smart? How come the occupancy sensor is able to detect people's presence? What kind of technology does the occupancy sensor use? We explore further below as we introduce you to the magic spell behind the Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor which is XCT sensing technology.

Lutron XCT technology is a Lutron's proprietary infrared-based sensing technology which is commonly used in occupancy sensors including the new Lutron Maestro occupancy sensors C.L dimmers. Unlike the standard passive-infrared sensing technology, it offers greater accuracy level of movement detection rate up to 75% as well as the smart adaptive sensitivity algorithm to ensure correct detection of fine motion. What's more, XCT technology in Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor is also able to tell motion apart from noises so it will only detect actual movement and avoid responding to false conditioning caused by any incorrect detection.

Using infrared sensor, XCT technology in Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor will detect presence by tracking the heat of occupants. In general, human bodies continuously spread out heats in any condition or action even sleeping. The heat is detected by the sensor as some amount of infrared energy which then trigger the occupancy sensor to act accordingly. However, in most passive-infrared sensing technology is not sensitive enough with singular fine motion. It has no problem detecting people doing active movement but when the occupants turn to some passive monotonous movement such as reading or sitting silently, it can sometimes trigger false alarm to the occupancy sensor and turn the light off. This is not the case with Lutron XCT technology minimize such false alarm by applying enhanced signal processing which is modeled after random human motions and accurately ignoring noises regardless of the distance. Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor is claimed to be able to detect fine motion up to 9 meters away. All in all, Lutron takes the already innovative passive-infrared technology and makes it even more powerful in the XCT technology so that the occupancy sensor can meet and exceed customer expectation to save energy and costs. The Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor C.L Dimmer leverages on the powerful sensing technology to bring the most from your occupancy sensors, optimizing overall energy saving and costs altogether.

Be it home or offices, there is always a way to save more energy in most effortless and painless way with Lutron. Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor C.L Dimmer helps you to turn off lights, dim more, and save more with hands-free control.

(Date: 03 April 2013; Lidya)

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