Lutron Shading System Makes an Ideal Lighting Solution

Lutron Shading System Makes an Ideal Lighting Solution Ideally speaking, the existence of windows in buildings has a lot of benefits for the users from providing natural lighting, improving air circulation, to merely enjoying outside view. However, sometimes those same windows can also cause you quite a headache when you does not really need so much lights around. For example, when doing presentation. One possible solution is to install draperies, shades, or blinds. But if you does not feel like to deal with the hassle of opening and closing manually, there is motorized shades for handy lighting applications. Lutron Sivoia QS shading system, in particular, will make an ideal lighting solution if you prefer precise hassle-free controls, easy installation, and flexible option integration with recent modern control systems. This Lutron Sivoia QS shading system not only allows you full control of the diverse shading solutions such as roller shades, drapery systems, Venetian blinds, tension shades, and Roman shades from a single user interface but also extends the value with ultra quiet operation and easy integration with existing control systems; making it the most ideal lighting solution you can ever wish for.

The next generation shading system from Lutron makes it very easy for users to enjoy different shading setup and level with a quick flick of your fingertips on the control panel. Very easy. Very convenient. Lutron Sivoia QS shading system is equipped with an easy to use menu interface with preset buttons for instant access to customized shades or window treatments action. Raising, adjusting, stopping, or shutting down the window treatment now can be done automatically in a press of a button with Lutron advanced shading system. With Lutron Sivoia shading system, you can practically ensure for all the windows treatment to come right in the right place for the right situation. And what's more, everything happens in an ultra quiet operation; making it simply the ideal lighting solution for every applications. In business environments, for instance, this feature will be very useful as you can adjust the windows treatment without distracting both audience and the whole activity taking place in the room. With Lutron Sivoia shading system, your lights comes in and out silently. The full control of lighting solutions aside, the advanced shading system also promotes better energy management as it provides greater control on the lighting solutions and prevent excessive sunlight exposure.

If there is any other benefit with Lutron Sivoia QS shading system, it will be its compatibility with various kind of window treatments and integrated control systems. The things is that different windows treatments suit for different kind of applications. Then, of course users also have to look into diverse kind of fabric and type of shading solutions. Lutron shading system offers a variety of fabric and window treatments options for you to choose from to make the most ideal lighting solution for every need. Roller shades which is widely used both in private and commercial applications, for example, are available in three opacity types: sheer, dim-out, and blackout to define the visibility level you need from the shading system. Some applications like meeting rooms tend to choose the blackout one for a complete light seal in order to optimize projection result for example. To make the shading system looks more appealing, these windows treatments also comes in various decorative patterns and colors to fit your requirements, space, and personal taste. The customization also applies for the control panel of the shading system. If you want a simple, easy to use option, just go with the keypads or remote controls.

On the other hand, the Sivoia shading system can also be integrated with existing lighting control system or universal control system which manages control of all the system under one hood. Among the possible integration options is with GRAFIK EYE QS, Quantum, and Hyperion Solar Adaptive Shading from Lutron integrated solution family. With Lutron Sivoia advanced shading system, windows return to become your best friend thanks to motorized window treatments and full control over them.

Precision Control

The main highlight of a shading system is full control over your window treatment and Lutron Sivoia QS just do that and make it precise for ideal lighting solution. Unlike other shading system, Lutron Sivoia advanced shading system go beyond lighting solution control by offering flexibility to manage all the automated windows treatment with some instant, easy to use programmable preset buttons. With the preset buttons, users can easily configure the level, and position of automated window treatments to suit different applications. For example, when doing presentation, users can set the preset in Sivoia QS shading system that all the shades get lowered down completely. Likewise, a round table session may get different approach with the shading system where some of the shades are only half-lowered to create a convenient but suitable ambient lighting.

Depending on the applications, the precise controls over the automated window treatment offered by the Lutron shading system may have different benefits. In business environments such as meeting rooms or conference room, the full control from the shading system can definitely help to ensure a seamless transition between different collaboration type or setups. Another possible application is the multifunction room where users can quickly transform a training room into in-house mini theater by playing around with the draperies and shades with the Lutron shading system. That aside, greater control over your automated windows treatment also indirectly provides greater control over any distracting ambient light like glare and solar heat gain. Uncontrollable ambient light, in particular, can bring a significant damage to presentation in working space while excessive sunlight may risk damaging the furniture in longer term. For those fighting with energy saving issues, Lutron Sivoia QS also makes an ideal lighting solution in that it allows you to save energy further when combined with different lighting solutions such as dimmers, lighting controls, or occupancy sensors. All in all, Lutron advanced shading system can be a viable option for those wishing for greater control over their automated lighting solution without much fuss.

Versatile Design

Lutron Sivoia QS has the most simple, hassle free and versatile design of shading system you can ever imagine. In the first place, this advanced shading system uses a single low-voltage electronic drive unit which can control multiple automated windows treatments simultaneously. In case of roller, Sivoia QS can control up up to 300 square feet of fabric when combined with the new Roller 300 with LIFT technology. As such, you do not have to allocate as many as resources and costs per shade like previously. But the best thing of all is that the shading system make it super silent for all those automated window treatments to do their job; minimizing any unwanted noise and distraction during current activities. For general easy day to day operation, you can opt for simple keypad to use with the shading system. Depending on your type of choices, you can have the keypad to be wall-mounted or standing on the tables. Or if you want to go wireless, there is also remote control option available to navigate your shading system from distance. Next, Lutron Svoia QS shading system can be also integrated with other lighting control system for a centralized control interface.

(Date: 11 April 2013; Lidya)

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