MimioTeach Redefines Interactive Whiteboard Functionality

To create effective presentation, there is a lot of ways. Interactive whiteboard is one way. But then interactive whiteboard is often costly and not to mention all the additional equipments you will require to extend the functionalities. Also, if you have already had a standard whiteboard ,what would you do with that after buying the interactive whiteboard? No matter how, it is after all part of your company or institution's investment. Mimio offers a simple but smart answer. Introducing MimioTeach, which redefines interactive whiteboard functionality by turning the ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard via attachment of magnetic MimioTeach bar. No wiring or even software installation. All you need with MimioTeach to enjoy the interactive whiteboard functionality is a quick push of two buttons.

To enrich your presentation or classroom with interactive whiteboard functionalities, MimiTeach relies on the advanced MimioStudio software. Bearing a lot of similarities with the usual interactive whiteboard software, MimioTeach allows users to write, draw and do other interaction with their documents and contents over their standard whiteboard as in general interactive whiteboard using multiple input options. Among the handy ones for interactive whiteboard scenario is MimioStudio Notebook which is a multi-page workspance and a wide selection of templates and backgrounds. MimioTeach comes with full supports for both digital pens and touch-gestures across various applications. MimioTeach sales package itself includes MimioTeach stylus which is leverages on wireless technologies and rechargeable via the MimioTeach bar itself. In case of extended use or simply a vigorous scenario where you have to use the stylus a lot, Mimio ensures long life up to ten hours in a single charge for the MimioTeach stylus. That said, MimioTeach also easily outdone the general interactive whiteboard in terms of flexibility.

Unlike interactive whiteboard which is permanently installed in a fixed position, MimioTeach virtually changes any whiteboard into interactive whiteboard when and where needed. Comes in a very compact and lightweight package, you can easily take MimioTeach anywhere while on the go to enjoy interactive whiteboard functionality. What's more, it is also possible to save the edited documents or images for later review. Like any interactive whiteboard, MimioTeach can also be integrated to work with your projectors for further interaction. Nevertheless, you may want to pay attention that MimioTeach can only provide active whiteboard/projection area up to 1,5 m x 2,4 m.

Interaction can definitely enhance communications regardless of the applications. Be it the classrooms or meetings rooms. Mimio seems to have understanding and their MimioTeach is built to enhance your interaction practically anywhere anytime without breaking a bank. Not only stand out from the crowd by offering a full-range interactive whiteboard solution in a small portable bar, MimioTeach actually redefines the whole entity of interactive whiteboard as something which requires high investment and boasts relatively low mobility. The main hitch about using interactive whiteboard all these times is that you may have to dispose your non-interactive whiteboard and projector because their functionalities have been conveniently taken care with the interactive whiteboard alone. Where economic principle are concerned, this is a double loss since you spend more and get more but then lose more. In any case, you could not simply get rid of the the existing equipments only because there is a new equipment. Mimio think a good way to let you enjoy interactive whiteboard functionality while making good use of your existing equipments with their MimioTeach.

With MimioTeach, users can make interactive whiteboard out of any plain whiteboard. That said, you actually can use MimioTeach with other projection surface or projector. All you have to do is mount it to the whiteboard or projection surface and in two push of buttons, you are all good to go. If any, the best thing about MimioTeach is it allows you to spend less to enjoy the same interactive whiteboard functionality because it simply optimizes the existing equipments such as plain whiteboard and projector. But most importantly, MimioTeach offers seamless compatibility with various applications including MS PowerPoint, MS Word, SMART Notebook, Common FIle Format (IWB), and Promethean Activeinspire so that users can easily enrich their presentation materials. As for the sharing functionality, MimioTeach can save files in PDF, HTML, Common File Format (IWB) and most of image formats.

Like a Interactive Whiteboard

Believe it or not, there is such thing as budget solutions to all your requirements including interactive whiteboard. While many people realize that interaction or interactive contents can greatly improves presentation and collaboration, only few can afford to buy themselves interactive whiteboard. High prices and high maintenace, among other aspects, become their consideration. Enter MimioTeach which brings over all the features and functionalities of full-range interactive whiteboard minus the expensive price tag and additional resources. Designed to deliver the same interactive experience as interactive whiteboard, MimioTeach combines both hardware and software in a very affordable one time purchase. Your interactive whiteboard now only takes three steps away. First, just plug the magnetic-based MimioTeach bar to the board. Next, MimioHub wireless receiver to PC and connect the PC to the projector. Lastly, hit the interactive/calibrate button located on the bottom part of the MimioTeach bar and voila!

For inputs, users can count on the MimioTeach stylus to interact with the plain whiteboard as they do with the interactive whiteboard. Very similar to digital pen used in general interactive whiteboard, MimioTeach stylus uses infrared technology detect and register input to the whiteboard. Of course users can also expect to use MimoTeach stylus to replace the mouse function in some applications. Other appreciated features with the MimioTeach stylus is replaceable tip and auto-recharge. So instead of smaller battery or wireless charging, MimioTeach will get charged automatically whenever you dock it on the MimioTeach bar.

In order to enjoy interactive whiteboard functionality with the MimioTeach and the plain whiteboard, you need MimioStudio software which is a tool to enhance your collaboration with various tools such as annotation or insertion of multimedia files. You can easily capture image or documents displayed on the whiteboard or add in contents. But what you might find interesting with the software is the recording digital ink feature. With the features, users get to save and export any changes they make with digital ink over the MimioTeach driven whiteboard. Or, try to enrich your presentation and collaboration with Mimio Recorder by creating movies to insert to the existing contents. As the last touch, MimioStudio software also features compatibility with Microsoft NetMeeting application to display or share from existing materials.

(Date: 07 May 2013; Lidya)

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