Mitsubishi Cloud Projector Promotes Easier Learning

Teaching today is indeed made much easier with the application of technology such as projector. However, it remains challenging with teachers battling with learning modules and additional contents all the time. Mitsubishi is set to solve the problem and facilitate easier learning through their latest cloud projector, WD390U-EST. Targeted especially at the education market, the new Mitsubishi cloud projector not only offers cloud technology but also ultrashort-throw projection for optimal projection in classrooms. By taking contents to the cloud, Mitsubishi believes classroom projection will surely improve because both teachers and students can easily access learning materials. All they need to do is connect the cloud projector to the network and everything is in there. No need for PC and all the hassle with cabling. Once connected to the network, teachers can start teach right away because the materials are stored on the cloud. As for controls, a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse is more than sufficient. Not only introducing PC-less projection, the new Mitsubishi cloud projector WD390-EST also offer Bring Your Own Display (BYOD) feature; allowing users to mirror the cloud contents to any mobile devices like tablet or notebook within the same network. Introducing SidePad and WiFi Doc apps which enables direct sharing from the cloud projector as well as wireless projection from mobile devices. Mitsubishi cloud projector makes a more dynamic and flexible learning process while also promoting better communications between teachers and students.

The application of cloud computing technology in classroom is nothing quite new. In fact, some schools and universities have applied cloud-based learning with students accessing learning modules and materials online. In theory, it already makes easier learning or so it seems because teachers still find hard times juggling in between classes with their bulky laptops. Then of course, setting up projector and technical problems in classroom may also hinder learning process. Mitsubishi cloud projector takes away your problems and makes a 'true' easier learning by storing the contents away in the cloud. Leveraging on thin-client concept, the cloud projector enables users to display contents without need for PC. Note that the cloud here practically refer to cloud-based storage which can be a local server or independent cloud storage service such as DropBox. With the new cloud projector, teachers can access the materials from any networked devices and start projecting in a snap. No more bulky laptops or technical issue with setting up the projector any more. That aside, schools and universities can also benefit from less cost spending on printing learning materials and other investment for technical equipment.

Meet the Cloud

For those looking for easier learning, Mitsubishi cloud projector WD390U-EST can be just the right answer. Deriving from the thin client mechanism, the cloud projector functions like a dynamic display device from which users, or in this case teachers, can retrieve data and information from the cloud or local server. They only have to log in to network or remote computers and they are ready to present the materials. With the contents stored securely in the cloud, teachers have less worry that the materials get scattered around or lost like printed ones. Next, cloud projector also makes it more convenient to navigate around because it relies on wireless input devices such as Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse to do the job. But perhaps the best thing about having a cloud projector is not to lug around those bulky laptops. In a way, you can take the cloud projector as second screen which display and project your contents right from remote source without PC as the medium.

As if it is not revolutionary enough, Mitsubishi actually throws in another nifty feature called Bring Your Own Display (BYOD). While the traditional projector usually requires you to stick close to the projector, Mitsubishi cloud projector simply 'refuse' to do that thanks to the innovative SidePad and WiFi Doc apps. These apps, at their cores, allow wireless projection from this cloud projector. In the first place, teachers or users can access or mirror the contents in the projector to their very own mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones with SidePad as long as the devices are connected to the same network. Because they are no longer tied up with the projector, teachers can simply walk around with their tablets and build closer communications with the students while still manages to get back to the reference materials whenever they need to. Nevertheless, you may want to take note that this feature will only available after downloading and installing MirroOp Receiver application. Quite the opposite, WiFi Doc enables users project directly from their mobile devices. They can easily project documents, photos, and presentation into the cloud projector wirelessly. What's more, they can also control the projection such as going between pages, or zooming in or out the photos from their mobile devices. All they need to do is get and install the WiFi Doc app from Apple App Store and Android Play Store which is available for free. For now, the cloud projector offers support for Powerpoint, Excel Word, TXT, PPD, and JPG files. Not only facilitating easier learning, these apps gives more flexibility for teachers or users to expand learning process further.

Ultrashort-throw Wonder

Cloud technology aside, the new Mitsubishi cloud projector WD390U-EST also features ultrashort-throw projection with incredible short throw ratio of only 0.375. Now, you do not have to be concerned because of the limited space in classroom or if the projection is not big enough. The new Mitsubishi cloud projector ensures big picture in short distance. In fact, you can place the projector as close as 22 inch or around half a meter for a stunningly huge image of 80". With the closer distance, teachers or users also can eliminate the blinding projector lights as well as the issues of shadows when the presenters comes in front of the image. In terms of specification, the DLP-based cloud projector also boasts high brightness of 3000 lumens for excellent projection quality and brilliant visuals, which are essential in classrooms where details really matter.

Versatile Connectivity

Connectivity is among the most important features of a projector and with the new cloud projector it is not an exception. Although you can easily access everything from the cloud, Mitsubishi cloud projectors also comes equipped with HDMI port, built-in Ethernet (RJ-45) input, and RS232 connector to ensure easier third-part remote management software integration. Direct USB Display function and 3D support are also available to ensure seamless connectivity and thus easier learning from various inputs. Finally, the cloud projector can also pass as a good multimedia projector with a pair of 10W integrated speaker.

All in all, the new Mitsubishi cloud projector is one way to promote new generation learning where everything is based on the cloud. Teachers teach with contents from the cloud and students learn from the cloud. It simply transforms the classroom by extending the way of accessing and sharing learning materials. It makes easier learning in the way that it allows both teachers and students to focus more on their learning materials and interaction, instead of the technology and equipment.

(Date: 27 March 2013; Lidya)

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