ModelBox 3D Pulls Off 3D Visualization Out of Any 2D Models

Previously, we have hit on 3D printing and how the technology is one of the strongest candidate to help creating your future smart office. While 3D printing obviously makes a very promising technology with infinite possibilities of three dimensional object creation in the first place, it will take some time before it is available for mainstream users or requires less investment than it is now. Not to mention, all the complex process including sustainability aspect of materials used you have to go through to end up with refined final 3D products. KickStarter hosts another bright ideas and this time Laura Krause and Eric Sagotsky presents ModelBox 3D which is designed especially to pull off 3D visualization out of any 2D models minus the high investment as 3D printing does. By 3D visualization, ModelBox 3D essentially makes 3D models out of any 2D models by presenting sliced images in transparency sheets and providing realistic, multi-dimensional images which can be viewed from any angles.

At its early establishment, 3D visualization comes through 3D technology in displays which allows you to see whatever 2D images in display as if they are coming into life or simply jumping out of your screen. Then, they invent 3D printing technology which goes extra miles in 3D visualization with providing the opportunity for anyone to create, or print to be exact three dimensional objects out of any 2D models. In any case, 3D printing opens up infinite possibilities for manufacturing industry as well as custom prototyping while bringing printing industry into life with the whole new application. You can print and create any objects, from the simple ones such as shoes to the very complex ones like anime figurines. However, the challenge emerges as early technology has never been cheap and you may also need additional resources to get optimal 3D printed objects. ModelBox 3D offers a viable solution to create 3D visualization out of any 2D models with a set of simple tools. Best of all, it actually enables users to do so with minimal resources and low budget as well as hassle-free processing. If you are artistic enthusiast looking to get 3D visualization of your 2D models or work of art, ModelBox 3D is definitely your cup of tea. Similarly, ModelBox 3D will also come handy for instant prototyping, architecture models, or 3D designing applications.

How It Works

As suggested by its names, ModelBox 3D features 3D visualization with an array of sliced 2D images positioned at certain angles and sequences and hold up in the thin air. Featuring such simple concept, users practically can build 3D visualization out of any models when and where needed without professional help, very minimal tools, and most importantly your existing printers. What's more, initial ModelBox 3D kit will comprise of clear acrylic plastics, zinc plates, and nylon tubes which is simply all you need to create and built your 3D visualization. Although it sounds to good to be true if compared to the complex process of 3D printing, it is exactly what you got with ModelBox 3D. It brings any 2D models into life with 3D visualization. To start with, users will have to prepare the design of 2D models to be printed. It can be either 3D geometric file with textures or custom 2D models with layers. After that, they will need to convert the file with preloaded custom software into a number of sliced documents to be printed. Unlike conventional printing, you will have to use printable transparencies material to print all the designs. Likewise, there is also no need to use specific material such as cloth, compound, glass, rubber, or anything as you do in 3D printing to create 3D visualization. Even better, users can find and use any similar transparencies from any supply store. If you simply want to check out the 3D visualization result with ModelBox 3D, there is also some pre-sliced artworks and designs for you to choose. Once the print out is ready, next step in building the 3D visualization out of 2D models is to cut the prints in appropriate size and shape. Finally, all left to do is insert the prints into the reinforced frame according to its sequences. And voila, you're up with the new 3D artwork or prototype. That aside, users can definitely benefit from the fact that they can use any standard inkjet/laser printers to print the designs; eliminating to invest more money on new printer or components. In terms of production, ModelBox 3D also ensures that anyone with any skill and level of technical knowledge can build a perfect 3D visualization out of any 2D models alike. With ModelBox 3D, 3D visualization is made simple and effortless with hassle-free process and minimal resources. Despite of all the benefits, ModelBox 3D does not attempt to replace 3D printing in any ways as it cannot offer such level of realism yet with actual tangible dimensional products.

While there is nothing wrong with 2D models and images, 3D multi-dimensional objects can provide better understanding over product prototypes, architecture designs, and creative process as they looks more tangible and realistic than ever. ModelBox 3D makes it possible and affordable to build 3D visualization out of any 2D models when and where needed. Not only help to provide better insights and understanding about your 2D models, 3D visualization can also make an effective, unique product display in diverse applications. Until recently, the developer of ModelBox 3D has managed to produce a number of 3D visualization in boxes out of a variety of designs with different level of complexity. In latest updates, it is also mentioned that they are improving the custom software to allow users to customize ModelBox 3D with a convenient web-based interface. As for now, extra features including LED light integration to make the 3D models illuminated. All in all, ModelBox 3D exists to bring any 2D models into life with 3D visualization almost instantly.

Interestingly, Model Box 3D will be available in both standard and mini size to cater to different type of requirements and applications. From comic character, human organ, electronic devices to car design and building architectures, ModelBox 3D offers infinite opportunities to create 3D visualization out of any 2D models for more immersive visual experience.

(Date: 28 May 2013; Lidya)

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