NEC Expands Public Display Solutions with LED Modules for Video Wall

NEC Display Solutions has been one of the leading name in digital display industry. Six years since its first establishment, NEC Display Solutions has rolled out countless innovations in a wide array of display products for diverse applications, ranging from desktop display, large format display, medical display, public display, color accurate display, to projectors, and many more. And this time, they look to expand the already rich portfolio even more with their latest LED modules which is aimed as public display solutions for video wall application. Previously, NEC Display Solutions has offered two variation of LED modules for public display and video wall: the 6 mm for indoor use and the 15 mm (RGB). The new LED solutions comes in two other module sizes: 10 (SMD) and 20 mm (RGB) which are primarily tailored for outdoor video wall applications. As such, NEC now has the broadest range of public display solution with LED modules line up for both indoor and outdoor use. The 6 mm LED modules will cater to standard and high end indoor video wall applications while 10 mm, 15 mm, and 20 mm modules are best match for outdoor video wall installations which require uncompromising performance and reliability. Among the most common applications for the 6 mm LED modules is the video wall and public display installation in retail storefront and hospitality industry. LED modules in particular, are more preferred over standard digital display for video wall and public display installation in the well-lit environment.

And it goes without saying that these new LED modules for indoor and outdoor video wall leverage on the energy-efficient LED technology. LED technology itself has been widely used in many public display and video wall because it is able to help displays deliver brilliant image quality while keeping the power consumption low. The lower power consumption is essential in video wall and public display deployment because it significantly affects operating cost as well as total cost of ownership. Despite the fact, users can even drive further energy efficiency by incorporating ambient light sensor. All of the new LED modules are compatible with the use of ambient light sensors. On the same occasion, NEC also take the chance to introduce software solution which ic christened as Messenger Plug. According to NEC, Messenger will help users to better manage and control their video wall installation over the cloud via Wi-Fi connection.

Video wall and public display are increasingly popular for commercial applications because of their rugged nature and high performance. But then then another problem arise since a lot of them is meant for installation in public places which are not easily monitored. What's more, they are also often used in 24/7 basis and thus poses high concern on power consumption. For that reason, LED technology then becomes widely adopted for both video wall and public display in various applications with digital displays and LED modules seem to be the favorite of the crowd. With LED modules, users are able to make the most out of their display solutions because it offers great picture performance to attract audience and deliver the right messages effectively as they are easily manageable and power efficient.

NEC latest LED modules for indoor and outdoor video wall applications are powered by tested and proven Nichia LED bulbs which not only delivers quality images but also extend video wall and public display life span than other competing products. In fact, some of these LED modules for video wall are touted to boast more than 100.000 hours life lamp. With longer life span of your video wall application, it automatically reduces the total cost of ownership. All of these new LED modules will come equipped with 2mx1m prop stand to ensure versatility for different requirements. Very similar to standard digital displays, LED modules make ideal choice for both video wall and public display application because they are equally flexible. For instance, users can easily configure multiple LED modules for larger video wall or public display installation when and where needed. In case for the outdoor video wall, NEC new LED modules also complies to standard of IP65 rating for panel in outdoor applications.

Complete Solution

In demanding environment like control room, public transit system, and other commercial applications, compromise on performance and reliability is a big no. However, it is also important that you get to choose the best video wall solution for your business or organization. And NEC just do that by expanding their line up of LED modules, both for indoor and outdoor video wall applications. For indoor video wall applications, they offer both 6 mm and 10 mm variants in three different configuration to suit to different requirements and picture quality. The same goes for the 15 mm and 20 mm LED modules which are especially engineered for outdoor video wall and public display installation and thus boast wider viewing angles to reach wider audience and passersby as compared to the indoor video wall with smaller number of audience. To complement the whole public display portfolios and video wall solution, NEC also launches Messenger Plug software which allows users to manage and control their video wall installation over Wi-Fi connection.

Increased Reliability

Consistent performance, longer uptime, and durable build is among the main qualities you would expect from public display and video wall installation. The latest LED modules from NEC for indoor and outdoor video wall simply lives up to those expectations; delivering optimal brightness, color, and contrast needed for mission critical applications such as control rooms as well as point of sales/point of transit applications including public transit system or retail storefront. Carrying IP65 rating, these new LED modules ensure full protection of video wall application from dust or any harmful particles as well as water in some level; giving users the peace of mind to leave their video wall solution to survive the hazard of public places. That aside, the modules are also easy to setup thanks to the auto video wall setup functionality and serviceable tiles. For one, users do not have to go through the troubles of matrix and quadrant zones commonly found with multi-screen video wall setup. Next, users can also easily do maintenance routines or repair when necessary with the video wall made out of these new modules. In terms of performance, NEC ensures that their LED modules for video wall installation will deliver high quality images thanks to the LED technology and the improved shader.

(Date: 18 April 2013; Lidya)

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