NEC MultiSync Display Elevates Entry Level Public Displays

Value for money is what everyone is after when it comes to investing in electronic products. However, most products just do not live up the their promise of providing the best value for customer's money. Digital displays, among others, are one of the more common hardware investment in every applications. As one of the leading display solution provider, NEC Display Solution becomes the few manufacturers to offer the true value for money including with their newly refreshed NEC MultiSync Display V Series which aims to elevate entry level public displays. The NEC MultiSync Display V Series has been long associated with high quality entry level public display and the new member of the family V433, V463, V552, and V652 not only meet but exceed the expectations with introduction of LED backlighting.

With the introduction of the LED backlighting, NEC claims that the new NEC MultiSync Display will offer improved energy management which is certainly a good news to commercial applications with extended use scenario. By using LED technology, these new public displays is expected to deliver brilliant images while keeping the power consumption low for a reduced total cost of ownership. Not only that, the use of LED backlight in fact also allows NEC to redesign their MultiSync public display with slimmer and lighter design for a more versatile commercial applications. That said, users do not have to worry over fragile build as the new LED-based public displays will still retain full metal chassis, making it robust as ever as the previous generation of NEC MultiSync Display. These entry-level public displays also support landscape and portrait so users can easily configure them for different kind of requirement and environment including retail stores, corporate boardrooms, restaurant and public facilities. Other interesting features in the new NEC MultiSync Display V Series include multiple option slot such STv2 and HDSDI for seamless integration with various PC boards. All in all, the new NEC MultiSync Display V Series really gives the value for money for those looking out to entry level public displays for commercial applications. They may be categorized as entry level public displays but these new V Series are simply as powerful as any other commercial displays out there thanks to their higher efficiency, reliability, and versatility.

For a lot of commercial applications, a reliable public display is one of the most important key to successful deployment of digital display solutions such as digital signage, large format display, and video wall. NEC MultiSync Display is part of the NEC's wide range of public displays to cater to commercial applications. The NEC MultiSync Display V Series, in particular, is targeted at entry-level customers which expects commercial quality of performance and reliability but do not have that kind of high-end budget. However, NEC does not stop. More than meeting the expectations, now they want to take it further by introducing LED-based public displays under the V Series flag. These new public displays will boast Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and high level brightness of 350 cd/m2 for optimal image performance. While high quality image performance usually implies high energy consumption, these new entry level public displays break the myth with the application of LED technology. The LED technology makes these public displays more energy efficient although used for 24/7 kind of operation which is pretty common in many commercial application. Specifically, the new NEC MultiSync Display V Series is touted to offer up to 54% lower power consumption as opposed to the the previous V Series public displays.

For further reduced power consumption, NEC even throws in additional power-saving components such as ambient light sensor and controllable fans in these public displays. As such, users can now get both performance and durability ideal for commercial applications thanks to the new NEC MultiSync Display V Series. On different note, reliability aspect also comes to highlight with these fresh entry level public displays. When any problem occured, the public displays will send alerts to defined address so users can quickly handle the problem before it becomes unbearable or cause any fatal impacts such as hardware failures. The new NEC MultiSync Display V Series will be available in four models with various screen sizes and configurations, ranging from 42 inch to 65 inch to cater to diverse commercial applications which demands entry level public displays. The NEC MultiSync Display V552 and V652 will enter the market early in first quarter of 2013 while the V423 and V463 models will only be available at later time on the same quarter.

Improved Design

Looks may not that important when it comes to public displays but they should at least flexible enough to cater to versatile scenario of commercial applications with various kind of environments. Instead of sleek stylish, the public displays can be made slimmer or more lightweight so they would not take up much space and can easily reconfigured to suit diverse type of installations. Still design-wise, it will be great too that public displays offer a broad range of connectivity options so users can seamlessly work with more than on input sources and interfaces. The new NEC MultiSync Display V Series boasts improved design which provides all the answers to commercial users' expectation. In the first place, the refreshed V Series public display sports a thinner and less bulky build with narrow bezels; making it one of the better choice among the crowd of entry level public displays. Next, it also supports both landscape and portrait installation so users can feel free to play around with tthe configuration for best impact on the commercial applications.

In terms of connectivity, the new NEC MultiSync Display seem to have extensive I/O range of both analog and digital ports from D-Sub, Composite, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D, RS232, LAN, and many more. Not only that, users can also apply daisy-chain mechanism with these entry-level public displays via DVI connection with up to nine displays for multiple public displays setup. With this handy feature, users can easily send signal, or share contents to networked public displays for bigger impact bu no extra cost. To further extent, NEC MultiSync Display V Series also comes with OPS-based expansion slot such as STv2 to easily connect these public displays to various kind of PC boards; increasing overall flexibility and scalability for future expansions. If you intend to play rich multimedia content with both audio and visual elements, then nothing is more perfect than the new MultiSync Display V Series. These entry level public displays also integrate a pair of 10-Watt speakers; eliminating the need for extra resources for installation of dedicated unit of speakers.

Improved Energy Management

The brighter, the more power used. This logic simply applies to the majority of electronic devices and displays are no exception. But along with the rapid advance of technology, the principle becomes the thing of past. Among the most widely-used technology to reduce power consumption is LED backlight technology. With the fact in mind, NEC decides to redesign their popular entry level public displays under V Series by having the LED technology planted in the NEC MultiSync Display V Series. When combined the ambient light sensor, users will be able to save more energy than they usually do with the standard public displays. It is because the sensors work to automatically detect the ambient light and adjust the brightness of these public displays accordingly, ensuring best performance when and where needed. To top things off, NEC MultiSync Display also features latest thermal management system which relies on built-in temperature sensors and user-controllable fans to help monitor and manage the cooling scheme inside these entry level public displays. In conclusion, the new NEC MultiSync Display V Series can really benefit many commercial applications.

(Date: 12 April 2013; Lidya)

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