Near Field Communication Technology for LG Pocket Photo Printer

NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum was founded in 2004 by Nokia, Phillips, and Sony that promotes the use of NFC and other certifies device compliance. What is this Near Field Communication? With its function to establish radio communication between two different devices into close proximity (no more than a few centimeters distance), Near Field Communication is a common standard for smartphones and similar devices. Its present and anticipated applications include contactless transactions, data exchange and simplified setup of more complex communications such as WiFi. Communication is also made possible between Near Field Communication device and an unpowered Near Field Communication chip called a “tag”.
The Near Field Communication standards cover communications protocols and data exchange formats based on existing radio-frequency identification (RFID) standards including ISO/IEC 14443 and FeliCa. Fits the criteria for being considered a personal area network since it utilizes bluetooth technology and can be used for communication between two devices.

The connection it offers is a low-speed one but by using extremely simple setup the Near Field Communication can be used to bootstrap more capable wireless connections. As exemplify by the use of Near Field Communication to complete the steps of enabling, pairing, and establishing a Bluetooth connection when doing a file transfer. The method which is used by Nokia, Blackberry and Sony. Apart from bridging Bluetooth connectivity, Near Field Communication can also be used in social networking situations such as sharing contatcs, videos, files, and photos. The new LG Pocket Photo from LG electronics is equipped with Near Field Communication. Which means users can transferring photos from their smartphone to the LG Pocket Photo by simply putting the devices within range of each other. Yet, in order to find it impeccably function, LG Pocket Photo needs to be used in conjunction to the LG Pocket Photo application, which means the pictures are taken using the camera from Android smartphone with NFC compatibility.

LG Pocket Photo has its own battery and has an integrated paper tray. While the printer’s paper is composed of colour pigments, means it will developed with the change of temperature. This method making problem with empty ink cartridges are a thing of the past. Not only that, the paper is covered by a protective polymer coating, so that the pictures from LG Pocket Printer aren't so susceptible to scratches and lets you enjoy them over a long duration In order to print the images being transferred, LG Pocket Photo use Zero Ink (Zink) Technology.
The printer will heats up dye crystals embedded inside the printing paper which triggers colour change according to that of the image. The use of this zinc technique has renounced the use of ink and its sublimation process. The good news is, the LG Pocket Photo application allows users to edit their pictures and can even generate QR codes that you can add on the photo.

The LG Photo Pocket is also easy to use. In order to get started using it, you only need to install a free dedicated application called “Pocket Photo” to a Bluetooth compliant smartphone. With this application installed, you can take a photo with your smartphone, edit or decorate it with functions available on the application, and then press the “Print” button on your smartphone display. The print job is sent wirelessly and in approximately 45 seconds later, the photo will be printed.

As for typical distance, Near Field Communication can be used between 3 mm to 18 mm. Apart from the NFC technology, there are also Bluetooth connectivity and a USB cable that both can be used to transfer images.
Pictures from LG Pocket Photo measure 2 x3 inches. The photos from LG Pocket Photo may not be looked as clear and defined when professionally developed or printed on a high-quality printer, objects are generally in focus and easy to make out. What is more impressive is the ease and speed it takes to print out a photo from LG Pocket Photo. After taking some time to charge, you will find the LG Pocket Photo is completely portable and though it took a few seconds to transfer the images from one’s smartphone, LG Electronics has successfully proven itself on producing a very intuitive application. However, those who wants to produce a high-quality photo to hang up (for example) as a family portrait, LG Pocket Photo definitely not the device to use. The tiny LG Pocket Photo only produces photos that look strikingly similar to an old school Polaroid Camera (but the pictures it creates have much higher standard). But do remember that the LG Pocket Photo only works when you transfer images from a smartphone to the device for immediate printing.

So yeah, it may not be useful to take “important” photos such as family portrait or a pre-wed. Yet it is absolutely fun to use when you want to take a quick snap with your friends after a graduation ceremony or when you are travelling. Since the LG Pocket Photo also allows you instantly print out pictures on photo quality paper, it is also a useful companion when you are going to an informal reunion, such a high school reunion or your former classmate’s wedding. LG Pocket Photo is pretty, compact and has a round corner. The stylish portable printer also comes in three “cute” colors: pink, silver and orange, with a metallic finish on its edge. Seeing how it looks, it is easy to view LG Pocket Photo as a feminine gadget targeted for girls. And as the name suggests, the LG Pocket Photo is also very convenient and portable device, measures at a mere 4.75 inches tall, 2.83 inches wide and 0.94 inches thick.

At first, LG Electronics only introduced the product in United Kingdom and Asia. Among them are South Korea and Sri Lanka. Later, LG Pocket Photo is also made available in many other countries including Indonesia.
Yet please keep in mind that in the mean time, the LG Photo Printer is only compatible with a smartphone with Android spesification, so if you are an Apple’s iPhone user, this is not the device for you. But for Android users...what else do you waiting’s portable, ink free and wireless... what’s not to love?

(Date: 7 June 2013; Frida)

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