New AMX Digital Switcher Promotes Power Saving via DXLink Controller

With growing number of both multimedia contents and rapid development of technologies as well as AV products, media distribution remains challenging as ever. It is a big scene which needs something powerful to deliver the best experience for its users. Especially for remote content delivery purposes, users often find themselves baffled with setup process, not to mention the sluggish transmission performance which simply drives them crazy most of the time. Enter DXLink technology, a proprietary innovation from AMX in cabling system which offers a blazingly fast media distribution up to 10,2 Gb/s. That aside, this ground-breaking technology is touted to be able to deliver seamless content transmission between devices which are located at a distance of 100 meters away. And to enhance the overall long distance content delivery, AMX is back with their latest digital switcher which promotes power saving via DXLink controller. Leveraging on the wonder of DXLink technology, the new AMX PDXL-2 digital switcher aims to help users to accelerate data transmission as well as remote powering for DXLink-enabled devices via twisted pair cable.

Additionally, users can also benefits from greater power saving as PDXL-2 digital switcher also allows remote power down via NetLink Controller and AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise Software. With this functionality, users can also save hassle to do the powering down manually. In any sense, this new digital switcher actually works in similar concept as PoE technology, only at much faster speed. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet and is basically a technology which combines power and data transmission in a single connection. In the digital switcher, users will find two DXLink Ports as well as two Ethernet RJ45 with each DXLink ports offer output up to 30 Watt. However, unlike traditional digital switcher which does not benefits from DXLink technology, it is possible to enjoy the dual transmission all the way up to 100 meters; practically eliminating the need to provide dedicated power outlet in every room where you need data and power transmission. Aesthetic-wise, such convenience offered by the digital switcher also makes more simple and faster long distance content delivery.

Power saving is a high concern in many applications including digital media distribution as it involves a variety of equipments to start with. Problem is, there is a lot of digital media distribution process within the whole office alone, save for building and thus the higher power consumption. With the new AMX digital switcher PDXL2 which leverages on DXLink technology, you can increase power saving in all the DXLink-enabled devices by shutting them down remotely when not in use. However, do note you only can do this with the optional NetLinkx Controlled installed. Even better, you can also drive further power saving with AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise software. The software is engineered to optimize power saving by providing greater control over power consumption through scheduled powering down or automated remote powering down.

In a way, the minimal requirement of centralized data and power transmission in this digital switcher also contributes to the higher power saving. In fact, users only need to install and power one transmitter and one receiver which supports DXLink technology to be able to enjoy seamless transmission over multiple devices in a single room with the new PDXL2 digital switcher. While offering higher power saving, users do not have to be concerned over any compromise on performance end though. Thanks to the DXLink technology, it is a sure thing to enjoy speedy transmission with this digital switcher. All in all, the new AMX digital switcher comes handy to help simplifying your digital media distribution while also offering a cost-effective solution to the whole system thanks to the advanced method of power saving.

Simplified Digital Media Distribution

In general, digital media distribution is a one the most common source to headache with audio visual system. It is because today audio visual equipments not only needs power to work but also data transmission. And things only get worse since the different devices has their own cabling for data and power. In the end, users have to make do with the messy wiring. But then another issue comes along. With so many devices in the your system, it is not possible to get every thing closely to each other so then you have one more problem to figure out: long distance powering and data transmission. The new AMX digital switcher takes the challenge to help you with all those issues. Unlike standard digital switcher which is designed solely to transmit data or input signal from one device to another, AMX new PDXL-2 digital switcher is built to simplify the entire digital media distribution process by doubling the power output and introduces smarter power saving too via DXLink Controller.

Whereas conventional devices including digital switcher usually have separate cabling for power and data transmission, the new AMX digital switcher actually comes with PoE inspired DXLink technology which combines data dan power transmission via single cable connection. Not only that, the DXLink technology also relies on HDBaseT transport layer to offer improved transmission performance up to 10.2 Gb/s. As such, users definitely can benefit to enjoy more effective and faster transmission with PDXL-2 digital switcher. In terms of power output, this digital switcher are able to accommodate two DXLink-enabled devices with each receiving approximately 30 Watt from a distance up to 100 meters. Now, you no longer have to get the transmitter and receiver devices cramped together only to ensure the transmission process goes well. And since you are transmitting the power via DXLink-enabled digital switcher, there will also be no need for place several power outlets for each transmitter and receiver. With the PDXL-2 digital switcher, all the transmitter and receivers are powered from a single centralized power source. However, mind that you cannot enjoy the DXLink technology with other devices which has similar concept of PoE support.

Enhanced Power Saving

If you find automation system beneficial to your organization or businesses, the new AMX digital switcher may just be your cup of tea. Leveraging on the DXLink technology, this digital switcher makes it possible to power down your DXLink-enabled devices when and where needed for effective power saving. It is even more convenient because you can actually do it from remote places. As all these devices are powered from a centralized power source which is connected to the digital switcher, you can also get it powered down too. Only, you will need additional NetLink Controller to use this functionality. That aside, PDXL-2 digital switcher is also compatible to use with AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise software to increase the power saving by scheduling or getting the powering down automated.

(Date: 26 April 2013; Lidya)

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