New Cambridge Azur Amplifier Offers High Fidelity Sound

Whenever Cambridge is mentioned, the first thing popped out in people' mind is likely to be one of the famous universities in the world. Ever since, a lot of people seems to associate the first rate quality and world-class presence with Cambridge name including Cambridge Audio. Adhering to the approach "sound comes first", the UK-based sound specialist is committed to develop nothing but the sound solution with first class quality. To deliver high fidelity sound for your favorite music, they just recently they rolls out new Cambridge Azur Amplifier under the tag of 851 series which is touted to be one of the best sound amplification around thanks to the uncompromising performance, ease of use, and high flexibility.

No matter from where your music comes, Cambridge Azur amplifier will deliver high fidelity sound for the best listening experience every time. If music is simply your passion, you really cannot go wrong with the Cambridge Azur amplifier 851 Series. Azur 851 Series itself contains Azur 851A Integrated Class XD Amplifier and Azur 851C Upsampling DAC, CD Player & Pre-amplifier. When combined, this Azur amplifier system just produces a truly high fidelity sound out of your original music like it is meant to be. To ensure flawless high fidelity sound, Cambridge Azur amplifier always relies on the best components and technologies such as their proprietary Class XD technology. Engineered particularly to deliver high fidelity sound, the technology features custom amplifier circuit design which keeps crossover distortion at minimal while retaining the high power. In fact, the technology enables this Cambridge Azur amplifier to output up to whopping 120 watt of power per channel. As for components, the new Cambridge Azur amplifier is powered by two torroidal transformers which are widely-known for its prowess to deliver audiophile grade of high fidelity sound along with the immense power output.

Finally, the new Cambridge Azur amplifier also benefits from Cambridge Audio Protection 5 which is primarily tailored to protect the Azur amplifier unit itself from any technical issues such as overheat and too high volume while ensuring consistently high fidelity sound reproduction. On the other hand, users looking for not only high fidelity sound but also immersive listeninge experience with any piece of music can count on Azur 851C unit. The other half of the Cambridge Azur amplifier 851 Series, it incorporates functionality of CD player, DAC, and digital pre-amplifier under one hood. If any, it is not exaggerating that it exists for the sole purpose of helping any music enthusiasts out there to enjoy high fidelity sound anytime.

But if you think high fidelity sound is the new Cambridge Azur amplifier is all about, you are greatly mistaken. In regards to the diverse music collection of each and every individuals, this Cambridge Azur amplifier comes equipped with a broad range of connectivity options like RCA/Phono AND XLR inputs. As such, users can easily connect the Azur amplifier with any digital player devices including its matching 851 Upsampling DAC, CD Player, and Digital pre-amp for high fidelity sound and thus best listening experience possible. What's more, the same flexibility also extends to the control and management aspect. In the recent years, a lot of digital devices including amplifier system seems to take a liking to mobile devices as alternative control devices. As a result, the seamless connection and integration to popular mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets simply comes to be commonplace and the new Cambridge Azur amplifier is not an exception. In this case, you can easily control your music collections stored on those devices using the remote control of Cambridge Azur Amplifier when they are docked on it.

Similarly, users are welcome to connect any digital devices where their favorite tunes are stored to the 851C Upsampling unit in the Cambridge Azure amplifier system to enjoy high fidelity sound with superior 24-bit/192 KHz quality without a hitch regardless of the original source. Sound-aside, it certainly is a good thing to find the new Camridge Azur amplifier is also good looking enough to blend perfectly with other digital systems in your entertainment space or living room. Boasting full metal chassis for unrivaled robustness, the new Cambrdige Azur Amplifier comes in either black or white finishes. That said, this Cambridge Azur amplifier is also fitted with options to personalize the name of your sources in the front display; allowing easy transition and seamless switching between different input sources.

High Fidelity Sound

Central to any sound reenforcement system including amplifier is the high fidelity sound. In fact, it is the first and foremost aspect most audiophiles would look for from speakers or amplifiers. Nevertheless, it is often the case that the original source such as format, codecs, or compression system of the music files also account for the overall sound quality. As such, a lot of sound solution these days including Cambridge Azur amplifier also pack innovation to make the high fidelity sound out of any music sources. Combining Azur 851A integrated Class XD amplifier and Azur 851C upsampling DAC, CD Player, and Digital pre-amp, the new Cambridge Azur amplifier 851 Series is all set to deliver high fidelity sound for every passionate music enthusiast out there through a series of advanced features and technologies.

Lies on the very heart of Cambridge Azur amplifier is the Class XD technology. Designed to deliver high fidelity sound, it leverages on custom circuit to enjoy benefits from both refined audio quality from Class A and high power level from Class B at the same time. The result, as expected, is the quality amplifier operation and thus high fidelity sound with any sound amplification scenario. Even better, the new Cambridge Azur amplifier also integrates silicon gate volume control to precisely tune the volume output and balanced power. That aside, the Cambridge Azur amplifier also benefits from the dual torroidal transformers to power preamp and main power-amp stage separately. By adopting such mechanism, the Cambridge Azur amplifier can ensure high fidelity sound while keeping high power level needed for optimal results.

However, users with multiple and diverse music collections may off better if they simply pair the Azur amplifier with the 851C upsampling DAC/CD/Digital pre-amp. In the first place, users can easily enjoy high fidelity sound from multiple digital audio output thanks to the a wide variety of connectivity options including S/PDIF, Toslink, and USB. Next, there is also Twin Analog DACs (Digital to Analogue Converter) functionality which works to optimize sound quality by processing all incoming sound signal in highest 24-bit/384 kHz resolution.

(Date: 08 May 2013; Lidya)

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