New Crestron Touch Screen Panel Offers Intuitive Automation Experience

Life is already complicated on its own and you would not want to add more problems with complicated technologies. For that reason, integrated control system is then invented; delivering a smarter life with automation experience for every aspect of your life like never before. But then when you think life cannot be any easier, enter the touch screen panel which lets you practically puts all the controls at your fingertips; making smarter life even more convenient than ever. Just look at how lovely all those touch screen based-smartphone and tablets. For those looking to taste the wonder of touch screen panel controls in smart living or office, Crestron new TSW-550 Touch Screen Panel offers intuitive automation experience for your integrated control system in both home and commercial applications.

The last iteration of Crestron TSW touch screen panel family for controlling any system and space, the new TSW-550 touch screen panel actually packs the high resolution display and a plethora of smart features in phablet form factor. For those less familiar, phablet is the new phenomenon in mobile device scene which combines form factor of smartphone and tablet featuring 5 to 6 inch screen sizes. All these times, Crestron TSW line of touch screen panel is widely-known as the cream of the crop because for their intuitive automation experience with capacitive touch screen panel and dozens of latest technologies. Crestron TSW-550 is the latest addition to complement the exisiting TSW touch screen panel models, TSW-750 and TSW-1050 with seven and ten inch screen respectively. Like its predecessors, the new touch screen panel also boasts superb display with high resolution and capacitive touch support which ensure intuitive automation experience without a hitch. Not only that, the touch screen panel also introduces dynamic touch gestures with Core 3 UI new graphics interface and SmartObjects. Plus, the smaller five inch build makes it easily fit any tabletop, lectern, or wall installation for your control system configurations. No longer you have to make do with those traditional controls like remote and wall switches. The era of touch screen has arrived and is here to stay to deliver excellent automation like never before with the introduction of Crestron TSW-550 touch screen panel.

While touch screen panel in general makes automation experience more intuitive for controlling over your system, size does matter. With smaller build of five inch of the new TSW-550 touch screen panel, users get to feel the same high quality graphics and interactivity as they do with their favorite gadgets in super compact package. It is space saving and comes handy with five touch buttons for instant access to frequently used functions. Navigation across the Core 3 UI is also made easier with this touch screen panel because users can seamlessly interact with the touch screen and all the interactive elements of the graphics interface in any way possible. They can swipe, tap, rotate drag, and drop objects naturally as they do with their smartphones or tablets. In fact, the power, home, and navigation buttons somewhat resembles those popular devices; further enhancing the touch-screen driven automation experience. It also offers full compatibility with Smart Graphics functionality to allow you customize the appearance and smart objects inside the interface to suit your preferences and requirements.

Unlike ordinary touch screen panel, the new Crestron TSW-550 also makes sure that users really get indulged in the intuitive automation experience by including additional bracket for easy installation on wall or other surfaces. When necessary, users are also welcome to combine the touch screen panel with the optional tabletop kit or swivel mount kit. Similar to other tabletop enclosure, TSW-5550-TTK tabletop kit allows users to secure their touch screen panel and enjoy optimal viewing angle in various sitting positions or when getting the touch screen panel rotated. On the other hand, the swivel mounting options enables users to rotate the touch screen panel up to 330 degree for ultra flexible installation. What's more, both mounting options also feature smart wiring management for overall clean and clutter-free look. To top things off, the mini-sizes touch screen panel ensures hassle-free installation and operation with single Ethernet connection to provide power signals as well as networking function.

Intuitive Automation Experience

Your new integrated control system works wonder in making your life much more easier with automation experience with everything. From HVAC system, lighting, audio visual system, room management, to security system. But then what about it if you are to switch between multiple remote controls or clicking all those wall switches. Crestron refreshes its portfolio of touch screen panel for your control system with the new TSW-550 which transforms automation experience like never before by bringing over intuitive touch capabilities in five inch form factor. Big is good but small is the new big so why bother to deal with the bulky touch screen panel if the new Crestron TSW-550 can give you the best automation experience in smaller package.

A perfect match for any integrated control system and tabletop, lectern, or wall application, the smartphone-like touch screen panel sports a 5 inch super bright LCD display with WVGA resolution (800 x 480 pixels) to keep all of the integrated systems at your fingertips. For general navigation, the touch screen panel also ensure smooth and fluid automation experience with your control systems thanks to the five quick touch programmable buttons. In many ways, the capacitive buttons is designed in a very similar fashion with your favorite mobile devices and offers one touch convenience to your frequently used functions such as power, navigation, and home screen. When combined with the latest Core 3 UI, the automation experience gets even more intuitive than ever as the 5" touch screen panel also comes equipped with support for Smart Graphics functionalities. With the new fast and responsive touch screen panel, users get to be all touchy feely with the built-in kinetic-based controls such as sliders, knobs, and gauges in Smart Graphics' further enhancing the automation experience.

High Performance

User-friendliness aside, the new Crestron TSW-550 touch screen panel also incorporate a bunch of features to deliver highest performance possible and thus advanced automation experience. Among them is the support for high quality content streaming from any connected audio visual solutions over the network. The feature allows users to easily stream any H.264 and MJEPG video formats for better viewing experience. Similar to the previous generation of TSW touch screen panel lineup, Crestron also throws in Rava SIP Intercom technology which enables TSW-550 touch screen panel to facilitate quality wirleless VoIP telephony functionality between two supported touch screen panels over the Ethernet connection. And where Ethernet connection are concerned, the new TSW-550 touch screen panel also set users free from unnecessary messy wiring with the network and power source with the PoE connectivity.

(Date: 19 April 2013; Lidya)

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