New JBL 2-way Speaker System Delivers Best Audio Performance

Whenever best audio performance is concerned, JBL comes forward. The US-based company has been into creating innovation for sound professionals as well as music enthusiasts around the globe. This time, they expand their broad portfolios with the new CWT 128 2-way speaker system which is designed to deliver best audio performance for the commercial and professional crowd. In order to create the right sound reinforcement system for best audio performance, generally there is two ways. First, you can choose to mount two speakers. The other way, you can place the speakers in certain configuration. JBL find the best solution with their new 2-way speaker system which ensures best audio performance almost effortlessly with their advanced CWT Crossfired Waveguide Technology.

Easily become the main highlight of CWT 128 128 2-way speaker system, the technology basically boasts two compression drivers angled specifically to provide wider sound coverage without causing any signal interferences commonly found with the majority of 2-way speaker system. In fact, the unique CWT technology in this 2-way speaker system allows consistent and reliable sound reproduction across wide frequency range with extended sound range up to 160 degree horizontally. Now you do not have to deal with multiple speakers to get wider sound coverage and best audio performance. Of course overlapping coverage pattern and thus irregular sound field are also out of question with JBL CWT 128 2-way speaker system. It is simply because the 2-way speaker system actually packs the same capability of multiple speakers to produce the same wide sound pressure level and coverage in a single package.

To different extent, users can also make sure that all of the participants or audience inside the space get to enjoy the same best audio performance regardless where they sit or stand in the room. That aside, users with limited space can feel peace of mind as the 2-way speaker system comes in a relatively compact build without giving up best audio performance. And you should also be glad to find that the 2-way speaker system not only sounds good but actually looks good too with the wood enclosure and steel grille. What's more, CWT 128 2-way speaker system indicates high reliability as well as flexible installations thanks to the DuraFlex finish and multiple mounting options. The new JBL 2-way speaker system measures up to a third smaller than other 2-way speaker system in general. In other words, the new JBL CWT 128 2-way speaker system can definitely cater to various applications which require best audio performance including conference centers, board rooms, and lecture halls.

In most cases, best audio performance does not come any easy. You may need both high-end components and advanced sound technologies. The new JBL CWT 128 2-way speaker system has it all because it is built to deliver best audio performance in the first place. The most common criteria to get best audio performance is the wider sound coverage. It is because wider sound coverage means people can be sure that the sound signal is processed and reproduced as it is meant to be across frequency range without a hitch. However, standard 2-way speaker system often fails to live up to the expectation.

JBL CWT 128 2-way speaker system integrates two 25 mm(1") exit, 38 mm (1,5") diaphragm compression driver which works wonder to minimize the distortion caused by noise or other interferences commonly found in high frequency range for more balanced, best audio performance. And to ensure optimal performance in low frequency range, the 2-way speaker system relies on JBL Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) proprietary LF drivers. Unlike standard LF drivers, the patented 8 inch JBL drivers is adorned with special copper aluminum layer to boost bass response while keeping the distortion low as possible.

Small Footprint, Professional Audio

In any case, audio performance comes first in the top list of both individual and group users. Nevertheless, compared to personal and home audio solutions, professional speaker systems often packs more serious components to deliver best audio performance in different level altogether. While sound coverage may not take the center stage, it is one of the essential qualities that many users with commercial applications or professional audio market will expect. The primary reason is because they have a bigger number of audience to serve and richer contents to deliver in best audio performance. But then to produce quality sound with wider sound coverage remains as challenging as ever. As a veteran name in professional sound, JBL gives itself the opportunity to answer the challenge with their new CWT 128 Series which is their latest offer for 2-way speaker system lineup.

Engineered particularly to extend sound coverage while ensuring best audio performance, the 2-way speaker system leverages on the advanced Crossfired Waveguide Technology. One of the latest JBL innovations, this technology works to produce quality sound with even dispersion throughout frequency range. While standard 2-way speaker system setup is originally meant to achieve wider sound coverage, they end up with unfavorable side-effects such as lobing, interference, and uneven sound pressure level across the room. To solve the problem, JBL CWT 2-way speaker system stacks compression drivers in specific angles to extend the sound coverage. By setting the speakers in particular angles, the 2-way system is able to provide similar best audio performance to multiple directions up to 160 degree horizontally. This way, all the audience can indulge the same best audio performance across the room.

What's more, the 2-way speaker system packs all the wonder in a compact single package. Although best audio performance somehow equals to complicated setup and multiple equipments, it is not the case with JBL new CWT 128 Series 2-way speaker system. The 2-way speaker system comes very compact with smaller build to easily match any room configurations and environments with limited space to work with. With the single enclosure, it also means that the 2-way speaker system can save significant cost, wiring clutter and hassle to do the setup and maintenance. Still in design department, CWT 128 Series is also built to impress. Featuring the dynamic cylindrical styled cabinet, the 2-way speaker system combines robust wood enclosure and reliable DuraFlex finish to ensure best audio performance in extended time. It is also convenient to find that the 2-way system is easy to install with attachment points and OmniMount wall mounting bracket options.

(Date: 07 May 2013; Lidya)

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