New Panasonic i-PRO HD Network Cameras Packs Advanced Processor

Where video surveillance or HD network camera is concerned, Panasonic may not be the first brand you will think of. However, it does not change the fact that Panasonic is among the best in industry to provide extensive network camera solutions to cater to diverse kind of applications in home or business. In fact, up until now, Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera lineup has been widely recognized in video surveillance landscape for its enhanced technologies and cutting-edge features. Users can easily choose from a wide selection of network camera type, models, or configuration to suit their requirements. Despite of its comprehensive collection of network camera, Panasonic finds it necessary to keep innovating and exceed customers expectation. This time, they introduces new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera which packs advanced processor to bring highest quality video surveillance possible. Dubbed as UniPhier LSI, the advanced processor offers high quality video streams in the full glory of Full HD 1080p resolution and dozens of new features to enhance the functionalities of network camera and overall video surveillance experience.

One of the beneficial ones is Variable Image Quality on Specified Area or VIQS which basically allows users to set different quality for two image areas in network camera stream to save bandwidth. That aside, users can also enjoy improved image compression and thus more efficient storage and bandwidth usage thanks to the the enhanced H.264 codec engine inside new advanced processor which powers Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera. When combined, both features actually drive more effective HD network camera solution for any applications. Unlike other HD network camera solutions which requires high bandwidth and spacious storage to bring superior image quality and reliable HD video streams for your video surveillance application, new Panasonic i-PRO actually makes do with half amount of them. Yes, you heard it correct. The new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera is able to deliver high quality H.264 video stream without a hitch using less amount of bandwidth and storage thanks to the UniPhier LSI advanced processor. As such, users no longer have to be concerned over how bandwidth and storage have been two big contributors for the whole video surveillance installation. They can now enjoy high quality monitoring and video stream in real time.

At different times for different purposes, users may want to have dual streams running in their network camera to monitor or record video. To meet the demand, new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera integrates sequential cropping function to provide secondary 360p video stream along with the primary 1080p video stream. What's more, the cropping feature also comes with extended custom options such as scheduled alarm-driven cropping and partial cropping based on coordinates. The new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera can support and transmit up to four cropped streams in sequence. In case of fast motion, users can also feel reassured that both primary 1080p video streams and the cropped secondary video streams will be delivered in high quality and free from any common issues such as stuttering, noise, or artifacts. It is because the new advanced processor supports high frame rate of 30 fps for both video streams.

Still performance-wise, the new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera lineup are equipped with superb light sensitivity image sensors which goes as low as 0.06 lux for best video surveillance result. For optimal video surveillance experience, the advanced processor also introduces other handy features including Lens Distortion Compensation (LDC). Designed to improve image quality, this feature intelligently make compensation for any distortion occurred as the result of different viewing angle. Finally, new advanced processor inside Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera is also fitted with the tested and proven Panasonic Mega Super Dynamic imaging technology to improve dynamic range and thus highly visible images at any gien lighting conditions. Similarly, Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) feature works to enhance dark areas captured by the HD network camera.

The Powerful Advanced Processor

Processor in a lot of devices is crucial to the overall performance as brain is essential for human. The same concept also applies for HD network camera where processor can make the network camera either deliver best quality or poor quality video surveillance. New Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera takes a step ahead by incorporating new advanced processor called UniPhier LSI. Offering some significant improvements in terms of image quality and versatility, the new advanced processor packs dozens of new features to help users get high quality video surveillance experience seamlessly and efficiently. In the first place, of course you can expect the HD network camera do deliver top notch quality Full HD 1080p video stream without a hitch. However, the new advanced processor actually offers such brilliant performance with less resources such as bandwidth and storage to users advantage.

There are two new features in this advanced processor which contributes to more efficient bandwidth and storage usage: VIQS and enhanced encoding machine. VIQS or Variable Imae Quality on Specified Area enables users to divide video stream into two different parts with different quality, most likely higher quality for critical areas and lower quality for additional areas. The areas can be divided in any configuration but the advanced processor allows for up to 40% of selectable areas. With better quality management for the video streams, you can definitely save the bandwidth. Next, the advanced processor also uses enhanced H.264 engine which offers better compression and thus less bandwidth and storage required. Other interesting feature in this advanced processor is dual streaming capability. By dual streaming capability, it means that the network HD camera can provide additional 360p video stream aside of the main 1080p video stream thanks to the cropping function. It is especially handy if you happen to have to monitor different parts of larger venues. For quality, you also can be sure that the secondary video stream also have good quality as it is in 30 fps. But what you will find most interesting with the cropping function offered by the new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera is the scheduled cropping and selected cropping via CGI commands. Finally, the new Panasonic i-PRO HD network camera also comes with other image-enhancement features for smarter picture quality such as Lens Distortion Compensation (LDC), Mega Super Dynamic, and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS).

Not only that, users can also choose from wide selection of Panasonic i-PRO HD camera network lineup for different configuration or requirements. For one, they have vandal-resistant HD network camera such as WV-SW559 model which is built with compliance to IP66 rating to survive more tougher environment.

(Date: 13 May 2013; Lidya)

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