New Sony Bravia HD TV Enriches Audio Visual Experience

Sony is no stranger to the consumer electronic scene. In fact, the Japanese giant has go through thick and thin to make itself as it is now as a premium brand in a lot of product categories including television. From long time a go, their BRAVIA television lineups continues to take the highest end positioning to deliver ultimate audio visual experience with uncompromising quality. This time, Sony are all set to up the ante with their new Sony BRAVIA HD TV models which aim to enrich audio visual experience in every way possible. Taking a leaf out of their magnificent 4K LED TV, these new Sony BRAVIA HD TV models will features all the best components to deliver the ultimate audio visual experience right into your very own space every time.

Among them is the latest X-Reality Pro Picture Engine which give rebirths to your original contents by refining it to the smallest details with its extensive database of graphical elements. No matter what your content sources are or from where, the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups simply do its magic and turn them into the the best audio visual experience you can ever imagine. To the same extent, these new Sony BRAVIA models also become the few first lucky adopters of Sony most recent TRILUMINOS display technology. Engineered in the first place to enhance image quality, this technology incorporate special optical components called QD Vision Color IQ which intelligently enhance color gamut for a truly life-like viewing experience. When coupled with the advanced Z-Reality Pro picture engine, they makes any visual comes alive in an instant with all those new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups. Visual-aside, Sony could not care less to provide an equally incredible audio quality so as to deliver the truly immersive audio visual experience. For that reason, they decide to fit the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups with Signal-to-Sound Architecture which boasts dedicated bass-reflex speaker unit. With the built-in bass-reflex unit, users can be sure to enjoy premium crystal clear audio and thus more realistic audio visual experience with the new Sony BRAVIA HDTV. All in all, the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups go beyond premium picture quality and deliver a complete refined audio visual experience as one package. The new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups will feature some new models under W and R Series.

With the premium labels, come the premium audio visual experience holds true especially for the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups. Even, it is not too much to call it a beauty from head to toe. Similar to its 4K proposition, the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV ranges also adopts the latest Sense of Quartz design. Those who are aware of Sony BRAVIA HD TV range will immediately realize the change of design in these new lineups. It is because previous generation of Sony BRAVIA HD TV sticks with monolithic design which features virtually frameless sleek design. This time, Sony choose a similiar but different design concept for its lineups of Sony BRAVIA HD TV. Instead of uniform monolithic rectangular panel and stand, they actually replace the stand with a circular shape one which makes a different impression altogether. Timeless as ever, we should say that the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups look more dynamic and sophisticated.

Aesthetics aside, the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV still have a lot of tricks up its sleeve to deliver the ultimate audio visual experience. While viewing experience and audio quality seem to take center stage when it comes to audio visual experience and TV, it is no longer true these days. Connectivity has rapidly grown into one of the key aspects to create seamless experience. The new Sony BRAVIA TV is equipped with screen mirroring functionality which enables users to stream and view contents wirelessly from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in Sony BRAVIA HD TV at a touch of button. Or, try to connect to your mobile devices like never before with the SideView mobile app which works with both Android and iOS device. This app basically allows you to control the content on the Sony BRAVIA HD TV from the mobile devices. In a way, the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups lets you enjoy the ultimate audio visual experience while also offering seamless connectivity to mobile devices for an enhanced entertainment experience.

Beauty Inside and Outside

Anywhere in the world, only very few manufacturers can go against Sony to really make a product that shows the real beauty inside and outside. And by beauty, we are talking about the perfect harmony between the design and performance. The new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups are just great examples to begin with. Design-wise, you cannot help but to be impressed by the new Sense of Quartz design. It is simple and subtle as ever but evokes more elegance than the former Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups. And the same beauty are reflected from the inside of these new Sony BRAVIA HD TV models with the incredible image quality thanks to the latest Sony image-enhancement technologies. At the helm is the X-Reality Pro Engine which turns every contents into its best quality with the intelligent database-driven processing. Next, the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV models also sport TRILUMINOUS color-enhancement technology which ensure vivid colors and elevated sense of depth for a totally immersive visual experience. Finally, Sony also throws in some nice extras to enrich the overall audio visual experience. For one is the 3D Simulview feature which promotes more exciting gaming because it allows two gamers to see each other in the same single screen.

Smart Connectivity

Users today expect to enjoy seamless connection between devices and across platforms without a hitch. The new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups offers integration with your mobile devices via NFC-based mirroring functionality. All you need to do is touch the NFC-enabled mobile devices to the one-touch remote of Sony BRAVIA HD TV to get wirelessly connected and you can start mirroring in seconds. Enjoy your mobile contents in the big screen as they are meant to be as the new Sony BRAVIA HD TV lineups are designed to make the best audio visual experience out of any contents you got. Or, there is also option to control your contents and functions in these new Sony BRAVIA HD TV via SideView mobile app which is compatible with both Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

(Date: 22 April 2013; Lidya)

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