New Yamaha AV Receivers Boost Audio Performance and Connectivity

Been churning out sound innovation for decades now, Yamaha has no intention to stop polishing its broad range of audio visual solution including the AV Receivers. This time, they goes with the RX Series which not only features superior audio performance but also enhanced connectivity options. Designed for professional audio applications in mind, the new Yamaha AV Receivers adds in numerous new features and technologies including Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connectivity and 4K video pass-through from any sources; all the way round to boost audio performance and connectivity of your system.

If you are still wondering if you really need AV receivers despite the decent speakers or sound system you've already got, think again. In most applications, people are happy enough to enjoy their contents on the mobile devices. However, things turns out very differently when they ported it into higher-end systems. This is where AV receivers come in. Originally, AV Receivers are especially engineered to boost the audio performance but as mobile devices become increasingly popular connectivity is also a must have. The new Yamaha AV receivers got you back by packing all the connectivity options you need to keep entertained with any contents, from anywhere including your favorite mobile devices. With direct MHL connectivity for instance, users can easily stream their multimedia contents right out from their mobile devices in high quality up to Full HD resolution without a hitch. No longer you have to compromise on video and audio performance in any way. The same goes for the Internet-based contents such as Internet radio or streaming services. Powered by the latest 4K video pass-through technology, the new Yamaha AV receivers allow users to get the best entertainment experience with high quality image and audio performance regardless of the quality of original contents.

On the audio side, these new AV receivers are fitted with some of the most advanced audio enhancement technologies. Among them is CINEMA DSP 3D technology which provides users with up to 17 custom presets to choose from based on their preferences or applications; ensuring ultimate boost in audio performance every time. Not only that, users can also expect to enjoy the highest quality audio performance anywhere inside the room thanks to the intelligent YPAO room calibration function in the new Yamaha AV receivers. Total there are five new models included in the refreshed Yamaha AV receivers with RX-V775WA, RX-V675, RX-V575, and RX-V475 as networked models while the RX-V375 as non-networked model.

When enjoying multimedia contents, the most ideal scenario is to have it as real as possible. In case of audio performance, you may want to hear the music as crystal clear and detailed as if it is coming from around you. Or, imagine how awesome to look at life-like visuals right in front of you. But what do you need to get realistic experience? Surround sound is one way. it basically allows you to feel or sense sort of live audio performance with sounds coming from multi direction as if the sources are just nearby. All of the new Yamaha AV receivers comes with supports for either 5.1 channel or 7.2 channel virtual surround sound to match your high end systems and deliver the high fidelity audio performance. Even if your systems did not have the surround sound features, fret not because these Yamaha AV receivers will still be able to provide enhanced audio performance through other innovative features such as dedicated intelligent amplifiers and Compressed Music Enhance technology.

On the the other end, connectivity aspect in the new Yamaha AV receivers also get refined to the maximum for improved connected multimedia experience. With the newly introduced MHL connectivity, users can easily enjoy their mobile contents in big screen without much fuss. In fact, you can also use your very own phone to control the AV receivers after downloading and installing dedicated Yamaha AV Controller Apps for iOS or Android. Or simply, connect your MP3 player and gadgets to the USB ports on the front panel for an instant boost of audio performance. Interestingly, the Yamaha AV receivers also double as charging station for any connected/docked devices. To start enjoying your contents with enhanced video and audio performance, users can choose either conventional wired connections via the dual HDMI inputs or go wireless with the optional wireless adapter Yamaha YWA-10. Of course, you are welcome to rely on the older Bluetooth connection for wireless content streaming when and where needed. All in all, the new Yamaha AV receivers are all set to boost your audio performance in particular and entertainment experience in general.

Maximum Audio Performance

Audiophiles are those who have zero tolerance when it comes to audio performance. All they look to is audio performance with the highest quality possible. End of the story. While you may think you are of them, many people actually only expect that their favorite music, videos, or movies can give the same great experience across all the devices and platforms. That's exactly the new Yamaha AV receivers are all about. Packing all the right features and technologies to boost your audio performance, these Yamaha AV receivers ensure the best listening and viewing experience for any of your favorite contents, from anywhere.

To begin with, the new Yamaha AV receivers are fitted with the trusted and proven Total Purity Concept which combine multiple components such as high drive amp technology, anti vibration technology, high purity pre-amplification, and independent pure power supply. All those components essentially work to refine the audio performance by reducing noise and distortion. And because you got various contents with different format or codec, Yamaha AV receivers comes with full compatibility with wide range of audio and video format and codecs including the high quality Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio. What's more, the instant boost for your audio performance is made effortless with these Yamaha AV receivers thanks to the intelligent amplifiers. Unlike the majority of amplifiers, these amplifiers can automatically switch or assign output channel to your inputs accordingly for each application; eliminating the hassle to do it manually. Especially for low-frequencies audio, Yamaha AV receivers find include a subwoofer level adjustment to ensure best and balanced audio performance.

Streamlined Connectivity

These days, getting connected in every way is something you often take for granted. Similarly, you may also expect to enjoy the same seamless integration and connectivity with various devices including the sound system. As such, Yamaha takes a step ahead to provide your system with improved audio performance as well as streamlined connectivity. If you simply cannot part with your iPad, the new Yamaha AV receivers help to pull out those favorite contents right out from your very own iPad thanks to the support for AirPlay function. Alternatively, you can also port contents from other mobile devices to the Yamaha AV receivers via MHL connection which allows high quality content streaming up to 1080p. If you want to go the conventional way, the Yamaha AV receivers also come equipped with USB and dual HDMI ports at the front panel.

On top of that, users may as well get to control all the connected systems such as Blu-ray player or TV with the same remote control of these AV receivers with the HDMI CEC supports. As for a more contemporary style, Yamaha AV receivers also features Yamaha AV Controller app to control their AV receivers from iOS or Android-based mobile devices.

(Date: 23 April 2013; Lidya)

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