New Yamaha AV Receivers Deliver Ultimate Flexibility

Digital entertainment is not only more enhanced in terms of sound performance and quality these days but also to the extent of flexibility. In fact, a lot of recent AV receivers allows users to connect to multiple platform and services or stream their favorite multimedia contents from anywhere any even wirelessly. Yamaha New AV Receivers under flagship RX Series for example, deliver ultimate flexibility without making any compromise on audio performance and quality. Consists of two different models: RX-A830 and RX-A730, the new Yamaha AV Receivers comes with full connectivity ranges to deliver ultimate flexibility like never before, ranging from dual HDMI, USB 2.0, to the latest Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and supports for AirPlay feature. Even, there is options to control these Yamaha AV receivers via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via advanced Yamaha Controller App. Develop under the name of AVENTAGE series, RX-A830 and RX-A730 also packs a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge technologies and features to ensure high performance possible and ultimate flexibility at the same time. One of the the most recognized technologies is Yamaha signature Anti-Resonance (A.R.T) technology which improves overall built by adding one more foot to these network AV receivers to improve the robustness and reduce any distortion caused by vibration. Next, the new Yamaha AV Receivers are also equipped with YPAO R.S.C (Reflected Sound Control) which is an intelligent sound enhancement feature working to improve sound performance and quality by tuning in audio settings accordingly to the speakers characteristics and room acoustics. Still feature-wise, the new Yamaha AV Receivers under AVENTAGE lineup also packs CINEMA DSP 3D surround feature to hep enhance overall multimedia experience. Or, if you happen to have some old compressed music collection but wish to enjoy them at better quality, these Yamaha AV Receivers may also come to your rescue thanks to the compressed music enhancer feature. As its name suggests, this feature works mainly to improve bit rate and frequency of the original compressed file to be played at better qualities with the new Yamaha AV receivers.

Nevertheless the main limelight of these new Yamaha AV Receivers remains the ultimate flexibility offered through multiple connectivity options to extensive supports for wide range of multimedia files, streaming services, or simply getting out your contents from other devices. Like any AVENTAGE Series of network AV receivers, these new Yamaha AV receivers are built to introduce high quality audio performance while maintaining ultimate flexibility possible for best entertainment experience. In the first place, these Yamaha AV receivers are fitted with HDMI 1.4a with 3D and A.R.C (Audio Return Channel) supports which allow users to seamlessly enjoy any contents including 3D contents in its full glory both visually and sonically. Even better, Yamaha actually embed in dual HDMI port for simultaneous viewing on big screen. What's more, one of the HDMI port is actually positioned on the front panel for easy, instant access. Both HDMI ports integrated in these Yamaha AV receivers are also CEC compliant for ultimate flexibility every time. With this feature, users can easily control these Yamaha AV receivers from the same remote controls used for other CEC-compatible devices such as TV or media players. In a way, it really saves you the hassle and mess to control different devices with different control options. That said, another interesting addition to these Yamaha AV receivers is the MHL connectivity. Previously, users may have heard a lot of devices featuring MHL or Mobile High Definition Link connectivity especially mobile devices for ultimate flexibility across platforms and devices. And with the new Yamaha AV receivers, this option of connectivity functions exactly the same, which is to help you flawlessly stream any contents from your mobile devices or any MHL-enabled multimedia portable devices to the big screen in high quality up to Full HD 1080p resolution. Not only visual, the MHL connectivity also ensures flawless 7.1 channel audio stream from those devices via these Yamaha AV receivers. On the other hand, these Yamaha AV receivers also offers extensive supports for a broad variety of multimedia formats and codecs including FLAC/WAV 192 KHz and Dolby tru HD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

High Quality Audio Performance

AVENTAGE Series of Yamaha AV Receivers is widely known for being perfect entertainment solution thanks to is unrivaled audio performance and ultimate flexibility. Their new entry, RX-A830 and RX-A730 is no exception. This time, the new Yamaha AV receivers even goes all out to provide best entertainment experience for you by featuring latest connectivity features including Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) connectiivty and dual HDMI outputs. However, make no mistake as the new Yamaha AV receivers indicates equally incredible experience in terms of audio performance. Like its predecessors under AVENATGE lineups, the new Yamaha AV receivers boast enhanced technologies as well as advanced sound enhancement features to deliver best entertainment experience possible. One of the problems with sound quality is the vibration commonly found with less ideal sound system environments. However, Yamaha AV receivers come up with the answer for that with Yamaha signature Anti-Resonance Technology (A.R.T) wedge. Exactly what the name is, this feature is planted on Yamaha AV receivers to reduce any vibrations from inside components which may affect sounds quality. But believe it or not, it comes as the five foot on the bottom of the Yamaha AV receivers. To ensure high quality audio performance, Yamaha also empower their new AV receivers with a number of components which also known as Total Purity Concept. Among them is the high drive amp technology which cut down distortion and pure power supplies to help keep the noise at minimum level. Other intelligent sound enhancement feature in the new Yamaha AV receivers include the intelligent amp design which assign amplifier output channel to your inputs accordingly for each application; eliminating the hassle to do it manually

Ultimate Flexibility

Apart from the ensured high quality audio performance, these new Yamaha AV receivers offers ultimate flexibility at its best by integrating latest connectivity options and other versatile features such as full compatibility with AirPlay as well as popular Internet-based music streaming services. With latest MHL connectivity, users now can easily port any contents form their favorite mobile devices to the bigger screen for optimal viewing experience or group viewing. But mind that your display should also support the MHL connectivity for the feature to be used. For best entertainment experience, the new Yamaha AV receivers supports content streaming in high quality up to 1920 x 1200 resolution as well as surround 7.1 channel audio. On different note, AirPlay compatibility means that users can seamlessly enjoy their music collection with the Yamaha AV receivers which is streamed wirelessly from Apple iDevices without a hitch. At last, the new Yamaha AV receivers deliver ultimate flexibility in that it proviced dedicated mobile-based Yamaha AV Controller app to allows control of these AV receivers from mobile devices.

(Date: 20 May 2013; Lidya)

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