OLED Wallpaper to Transform Lighting System and TV Displays In the Near Future

In recent years, LED is increasingly popular among both lighting system and display devices manufacturers thanks to their incredible performance in almost all aspects. LED technology has been favored to power lighting system and display devices because they simply offer lower power consumption while keeping high performance for extended use. While some users have not switched to LED technology and enjoy its benefit in their lighting system and TV displays, enter OLED technology. OLED technology stands for organic light emitting diodes which are basically modified after LED technology and features all the same benefits plus several unique qualities including super lightweight and flexible. With such superior qualities, it is only expected that OLED technology is considered one of future-proofing technology to be used in various kind of devices and systems including lighting system and TV displays.

In general, there are four types of OLED based on its structure: transparent, top-emitting, foldable, and white OLED. While each type of OLED has its own strengths and weaknesses, transparent, foldable, and white OLED offers more benefits for today integrated system and devices including lighting system and TV displays. Among the latest innovation leveraging on OLED technology is OLED wallpaper which may pose as the next generation lighting system and TV displays alike thanks to its superior performance and versatility. Depending on your applications, OLED wallpaper can be designed from all of the three types of OLED to make the most out of your OLED installation. Unlike conventional lighting system or display devices which is a fixed one time installation, OLED wallpaper can provide users with ultimate flexibility and high performance at the same time. As an alternative lighting system, for example, OLED wallpaper can save space and improve energy efficiency. Imagine to indulge in unique custom lighting system for dining room or artistic application when and where needed. Or, picture yourself with the always-on convenient TV displays which allows you to turn any section of the wall into entertainment hub at an instant.

OLED wallpaper as TV displays, particularly TV, works a little similar to what projector do with white surface in that the images are displayed on flat surfaces instead of display set. However, there is no need for tools to project with OLED wallpaper. Then, users can definitely enjoy big screen experience regardless of the room configuration for optimal viewing experience as OLED wallpaper requires nothing but your wall space. When not in use, OLED wallpaper can be easily disguised as ordinary wallpaper without distracting the whole aesthetic of room and blend perfectly with the interior decors. To optimize the whole watching experience, it is also possible to build OLED wallpaper out of transparent OLED which will allows users to have an awesome see through TV or enhance visibility under outdoor lighting for OLED displays.

Featuring the concept of wallpaper, OLED wallpaper can also eliminate the clutter view with wiring or multiple setup array to create big picture. Believe it or not, you may be able to create an infinite viewing area as big and long as you wish as far as your wall extends. The notion of extra flexibility means that users can actually tailor OLED wallpaper to suite their different requirements. For example, users can use foldable OLED to create super flexible OLED wallpaper which can be carried around, rolled out, and stored back for safekeeping when and where needed. Both as TV displays or other display devices, it translates to versatile installation with ensured high quality image performance at your disposal. That aside, Toshiba also highlights on OLED wallpaper is all rounder virtual display devices for any purposes from watching movies, playing games, or even surfing on the web which is enabled in today's smarter TV. Equally capable as the high end TV displays, OLED wallpaper actually makes a better option because users are welcome to experiment OLED lighting for immersive visual experience like never before.

The idea of using OLED wallpaper for TV displays are first introduced by Toshiba. The Japanese company points out that OLED wallpaper can be the next generation TV displays to adorn your smart living room. In particular, Toshiba leverages on nano technology and OLED technology to build a highly flexible and power efficient OLED wallpaper. OLED technology, they believe, is certainly one of the most future-proofing technology for both lighting system and display devices because it allows to effectively emit light to produce images in high quality while minimizing heat and keeping longer lifespan. Nano technology, on the other hand, works to improve efficiency of OLED technology in OLED wallpaper. In many ways, you can say that OLED wallpaper have exactly same benefits as OLED TV displays or any display devices but greater flexibility. Looking towards the future, perhaps it is possible to use OLED wallpaper only as smart wallpaper which changes on its own when detecting different people or even your mood and changes accordingly.

On the other hand, OLED wallpaper also makes a decent lighting system as LED technology itself has been popular for its higher power saving as opposed to LCD. In fact, it is argued that OLED does not require backlight and uses very little power even if compared to high efficiency conventional light bulbs at only 3-5 volt. With such advanced energy saving, OLED wallpaper can certainly be a very potential candidate to be used in high energy environments in various kind of applications such as offices building and personal residents alike. What's more, the flexibility of OLED technology makes it possible to install it on different surfaces which needs lighting other than wall, windows, or door for example. When connected to the integrated control system or lighting system, there is a chance that OLED wallpaper can be tailored to offer the same smart functionality as dimmable light bulbs or occupancy sensor for ultimate power saving.

It is a postgraduate student, Jonas Samson, who comes up with the the concept of OLED wallpaper to be used as alternative lighting system. Like any lighting system, OLED wallpaper in Samson's project can also be turned on and off when and where needed. But while OLED wallpaper in this case takes artistic orientation of creative lighting system, OLED wallpaper has much greater potential in commercial lighting market. As such, Lomox Limited takes the chance to get OLED wallpaper into lighting system market by promoting low energy consumption in the first place.

(Date: 22 May 2013; Lidya)

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