PLUS Wireless Interactive Panel Enhances Business Meetings

With high mobility becomes a must for today workforce, business meetings no longer took place only your office or the client's office. In fact, a lot of business meetings are also conducted along with lunch break or dinner time in some multi-function room. As such, you will be expected to be ready for presentation anywhere anytime. To create effective business meetings, interactivity is one important key but how you are supposed to build an interactive presentation if your interactive whiteboard is stuck back at the office. Meet PLUS Wireless Interactive Panel UPIC which is designed to enhance your business meetings in the first place; offering wireless freedom and high portability.
Believe it or not, PLUS Wireless Interactive Panel UPIC is indeed the first portable interactive panel in the world. Unlike traditional interactive panel which is permanently installed back at your office, PLUS interactive panel UPIC tags along to your business meetings when and where needed. Sporting unique magnetic design, you can easily roll up the interactive panel and save it in the supplied carrying case when going for your business meetings. When you are to start the business meetings, simply unroll the interactive panel and attach it to the wall. And done, now you are ready to make interactive business meetings. There is practically no hassle with both setup and operation of this unique interactive panel. You do not even have to bother with any mess with wiring since the interactive panel leverages on wireless technology including for the input options. The interactive panel is equipped with Bluetooth-based digital pen which works flawlessly to help users to interact with the materials presented in any way possible. Really, PLUS wireless interactive panel has redefined the standard of interactive panel for business meetings as you get to enjoy it anywhere and anytime without much fuss.

That said, users can also expect versatile functionality with the portable interactive panel to enhance your business meetings. You can use it as regular whiteboard, interactive whiteboard, and projection screen. Of course, there is also a host of additional features comes along with the bundled PLUS Wireless Interactive Panel UPIC software including Touch & Draw as well as pointer option and support for annotation. In short, PLUS interactive panel UPIC has turned business meetings more powerful than ever thanks to the virtually mobile interactivity features.

If any, portability is obviously what makes PLUS wireless interactive panel UPIC stands out from the crowd. While conventional interactive whiteboard may offer the same interactivity features you need in business meetings, they are held back by the static nature of installation and cluttered wiring. Problem is, you often need to go places so the fixed interactive panel becomes irrelevant altogether. Unlike other interactive panel which is made out of board, PLUS wireless interactive panel UPIC is build with magnetic sheet. And by sheet, PLUS really means it that their interactive panel is as flexible and versatile as a literal sheet. Not only that, the sheet-designed interactive panel is incredibly thin at 0,4 mm. You also can feel reassured that the interactive panel is physically portable, weighing only 2,8 kg for the biggest screen size (72") or 1,6 kg with the smallest screen size (56"). This way, there is no worry to travel for your business meetings with the interactive panel.

Albeit the handy design, users can also count on PLUS wireless interactive display for performance matters. The interactive panel may look very thin and lightweight but it is relatively robust and resistant to glare issues commonly with whiteboard. At closer examination, users may also want to note that the interactive panel features a special layer of Anoto dot pattern on the top of the interactive panel to allow precise input with the designated digital pen which apparently comes as a set of solution with the dotted layer. Using advanced pattern recognition system, the interactive panel ensures that every single strokes are captured perfectly for effective business meetings. Finally, in terms of versatility, PLUS wireless interactive panel UPIC definitely can cater to wide range of applications such as business meetings, classroom discussions, video conference, and many more. PLUS Wireless Interactive Panel UPIC will be available with three different screen sizes: 56", 64", and 72" to meet your various requirements.

Full Interactivity

As mentioned earlier, today business meetings are quite a complicated matter. Not only you are expected to do in anywhere and anytime if necessary, sometimes you also have to get your messages through in various ways possible. For example, first you have business meetings with colleagues and distant clients with video conference system. At this point, you will use the interactive panel as interactive whiteboard. Next, you have to do product presentation for the partners. Therefore, you need to switch back to the standard projector and projection screen installed in the different room. So much hassle, not to mention the complicated setup. With PLUS wireless interactive panel UPIC, there is no need to go through all those pain. You only need one interactive panel and you are all good to go. The magnetic sheet interactive panel combines three functionalities in single portable package. In the first place, you can use it as regular whiteboard. However, do note that you are strongly advised to use the provided marker and eraser, not the third parties one for it may expose the interactive panel to the unwanted damage.

Then of course, you also get to use it as interactive whiteboard with all the interactive features found with competing products. You can write or draw on the top of the interactive panel to enhance your business meetings with the digital pen using all the provided tools. The bundled interactive software got almost every function you need to improve interaction including cut/copy/paste and zoom function. What's more, the new updated version 2.0 actually supports multiple inputs simultaneously for the interactive display; allowing users to seamlessly interact with other participants in business meetings. While the digital pen is originally designed as input device for the interactive display, it can also be functioned as navigation device as mouse with various applications. And if you need to add object or make annotation, the interactive panel also packs such functions including saving, sharing and print functionality for the annotated files.

At last, the interactive panel can also serve as projection screen so that users no longer have to go through another setup and work with multiple equipments; enhancing overall efficiency in business meetings. With the special surface which indicates no whatsoever glare or reflection issue, users can easily use the same interactive panel to work with their projectors in business meetings. More or less like interactive whiteboard functionality, the wireless interactive panel also enable users to extend further interaction with the projected images.

All thing considered, PLUS wireless interactive panel UPIC really changes the nature of interactive whiteboard itself in its contribution to the business meetings. With portable sheet-styled interactive panel, users can practically enhance interaction in their business meetings when and wherever necessary. It is is even more convenient since the interactive panel can be easily installed and stored into the carrying case for safekeeping. And with the wireless digital pen, there seems nothing can prevent you from delivering the most exciting and effective business meetings ever.

(Date: 29 April 2013; Lidya)

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