PanaCast Redefines Videoconferencing with Panoramic Video Experience

Anywhere in the business environment, videoconferencing is almost identical to something serious than fun, save for spontaneous action. Most of the time, videoconferencing is where you sit around to talk with people miles away using a full array of complicated system which can cost very dearly depending on the various capability and features. And with the recent videoconferencing products, it seems that everyone is after effective collaboration by making the video experience as realistic and natural as possible. If you are looking to enjoy the same benefit of videoconferencing yet backed down by budget issue, meet PanaCast. At its heart, PanaCast is new videoconferencing platform which redefines videoconferencing with panoramic video experience for immersive collaboration anyhwere, anytime. What's more, PanaCast actually makes the entire videoconferencing experience not only effective but also personal and fun thanks to the innovative panoramic video feature.

Unlike traditional videoconferencing system which relies on one big screen and a set of equipments to be able to provide optimal videoconferencing experience, PanaCast features unique HD camera system which includes six camera units which tilt, pan, and zoom in real for panoramic video experience with 200 degree field of view. With panoramic video experience, PanaCast allows users to easily have comprehensive view of every participants on the the other end when and where needed. Similarly, both ends no longer have to sits in certain row arrangement to get everyone covered during the videoconferencing since PanaCast's advanced system will do the hard work to ensure everyone can see and be seen in high clarity. But most importantly, you get full control over what you want to see from the other end, be it people or shared documents, thanks to the panoramic video feature. In fact, PanaCast actually offers more natural videoconferencing experience as you are able to see people as in direct visual perspective with the panoramic video stream.

Panoramic video is nothing new for the photography enthusiasts as it has been one of the feattured functionalities in many high-end cameras. But panoramic video experience in videoconferencing is obviously open a totally new horizon for collaboration landscape. Although boasting the same concept of providing more comprehensive view, panoramic video feature in PanaCast improves the entire videoconferencing with simple capability of doing exactly your very own eyes do when you attend the meetings in person. Sporting UFO-shaped custom camera, PanaCast assigns six different cameras to capture images on different parts of room, people, and other objects displayed on the screen to form a single dynamic panoramic video stream with 200 degree field of view. As such, users can look at precisely where they want to focus. All in all, PanaCast camera provide a stitched panoramic video experience with extensive resolution of 2700 x 540 pixels which supports pan, zoom, and tilt function in real time. In case you are concerned, there is no whatsoever effect on the other end as you actively interact with the panoramic video stream. PanaCast also convinces users that the panoramic video will not suffer from any distortion albeit being stitched out from six different sources. In terms of performance and video quality, PanaCast leverages on ulta-low latency H.264 codec to ensure high quality panoramic video without a hitch. the Say goodbye to the pricey videoconferencing system and complicated high-end videoconferencing solution and meet PanaCast panoramic videoconferencing solution.

Big display is one thing as it helps you to see other people and other elements like text or graphics clearer and more detailed. However, it does not necessarily guarantee effective collaboration. For those looking for optimal viewing experience, they should pay more attention to the field of view which greatly affects the viewing area of the display. With a lot of network camera or HD camera, they only offers standard, limited field of view assuming that participants will be seated in certain order with straight positions facing the other end. While it is generally true, many also find it troublesome to check out different things at different time. For example, you simply want to take a glance at the interactive whiteboard to make some notes but the camera shows the participants' faces all the time. With PanaCast videoconferencing platform, you can see practically everything, independently and as you like it. PanaCast offers extensive field of view as wide as 200 degree and panoramic video experience in place of large screen for a truly immersive collaboration, from anywhere, anytime.

Started out as an independent project in Kickstarter, PanaCast is designed to help people better connect to each other regardless of the distance in a highly realistic panoramic video experience. Not only bringing over the unique feature of panoramic video experience, PanaCast is certainly a looker among the videoconferencing system crowd by sporting an extraordinary UFO-inspired form factor. Measuring only as big as your palm, PanaCast also makes a handy, versatile videoconferencing solutions for high-mobility professionals users to enjoy optimal collaboration anywhere, anytime. That aside, PanaCast also comes with optional portable tripod to help prop it up during videoconferencing session. To deliver the panoramic video stream, PanaCast counts on integrated streaming server to send the video stream over to the PanaCast Client over PanaCast Cloud. This way, users can do away with clutter of wiring and high investment installation. All you need is a working Internet connection.

The same simplicity extends to the operation of PanaCast. You are encouraged to interact with the featured panoramic video stream with nothing your very own fingers. For ultimately effective collaboration anywhere and anytime, PanaCast enables users to seamlessly view the panoramic video stream right from any devices including their favorite mobiles devices. As comparison, traditional video conferencing solutions require users to install certain software for videoconference system for extra functionality and uses remote control to navigate around. With PanaCast, interacting with the panoramic video stream is simple as moving your fingers around. In the future updates, users will be able to stream the panoramic video from PanasCast from various BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) platforms including Windows and Mac for PC and Android for mobile devices. As for the time being, the live-streaming feature of panoramic video is only supported for Apple iOS devices via PanaCast app. To sum up, PanaCast lets users enjoy instead of working out videoconference like never before with PanaCast and panoramic video experience.

(Date: 23 May 2013; Lidya)

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