Panasonic Interactive Display PB1 Series Offers Effective Communication

Large format display (LFD) has been around the commercial display market for a while. They are widely deployed in public facilities, education, corporate, entertainment, advertising, and many more. But while its bigger size remain the main highlight, the integration of interactivity features such as touch and gesture capability proves to be essential in driving higher sales of large format display. Therefore, many display manufacturers including Panasonic starts to introduce its interactive display for commercial use. The new Panasonic interactive display PB1 Series, in particular, offers effective communication for both applications in education and business environment thanks to the enhanced digital pen system and innovative wireless transmission feature. Designed with interactivity and collaboration in mind, the new interactive display PB1 series sports plasma panel to ensure reliable image quality as well as robust durability for extended use. It will be available in three different sizes, each cater to different applications and requirements: 65", 85", and 103". The 103" TH-103PB1 has just made available only recently and currently become the largest interactive display in the world. Interestingly, this particular model of interactive display has actually seen its first application in government sector which is the US election. Apart from enhanced features and functionality, the new Panasonic interactive display also comes with SLOT2.0 function which allows additional software installation for further display applications.

Generally speaking, interactive display itself is a promising proposition in the crowded display industry. There are simply many kind of display with many sizes, builds, and embedded technologies. Nevertheless, interactive display makes a versatile choice for various segment markets since it combines touch technology and large screen size. But to whom it is relevant and what kind of application it is applicable for will remain in the users hand. The potential is there but to make the most of it will depend on the user. Its interactivity feature for instance can have different benefits for different kind of users. Those which look for accurate input, seamless connectivity, and effective communication may find an interactive display with pen input better option whereas multi-touch resistive interactive display can cater to highly interactive storefront or digital kiosks. The hit list simply differ from one application to others in increasing their productivity, delivering effective communication, or accelerating interaction. If you give it the second look. the interactive display may as well become ubiquitous choice of display thanks to its versatility, reliable performance, and robustness. Only, if you want to make it right, make sure you understand your own requirement and expectations. For us, the new Panasonic interactive display PB1 Series is one viable option.

Now that you have the big picture about what interactive display in general has to offer and different possible applications, let's explore what the new Panasonic interactive display PB1 Series is capable of.

Multiple Inputs

As expected from Panasonic, their new interactive display PB1 series is one of the most versatile interactive display we ever seen. The secret lies behind the new pen dgital system. Unlike conventional pen system, it boasts Plasma Light Detection Systems which can automatically detect pen position and movement with very high precision wherever it is in the interactive display within a blazingly speed of 60 times per second per pixel. Users also do not worry over accidental brushes or objects bumping into the screen because the smart light-based detection system only allows input with the dedicated electronic pen. The interactive display PB1 Series supports up to four pens in simultaneous use for effective actions. User can easily write, draw, or make annotation fast and accurately anywhere in the interactive display. Another cool thing with the electronic pen system is that users do not have to do calibration or install overlay to make sure input is registered as intended. If you do presentation often, the interactive display PB1 Series also comes equipped with optional remote pointer kit to highlight your point from distance up to 8 meters away. What's more, the remote pointer also offers some nifty functions with the bundled whiteboard software which you have to install manually. Among them are easy switch between whiteboard and presentation file in a click of button and supports for multiple displays up to 10 screens. This way, users can easily interact with each other and collaborate with no fuss; contributing to overall increased productivity and effective communication.

Instant Use

Previously with typical interactive display, users need to install software, driver, or do certain network setup to be able use its full functionality. But with the new Panasonic interactive display PB1 Series, there is no need to do so. Working exactly as typical USB-based peripherals such as mouse or keyboard, all you need to do is plugging in the supplied electronic pen adaptor to PC and you're all good to go.

In terms of connectivity, interactive display PB1 Series extends its functionality with wireless transmission from PC and ubiquitous mobile devices like Apple iPad or iPhone. With the wireless connectivity, users now can easily share data and information from multiple devices almost instantly, allowing for more effective communication and content sharing. For the time being, the file supported is limited to PowerPoint, PDF, and images. Interestingly, the wireless data transmission can be extended to 16 screen in total in Multi Live Mode or transmitted to multiple screen at the same time with Multiple Transmission Mode. But the best thing is that everything can be done in a snap of finger. No need for cable connection. All you have to do is stuck in the Easy Wireless Stick ET-UW100.

Superior Image Quality

One of the most common concern among display is the image quality and interactive display PB1 Series shows no compromise. In the first place, it features excellent visibility thanks to the reliable plasma technology which offers high sharpness, deep black, and most importantly consistently natural color reproduction all these times. Next, users with a big number of audience can feel rest assured as the interactive display will deliver the same superior image quality no matter where you sit or stand.

To top things off, the robustness of the new interactive display PB1 Series is guaranteed with tough front glass design which is claimed to be able to survive dust and scratches while easy to clean. For those concerned about long wear, Panasonic ensure an extended use of 100.000 hours of life span during continuous applications. In a nutshell, the new Panasonic interactive display PB1 Series will make an ideal choice for both education and corporate environment alike to deliver effective communication.

(Date: 02 April 2013; Lidya)

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