Panasonic Introduces Its First Lamp-Free LED Projectors

Every device including projectors have their own strengths and weaknesses. But with all the projectors, there is one single common problem that have plagued them and the users all these times: the lamp. While it is the core component which gets the projectors up and running, it also becomes the source of all evil to bring down the projectors. Think of how you have to replace the lamp after some time or how the lamp do not really last that long even with eco or whatever energy-saving mode. In fact, some projectors lose their touches and start to deliver less favorable performance. To solve the problem for once and all, Panasonic decides to do away with the lamps altogether, introducing its first lamp-free LED projectors which feature Solid Shine technology and replace the lamp with LED/laser diode. But does it make any less powerful? Panasonic convinces the customers that the their spanking new LED projectors will not let the customers and even the entire industry down. Not only maintaining the same brilliant images, Panasonic Solid Shine LED projectors also offers a bunch of significant benefits including maintenance free operation and up to whopping 20.000 hours life span. Because they are lamp-free LED projectors, you also practically got no filter, no hassle to replace the lamps, and most importantly no maintenance costs.

If you are concerned about the picture quality, fret not as these lamp-free LED projectors boasts high brightness level of 3500 lumens as well as high contrast of 10.000:1 to ensure high quality picture quality. What's more, the use of LED/laser diode in the LED projectors instead of the conventional lamp is claimed to actually retain excellent picture quality for longer period of time. It is because the Solid Shine technology in the new LED projectors tends to wear out slower than conventional lamps. This way, Panasonic also convinces that users can use the LED projectors for continuous 24/7 operation where necessary and the will still function perfectly without a hitch. Finally, with the new Panasonic lamp-free LED projectors, users can definitely benefit from the immediate startup and high brightness. Another common issues with the lamp are the heat and the noise. Panasonic new lamp-free LED projectors seem to figure it out too by combining a special laser cooling system and heat-pipe cooling system to achieve cool and quiet operation. All in all, Panasonic new lamp-free LED projectors make a lot of sense in offering high quality projection plus a bunch of goodness of LED/Laser technology in comparison to the conventional lamp technology.

Apart from all the benefits with the LED technology, these Solid Shine Series of LED projectors also promotes flexible installation with DIGITAL LINK feature which allows users to stream multimedia contents up to HD quality over LAN connection. Only, you may want to note that this function is available with optional ET-YFB100G Digital Interface Box. That aside, these new LED projectors also have full compatibility with other manufacturer AV equipments and their standards including Crestron DigitalMedia 8G+ and Extron XTP systems. If you got control systems on the network, it is also compatibel with Crestron RoomView via LAN terminal connection. Or, those with multiple projectors setup such as in schools or offices can also monitor, manage, and control these lamp-free LED projectors via LAN system through web browser on a networked PC/laptops. Still related to what Panasonic new LED projectors have to offer for flexible installations, there is an unique 360-degree installation which basically allows customers to rotate the projectors up and down up to 360 degree; accomodating various different room configuration and usage scenarios. Also, the 2x zoom lens feature can helps users to create a very wide projection up to 120 inch diagonally. Believe it or note, Panasonic new lamp-free LED projectors are successful enough to remove all the flaws of conventional lamp projectors without sacrificing either performance or flexibility. Panasonic new Solid Shine lamp-free LED projectors will come in four different series: PT-RZ740/RW430 series which are targeted at commercial market and PT-RZ370/RW330 series which are targeted at education and corporate markets.

The Mighty Solid Shine

What's unique about the Solid Shine Series is the use of LED/laser diodes to replace the conventional mercury lamp which is more commonly used in projectors. Unlike the lamp-based projectors, these new LED projectors practically do not have air filter or lamp to be replaced after some time. In short, no whatsoever maintenance is required. As there is neither lamp or filter, users can save maintenance cost and thus reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) allocated for the projectors.

And if the standard projectors can only offer you approximately 6000 to 10.000 hours of life time, the lamp-free LED projectors are touted to be able to stand up to 20.000 hours non-stop. But most importantly, the Solid Shine technology in lamp-free LED projectors offers the greater benefit in that it helps to maintain best picture quality longer as compared to the lamp-based projectors thanks to the special built-in sensors. It is because the sensor will automatically adjust the brightness and white balance in accordance to the amount and intensity of source light.

In addition, you may also want to take note that although the new Panasonic lamp-free LED projectors leverage on DLP technology, they do not suffer from the same weaknesses such as rainbow effect. With the DLP technology, they usually have this color wheel which does not rotate faster enough and thus results in color breaking. In contrast, Solid Shine Series LED projectors sports an array of Red LED, blue LED, and phosphor wheel to produce the images instead of the color wheel. These trio LEDs absorb light from light source, separate the colors, and drive it up to 10 times faster than the conventional color wheel in DLP technology. As such, users will not have to deal with the color breaking issue commonly found in average DLP-based projectors.

Moreover, users can also say goodbye to heat and noise issues with the new Solid Shine LED projectors. The duet of laser cooling system and heat pipe cooling system works wonders in directing away the heat through cooling fins and reducing the overall temperature inside the projectors. With the temperature running lower in the LED projectors, they also tend to run quieter. Plus, users can definitely appreciate the quick, if not instant start on/off as these LED projectors does not really warming up or cooling time thanks to the LED/laser technology and innovative cooling system.

(Date: 09 April 2013; Lidya)

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