Panasonic Panaboard Empowers Visual Communication in Business Meetings

Business meetings are simply not everyone's cup of tea. Just admit it. Think how many times you spot other colleagues dozing off in the middle of business meetings? Or just how many cup of coffees you drink during the long product presentation session. It is not that you or your colleague pay no attention the speaker or presenter. The thing is that the business meetings and presentations are often a boring one way communication which hardly gives you anything other than paper handouts. Not to mention the lengthy presentation slides. Panasonic brings you a solution to all those problems with their Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880W which is especially designed to empower visual communication in business meetings. With Panasonic Panaboard, users can easily light up your business meetings with a variety of multimedia contents such as animated images, graphics, movies, or music. Panasonic Panaboard interactive whiteboard not only lets you adds in any visual elements to the presentation for display and sharing but also interacting with those materials in real-time. As such, the audience will not get easily bored during business meetings and presentations since they can actively participate in the process, instead of just listening and sitting around.

What's more, Panasonic Panaboard actually offers seamless interaction like what you got to do with smartphones and tablets. For example, users can choose to use their own fingers or supplied electronic pen to interact wit the Panasonic Panaboard. They are welcome to write, draw, and move around the board during the business meetings and presentation; enhancing overall visual communication. Panasonic Panaboard also comes with multi-touch support which means users can practically tap, pinch-zoom, or rotate the documents or images in any application across the board. To enable better interaction as well as visual communication, UB-T880W allows up to three input at the same time with same or different control. This way, business meetings and presentations are no longer one-man show. Everyone can actively participate in the collaboration like never before and thus be able to share and receive information more effectively. As finishing touch, Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880W comes with two built-in USB ports for seamless input and integration with other devices; further enhancing business meetings.

Designed to empower visual communication in business meetings in the first place, Panasonic Panaboard relies on elite Panaboard software to enable advanced interactivity with the interactive whiteboard. First things first, the software packs a comprehensive menu to use with different input options and different purposes. For drawing, Panasonic Panaboard provides dedicated range of tools such as pens, highlighters, and erasers. If you got a bunch of information to work with, Panasonic Panaboard also supports for multiple page background up to ten pages so that you can easily move or switch around between different presentations during extended business meetings. Although the electronic pen is good enough, users can also edit data and information with screen keyboard for higher precision. To users advantage, they can also edit and save document or images directly over the Panasonic Panaboard without needing PC or additional equipment because elite Panasonic software support Ink Note functionality.

Visual communication aside, Panasonic Panaboard takes thing further with embedded audio recording functionality. But note that you will have to connect microphone to the PC which you use with the interactive whiteboard. Or, you are also good to go with video files to live up your business meetings because Panasonic Panaboard also incorporate stereo speakers. For long-distance collaboration and business meetings, Panasonic Panaboard also offer full compatibility with various video conferencing system and UC platforms. Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880W will come in 86 inch screen size but if you can also opt for a slightly smaller size of 77 inch with UB-T880. Both type have similar general specification and functionalities to empower your visual communication in business meetings. Only, Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880 is smaller in size.

All-in-one Interactive Solution

Effective visual communication is essential in business meetings. You have to make sure the audience get the right messages and if possible provide feedbacks which is basically any business meetings all about. To do that, you need the right solution. Panasonic Panaboard empowers visual communication in business meetings by allowing users to add interactivity aspect to their collaboration. With interactivity, Panasonic Panaboard provides all the opportunity for users to interact with their presentation and audience in business meetings like never before. Say goodbye to those days where speaker or presenter reading from the bullet points or talk all the time like no end. Welcome the new era of business meetings with Panasonic Panaboard and its range of interactive features. Lets your fingers wander across the board or use the electronic pen for more accurate inputs. In fact, you can also use the pen as mouse and navigate around various applications across Panasonic Panaboard. Speak up your points in every way possible by adding in images, graphics, or other imagery object and strengthen the visual communication in your business meetings. When necessary, invite attendees to share their feedbacks on the center stage with the same board at the same time because Panasonic Panaboard supports three input points. In short, make a show out of your business meetings with various type of visual communication. Furthermore, working with Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Presentation file is also a huge yes since Panasonic Board comes with full compatibility with Ink Note functionality. No PC or whatsoever additional equipment is needed.

Even, sharing out the presentation materials in business meetings is made easy because users can easily print them out to the networked printer or save it back to the connected USB flash drive thanks to the integrated USB ports. On different note, Panasonic Panaboard also integrates Panaboard book function as part of the Panaboard software where they can create new presentation materials or modify existing presentation materials with myriad of visual communication tools provided.

Convenient Features

To simplify user experience, Panasonic Panaboard also comes with special presentation electronic pen which offers multiple functionalities under one hood. You can use it as a pen, eraser, color marker, highlighter, and mouse across the interactive whiteboard, eliminating multiple input devices usually needed while accelerating the flow of your business meetings. That aisde, you can also use the pen as remote control when working with presentation slides in PowerPoint applications. However, do note that the remote control function will only work if you have the optional wireless kit installed on the Panasonic Panaboard. All things considered, Panasonic Panaboard UB-T880W come across as one solution to ehance visual communication in your business meetings with a host of smart interactive features.

(Date: 17 April 2013; Lidya)

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