Panasonic Smart Viera LED HDTV Gets Refreshed with Advanced Features

By nature, home entertainment system is a tricky subject and with the higher adoption of smart living for the last few years, it becomes much more complicated matter as you build your dream home entertainment system. Taking the center of the stage in home entertainment system is the TV which also gets smarter by day thanks to the integration of advanced features. Backed up with decades of expertise in consumer electronic and display field, Panasonic takes the chance to unveil their new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV lineups which gets refreshed with advanced features and latest image enhancement technologies. Designed to provide users with outstanding picture quality and best viewing experience, the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV lineup boast a number of extras especially in terms of personalization option and smart functionalities.

Unlike the standard Panasonic VIERA LED HDTV lineup, the Smart VIERA is equipped with a host of smart features including apps, video-on-demand services, video streaming service, and social networking media. As such, the LED HDTV features a home screen which aims to provide instant access to favorite menus and contents. Particularly in the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV, users actually get to design their own home screen, as many of them may usually do with the home screen in smartphones or tablets via My Home Screen feature. In fact, if you got multiple users like family and friends, everyone can have their very own home screen with all the favorite or frequently used apps, functionalities, or favorite TV programs right from the start on their LED HDTV. Then, the refreshed Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV also promotes other advanced features such as enhanced connectivity via Swipe & Share 2.0 functionality. As suggested by its name, it basically allow users to seamlessly connect and share their contents in the LED HDTV to and from mobile devices. Nevertheless, you may want to note that you will require that both LED HDTV and the mobile devices connected to the same local wireless network. For the time being, the convenient feature is only supported for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platforms. Other worth-mentioning advanced features introduced in the Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV are voice guidance and voice interaction which both extends the way you interact and control your LED HDTV.

Smart advanced features aside, the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV lineup also offers better viewing experience thanks to the latest image enhancement technologies. All of the the new LED HDTV in the refreshed Panasonic Smart VIERA lineup sports Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixel) and improved backlight scanning technology for high quality image reproduction and thus best viewing experience for every content. From images, videos, Internet contents, to multimedia streaming. The new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV simply turns all the contents into stunning visual treat to your eyes. Two higher end models in the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV, in particular, also comes with IPS (In-plane switching) panel technology which is widely known for its excellent performance in image quality and wide viewing angles. That aside, users can expect to enjoy high clarity images and motion with crisp details with the new LED HDTV since they are all armed with advanced dual-core Hexa image processing engine.
Other extras includes the local dimming and dot noise reduction which also contributes to the overall enhanced visual experience. On different light, new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV also include advanced features to enhance interaction between the users and the LED HDTV itself. Taking a leaf out of computing devices, the LED HDTV lineup now incorporates built-in camera to help users connect with other users like never before. In the first place, the built-in camera in LED HDTV can serve as gatekeeper to the home screen by using the Facial Recognition feature. When combined with the My Home Screen feature, it simply works wonder; allowing each and every user to access and interact with their contents on the LED HDTV in most personal way. Then, you definitely can use the camera with Skype or other video call-enabled apps to connect with people miles away in the convenience of big screen and high quality images. To top things off, Panasonic decide to adopt LED backlight technology for the entire lineup of its new Panasoninic Smart VIERA LED HDTV this time for the sake of green initiative as well as reduced power consumption. All things considered, the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV lineup which consists of 16 models obviously deserves to be included in your next tech shopping list.

Outstanding Image Quality

Image quality is the first and most important in display products including TV. With the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV, best viewing experience is only natural thanks to the improved panel technology and plethora of image-enhancement advanced features. Unlike competing panel technologies such as TN (Twisted Nematic) and VA (Vertical aligment), IPS panel has been the center of highlight in display industry including TV recently thanks to its superior image performance and extra wide viewing angle. As a result, Panasonic thoughtfully uses them to build their new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV so as users get optimal viewing experience regardless of their position in the room. All of the new LED HDTV also features 1080p Full HD resolution to ensure all of your contents from multiple sources looks at their best with stunning level of brightness and contrast as well as vivid details and vibrant colors. While it is not new, users can also indulge in realistic viewing experience with the integrated 3D playback and 2D-to-3D conversion functionality in the new LED HDTV. Next, the LED HDTV is also fitted with the latest backlight scanning technology with higher frame rate processing to ensure smoother and flicker-free motion common with sport and action movies.

Furthermore, Panasonic does not stop in delivering visual treat to your eyes in terms of image quality alone. With the new Panasonic Smart VIERA LED HDTV lineup, they also implements new refined design with ultra narrow bezel and clear acrylic base; creating a simple but luxurious feel to your home entertainment system.

Advanced Features

Above all things, there is no doubt that it is the advanced features which turns the whole TV viewing experience with the new Panasonic LED HDTV into something totally different and smarter in every way possible. To begin with, at least there is four main highlights of the advanced features packed by the new Panasonic Smart VIERA lineup. They are My Home Screen, Swipe & Share 2.0, Voice Guidance, and Voice Interaction. While the first two advanced features of the new LED HDTV account for a seamless, personalized, and more connected TV viewing experience, the later seems to promote smarter interaction with the LED HDTV itself. Voice Guidance, for example, enables users to use text-to-speech capability with the contents played in the LED HDTV for more immersive viewing experience. On the other end, Voice Interaction lets you practically converse with and do more with your LED HDTV including navigate around and control some functionalities. Only, this time, you get to do it with voice commands instead of remote control. Note that you will need a separate Smart VIERA Touchpad Controller to use the function.

(Date: 30 April 2013; Lidya)

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