Penveu Interactive Display System Introduces Instant Mobile Collaboration

With interaction growing to be the center of any collaboration from time to time, interactive display system sees a promising future for both manufacturers and users. However, things are not that simple on the users end since there is a lot of challenges to face including high cost installation and a variety of complementary equipments or software. Not to mention if you require such interactive display capability on the go too for mobile collaboration. Interphase comes up with a portable interactive display system called Penveu. Penveu Interactive Display System is touted to introduce instant mobile collaboration by allowing users to turn any surface into interactive display in a snap. Interaction is the key to effective collaboration and the same goes for mobile collaboration. While fixed interactive display system installation cannot be blamed, it simply does not offer enough flexibility for mobile users.

Featuring cutting-edge rocket science technology which is used for military, Penveu interactive display system allows you to write, draw, or highlight on any surface in any way possible to ensure seamless mobile collaboration when and where needed. The unique portable interactive display system even comes with built-in storage to store screen captures of presentation files. In any case, Penveu interactive display system makes a more powerful and cost-effective solution for mobile collaboration as it is truly portable, easy to use, and most importantly comes with full interactive display capability minus the hassle. Unlike conventional interactive display system, you do not even need calibration or any other supporting too to get great results. There is also no driver and software installation required prior to use it as Penveu interactive display system is more of the plug and play type. For that reason, users can easily pair Penveu to work with any platform without any issues of compatibility. Despite the fact, Interphase also convinces users that Penveu interactive Display System shows no compromise on performance thanks to the advanced rocket-science technology which works wonder to ensure accurate and reliable performance during mobile collaboration. Although it can practically turns any surface into interactive display in an instant, Penveu interactive display system is also compatible to use with whiteboard, projection screen, or any other kind of modern surface.

For highly mobile users, interactive display system may not be the first choice to enhance mobile collaboration as it not only deal with an array of hardware and software but also impossible to bring along with such immense built. Penveu seeks to solve the problem with their hand-held portable interactive display system, Penveu. Boasting a super compact design which is only as big as a mouse and sits comfortably on your palm, mobile users can definitely carry Penveu around for instant mobile collaboration when and where needed. With Penveu interactive display system, your mobile collaboration now comes right in your pocket. Looking more like a digital pen, Penveu interactive display system integrates advanced inertial sensor technology in the form of accelerometer to ensure accurate inputs over any surface and thus effective mobile collaboration.

As expected, Penveu also makes it possible for users to interact in most effective and convenient way possible thanks to the options of customizing pen color and thickness. Like digital pen in conventional interactive display system, Penveu can also be used navigation device like mouse to work with various applications. To use this portable interactive digital system, all you need to do is turn on the Pen unit and plug in the Veu wireless receiver into any device supporting VGA connection. Next, point anywhere on the intended surface within 40 feet of distance and you're ready to present and collaborate. Write, draw, highlight, interact. Penveu interactive display system simply makes mobile collaboration effortless. As for general use and navigation, Penveu is the only thing you need. Finally, Penveu Interactive Display System is built to ensure seamless mobile collaboration with integrated, rechargeable battery pack. Presenting, collaborating, or teaching now can takes place everywhere and still enjoy engaging interaction with Penveu interactive display system which magically turns any surface into interactive display.

In order to make presentation and collaboration successful, engaging interaction is a must. Problem is interactive whiteboard system or interactive display system may not make the best solution for everyone including budding startups, education market and highly mobile users. For budding startups and education market, the high cost installation of interactive display system does not make it a wise choice due to budget limitation. As for highly mobile users, conventional interactive display obviously would not do since there they do not have both portability and flexibility. Penveu interactive display system comes out as an answer to those challenges by packing up interactive display functionality in pocket-size package. What's more, Penveu actually offers the capability to turn any surface into interactive display without any hassle. You can use Penveu with existing whiteboard, projection screen, monitors, TV, or even a plain wall if you want. Not only offer flexibility, users also can do away with complicated setup usually found with conventional interactive display system. Believe it or not, Penveu requires no driver or software installation for both initial setup and the rest of the time thanks to the plug and play mechanism. That aside, you do have to do calibration either to ensure optimal image performance as Penveu interactive display system is armed with cutting-edge motion sensing technology which intelligently and accurately captures any inputs over the interactive display without a hitch.

Physical-wise, the pen unit of Peneveu interactive display system features tear-drop design with minimal, intuitive buttons for seamless mobile collaboration. With the familiar pen-mouse design and user-friendly buttons, Peneveu provides users with natural as well as intuitive experience. its four buttons give users instant access to frequently used functionality such as screen capture, quick setting, pen/mouse mode, and back.

All things considered, the best part about Penveu interactive display system perhaps is the cost-effective installation as you did not have to spend so much for the same interactive features and portability for mobile collaboration. Plus, there is no need to do special maintenance or additional purchase of software and hardware to get optimal result. All in all, Penveu interactive display system provides opportunity for business and home users alike to have engaging, if not better mobile collaboration.

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