Philips DesignLine Features Both Impressive Design and Stunning Images

To date, there is countless products out there which claims to manage a perfect blend of impressive design and stunning images. However, so far there is no definite measurement of how far they manage to do that and if consumers really benefits from the "ideal" products. Display manufacturers, among others in the entire technology world, is some which goes hard to prove their products worth the tag. As such, it is not difficult to find displays out there which does not only boast impressive design but also provide stunning images. Although people may automatically look up to Korean companies these days, this time it is the Dutch-based Philips turn to get on the stage and put on a show for the world to see with their new Philips DesignLine HDTV. Born out of collaboration between Philips and TP Vision, Philips DesignLine HDTV is all set to enthrall everyone by featuring both impressive design and stunning images in the first place. As far as design and aesthetic is concerned, nothing is actually absolute as everyone has their own personal taste and preferences. Philips, in this case, make the best bet to win over a nod from artists, interior designers, and fashion-conscious users with an ultimately impressive like never before, featuring nothing but a single sheet of glass. Also dubbed as a "leaning" TV due to its unique built, Philips DesignLine chooses to get rid of neck, stand, base, and even bezel which are supposedly and commonly adorn TV display. In place of bezels, you will find smooth, transparent gradient which runs down the half bottom of the HDTV unit and magically turns opaque and even invisible as you turn the TV on. More than just an impressive design, Philips DesignLine is obviously one of the most striking, unconventional TV display in display history. In a very optimistic view, Philips believe that the impressive design of DesignLine HDTV will perfectly blend into any modern environment. As for ourselves (and maybe you), a slanting television have any aesthetic contribution to room decors.

All these times, TV has always has bezels, stands, necks, and bases and there is a good reason behind it. And here we are with Philips DesignLine which excludes all those attributes and present itself as a leaning TV. However, it does not mean that Philips DesignLine is built out of fancy or any less capable. Instead, Philips really deserves praises for being able to create such work of art before an HDTV. Believe it or not, Philips DesignLine looks like nothing but a single frameless big glass which just leans on your wall without any other support. In fact, it is only the translucent gradient effect which can help you to tell the viewing area from the rest of unit. Apart from the absence of neck, bezel, stands, and necks in Philips term, DesignLine reminds much of competing products from LG and Samsung which also promotes floating TV look. The only catch behind the strikingly impressive design of Philips DesignLine is the concept of leaning itself. To our and most people relief, Philips finally ends up providing several options from edge protector and Simply Straight wall mounting solution. Although Philips and TP Vision convinces that it is built to do such thing as leaning, it goes without saying that a lot users will go for wall-mounting options to prevent any accidents with kids or pets.

What's more, Philips also equipped DesignLine with cutting-edge Ambilight technology which simply accentuate the already impressive design. With the Ambilight technology, Philips DesignLine will extend the color and light of the contents displayed to the surface behinds lit like halo effect. In any case, it adds to the stunningly impressive design while also delivering more immersive visual experience. For your references, Ambilight is one of the earlier patented Philips technology designed to ensure stunning images and optimal viewing experience by featuring wall-adaptive backlight. That said, Ambilight is also said to help makes wider viewing area for immersive visual experience.

Performance-wise, Philips DesignLine is equally robust performer as any current high end HDTV models in competition. Even though Philips HDTV lineups hardly make any exceptional impression in terms of performance, we feel optimistic that DesignLine got tricks up it sleeve to deliver stunning images. To start with, Philips DesignLine packs powerful dual-core processor and Perfect Pixel HD Engine. The advanced video processing engine, in particular, plays important role in processing details, color, contrast, and motion to every single pixels in order for Philips DesignLine to produce stunning images every time. This way, users can seamlessly play high quality contents and enjoy stunning images in Philips DesignLine without a hitch. On different note, combination of edge LED backlighting and micro dimming features translates to superb contrast performance and thus ensured stunning images with any contents while keeping efficient power consumption. What's more, the strikingly gorgeous Philips DesignLine also features active 3D technology as well as 2D-to-3D conversion to deliver most realistic viewing experience possible. Still in terms of performance, there may be concern over the viewing angles of Philips DesignLine if users intends to use it in leaning mode. After all, Philips DesignLine does not seem to be fitted with best panel technology in the market as compared to its major competition.

If you are fond of smart features in those ubiquitous mobile devices, Philips DesignLine also integrates a range of Smart TV functionality including wireless content streaming and smart sharing between connected devices, Internet browser, built-in Wi-Fi and remote control app to allow easy control from mobile devices. To better accommodate the Smart TV functionality, Philips DesignLine comes equipped with advanced remote control unit which integrates full keyboard and pointer. Conforming to current trends, there is also full-screen gaming mode where two players can have the full screen view to their own instead of split screen. For curious crowd, yes LG also offers similar feature called dual play gaming. Other worth-mentioning feature from Philips DesignLine is multi-room viewing to allow seamless content sharing between multiple HDTV units within the same rooms or houses via wireless connection. Philips DesignLine will be available in two different screen sizes: 46-inch and 55-inch to cater to different type of space and room configuration.

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