Planar LED-illuminated Video Walls Designed for Energy Efficiency

Nothing lasts forever but at least we expect some things did last longer than it should be if possible. A lot of lighting solutions, for example, are build to last long even though they are practically used around the clock without any break in some applications. Similarly, video walls are designed to survive extensive use in commercial applications and thus indicate a strong need for energy efficiency. As a leading display specialist, Planar recently introduces Clarity LED3 LED-illuminated video walls which is especially designed for energy efficiency. Unlike the previous series of video walls, these new LED-illuminated video walls is touted to be able deliver wide range of brightness level at lower power consumption; offering a real answer to energy efficiency issue while also addressing the need for reliable brightness performance. In fact, Planar claims that the new Clarity LED3 Series video walls offers the highest value of nits/watt in the market for now; approximately 20% to 80% higher than competing products.

What's more, these LED-illuminated video walls also lasts longer up to 100,000 hours, mostly thanks to the energy efficient LED technology planted inside. With brighter image but lower power consumption and longer life span, these Planar video walls will definitely redefine the meaning of energy efficiency, particularly, in rear projection video walls landscape. In terms of brightness, these LED-illuminated video walls can deliver super bright images as of 800+ nits, making them a very flexible solution for diverse applications regardless indoor or outdoor. After all, they are not only designed for energy efficiency but also deliver quality images in various lighting conditions including under bright sunlights. While high brightness in not a question with these LED-illuminated video walls, controlling the brightness is. But again, Planar manages to figure things out and simply equipped them with the advanced SiFi3 Auto Color Balance technology which will be explored later in this article. To cater to different applications and requirements, Clarity LED3 Series LED-illiuminated video walls will be available in several different sizes and configurations: 50", 67", 70", 78", and 80".

LED technology is among the most common way to improve energy efficiency in various platforms and video walls are no exception. Planar new LED-illuminated video walls are great examples. These video walls leverage on LED technology to deliver quality image while keeping power consumption low and thus higher energy efficiency. Even better, these LED-illuminated video walls also offer other benefits aside from the higher energy efficiency. For one is the longer life span because the video walls are able to use the power effectively and efficiently most of the time as compared to non-LED video walls. It is indeed a big advantage if you consider how these video walls are more of the lifetime installation type and operates on 24/7 basis. Indirectly, if your investment last longer, the total cost of ownership is also lower.

Next, these LED-illuminated video walls also save significant sum for electricity expense because it uses less power than average or at least more efficient. With the more stable and power efficient video walls, normally users also will not have to do frequent maintenance task or as much as in general. Finally, better energy efficiency in these LED-illuminated video walls also mean less power use and thus heat and noise production. Pretty much same as consumer displays, heat and noise in video walls can also prove serious matter. Not only it may indicate that the system is working too hard and uses much power, it also can result in fatal damage or simply shorter life span. On different light, audience may get distracted by the heat and noise produced by the video walls at some levels. Fortunately, none of these issues exist in the new Planar Clarity LED3 Series video walls. These LED-illuminated video walls simply solve the recurring concern of energy efficiency and any side effects. High brightness, high energy efficiency, and high reliability. You got all of these in a single package with Planar 's latest LED-illuminated video walls.

Quality Pictures

Higher energy efficiency may the best bet of the new Planar LED-illuminated video walls but it does not mean they are less admirable in terms of image quality. In fact, these LED-illuminated video walls is build to deliver bright images with vivid colors and crisp details as ever expected thanks to Planar Indisys Extensity technology and Planar SiFi3 Auto Color and Brightness feature. In a way, Planar Indisys Extensity technology is the brain of the new LED-illuminated video walls. It is the latest image processing engine which works to receive, display, and manage any visual and audio signal on the video walls to be later output as an integrated contents. With high bandwidth components and higher throughput, the new video walls are capable of processing and deliver high quality images like no other, with faster frame rate and no pixel compression. That aside, the Planar SiFi3 Auto Color and Brightness features simply optimize the overall image quality on the video walls by automatically adjusting brightness and color balance of video walls all across every part of the display; ensuring consistent image performance. More or less, it actually works like a calibration tool and very easy to use in a push of button. What's more, the LED-illuminated video walls also allow users to schedule this feature to run on its own at certain time or circumstances.

High Efficiency

In general sense, the brighter, the more power used. But it is about the time to say goodbye to this traditional logics with the introduction of Planar Clarity LED3 Series LED-illuminated video walls. These LED-illuminated video walls relies on LED technology to deliver bright images with lower power consumption; improving energy efficiency in a unimaginable way. Unlike non-LED video walls, LED-illuminated video walls actually reduces the power consumption by combining higher value of luminance per watt and their SiFi3 Auto Color feature. On on side, the LED technology application in these new video walls offer two times higher nits/watt compared to the previous generation so the video walls are able to display brighter images with same or less power. Then, the SiFi3 technology enhances the power reduction further by adjusting the brightness accordingly when and where needed. In other words, these LED-illuminated video walls can display the right brightness level for the right application with less power and thus offer higher energy efficiency.

High Reliability

The best thing of LED technology is that it can deliver high performance with lower power. The best thing about video walls is that it has high durability to survive most situations and remain as robust. Planar combine the goodness of both things and comes out with the new Clarity LED3 Series LED-illuminated video walls. Leveraging on the LED technology to drive better energy efficiency, these video walls actually also have longer life span because it uses less power and generate less heat. Less power and less heat produced by the LED-illuminated video walls lead to more stabilized and reliable system in longer term. On the other hand, they also offer longer illumination up to 100,000 hours in Eco mode as the lamp use is optimized every time. As such, the robust nature of the video walls are increased and strengthened with energy-efficiency-driven LED technology and the rest of proprietary Planar technologies.

(Date: 15 April 2013; Lidya)

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