Polycom SoundStation Connect Offers HD Quality Audio Anywhere Anytime

Today people can practically from anywhere with various kind of devices. They work individually or collaborate with colleague, clients, partners, or customers. Most of the time, they are engaged in collaboration and communications seem to take the center stage above all things. Thanks to the myriad of unified communications such as instant messaging and audio conferencing, everything is made easier and effortless. However, one issue remains: the poor audio quality. As one of the prominent provider in UC systems and collaborative solution, Polycom takes the challenge to solve the problem with their new Polycom SoundStation Connect, bringing over HD quality audio conferencing to users anywhere, anytime. Leveraging on plug and play instant USB connection, Polycom SoundStation Connect is especially tailored for small to mid-size group collaboration where audio conferencing comes first. Not only offering HD quality audio wherever users go thanks to Polycom HD Voice technology, be it home, office, or on the go, Polycom SoundStation Connect also features seamless compatibility with numerous corporate-based and independent softphone applications such as Microsoft Lync, Polycom RealPresence Desktop, IBM Sametime, Skype and Google Talk. With Polycom SoundStation Connect, expect a crystal clear HD quality audio conferencing every time and everywhere. All you need is to plug it in to your computer and you are all good to go. No driver required. No more poor quality audio. Polycom SoundStation Connect delivers best HD quality audio conferencing experience for new generation collaboration.

In a group collaboration, one of the biggest challenge is to build a good communications with everyone involved. Voicing out, getting heard, and capture what other people are saying are often not as simple as what it is like in a traditional phone conversation. There are simply a lot of challenges when it comes to virtual meetings. Particularly in a group collaboration, you may find it often that turn taking is not as smooth as expected and people are fighting for the opportunity to speak up or getting heard. Other times, the microphone just did not pick up voices or the speaker did not reach all the participants. Polycom SoundStation Connect comes to your rescue, making it effortless for every participant to get through their voices and getting heard with HD quality audio thanks to the innovative Polycom HD Voice technology. If your company has adopted certain UC applications such as Microsoft Lync or IBM Sametime, Polycom SoundStation Connect works flawlessly with them and connect to your computers whatever the platform is; Windows, Mac, or Linux as long as it support USB audio connection. And it goes without saying that Polycom SoundStation Connect also makes an ideal match for any Polycom video conferencing solution including the Real Presence Desktop solution for the best HD quality audio in group collaboration.

HD Quality Audio Conferencing

Polycom SoundStation audio conferencing solution is commended for its excellent audio quality and the new SoundStation Connect is not any different. Backed up by reliable Polycom HD Voice technology which ensures crystal clear HD quality audio in every conversation, Polycom SoundStation Connect makes it simply painless to hear and to be heard because your voices matter. Polycom Voice HD technology is built upon Polycom Acosutic Clarity which is designed to provide clear and natural conversation by reducing echo, noise, and feedback from ambient setting during conferencing. What's more, Polycom SoundStation Connect also boasts improved microphone which offers 360 degree voice pickup from up to 7 feet away. Specifically, it can cover a small to mid-size rooms with 2 to 6 participants. As if it is not astounding enough, Polycom also throws in nifty features such dynamic noise reduction, intelligent microphone switching, and automatic gain control in its built-in microphone and speaker unit. In short, almost everything you need for a productive conference call. Enjoy HD quality audio like never before with Polycom SoundStation Connect conference phones.

On the other hand, user may want to take note that HD quality audio may not sound at its best if the other party phones does not support HD Voice or using the traditional narrow band phone. Next, you will also need to keep in mind that other variables including data traffic or computer processing speed may also play role in determining the overall audio quality. But feel reassured because Polycom SoundStation Connect will at least offer the best in class narrow band audio quality.

Hassle-free Design and Usability

Previously, HD quality audio conferencing is only possible with static complicated setups and plethora of additional equipments. Polycom simply takes a step ahead, bringing over HD quality audio to virtual collaboration anywhere, anytime with the new Polycom SoundStation Connect. It is based on USB connection so all you need to do is plug and play. Neither you have to install any software driver nor attach physical phone lines. There is no need for separate power cable too since Polycom SoundStation Connect is also USB-powered. So, all you got is a single hassle free USB connection. Very simple, easy, and instant. In terms of general navigation and operation, Polycom SoundStation Connect comes with a very intuitive user interface along with easy to use buttons such as volume up/down and mute. And as any other Polycom SoundStation conference phones, it adopts compact, space-saving design to enable easier transport and use while on the-go. Weighing only 152 g, you can tuck it in the laptop bag or simply hand-carry it. That said, the USB-based design also makes Polycom SoundStation Connect easily fit any collaborative space from home, office, or on the go.

High Interoperability

Along with the rapidly growing need for real-time and effective communications in business, unified communications (UC) applications has emerged as the best solution to enable seamless communication across platforms and devices. To communicate with others, users can send messages or emails, make calls, or chat over internet with UC applications. Among the popular UC applications for business are Microsoft Lync, Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.0, and IBM Sametime but there are also consumer-based UC applications such as Skype and Google Talk available. But while they allow for easy communication and collaboration, it does not always yield optimal results or makes productive meetings with the poor performance of built-in audio attributes in your computers. Polycom SoundStation Connect offers HD quality audio conferencing while also complementing your UC applications. It is compatible with any major computing platforms and works perfectly with many widely-used UC applications such as Polycom RealPresence Desktop 2.0, Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime as well independent softphone services such as Skype or Google Talk. Just make sure that your computers support USB audio connection.

Long story made short, Polycom SoundStation Connect is an ideal audio conferencing solutions for those looking for best HD quality audio performance in their group collaboration no matter where and when. Or, it also fits teleworkers or budding startups with small teams who only want productive virtual meetings without much fuss.

(Date: 28 March 2013; Lidya)

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