Professional Audio Goes Portable with Bose L1 Compact System

Most people will agree that ideal sound subjects to personal taste and preferences. But how if someone told you that your ideal sound comes compact? "No way" or "Impossible" is perhaps the first thing popped up in your mind. It is also a common belief that to get the professional audio quality, you will need some sort of state of art sound system or speakers. Usually, they are also very complicated and cost a fortune. Bose have to disagree though since their Bose L1 Compact System is easily the impossible dream comes true; delivering professional audio in a super compact and easy to setup package. Designed to impress, Bose L1 Compact System features latest Bose sound technologies, highly versatile design, and advanced tone control. Boasting a single unit speaker to light up your business presentations and other events, Bose L1 offers simple and easy installation and makes professional audio available to everyone. You can also set up Bose L1 Compact System accordingly to your requirements and room configuration thanks to its highly versatile design.

If you need professional audio installation in smaller rooms, Bose L1 can be collapsed to approximately half a meters, making it fit better to sit on tables or higher surfaces. In contrast, you can also transform Bose L1 compact system back to its default configuration as floor standing speakers to match larger venues. All you need is to install the extension unit back. You also do not have to meddle with wiring mess since Bose L1 relies on single power cord. What's more, Bose L1 also incorporates built-in bass enclosure so you did not really require multiple audio components systems to get professional audio quality. Control-wise, Bose L1 Compact System actually include two tonal preset for both microphone and musical instruments. As such, users can easily tweak out the tonal settings for optimized result on different applications. To ensure an enhanced professional audio quality, there is also option to install T1 ToneMatch audio engine which primarily works to enable users further customize the sound output with the proprietary presets and EQ functionality. Whatever setup you got, Bose L1 Compact System ready to deliver professional audio within seconds.

Bose is all about sound perfection and this time they take the challenge to makes it goes portable with Bose L1 Compact System. In most cases, there is no way you can get professional audio quality without spending big sum and time. But Bose L1 just does that by combining speaker, mixer, amplifier, EQ and audio monitoring into a highly portable system. Unlike other sound system which requires multiple components to deliver professional audio quality, Bose L1 Compact System counts on special proprietary technologies called Spatial Dispersion which basically stacks six drivers with different angles in vertical position. Such unique array allows the Bose L1 to actually project sound to multi directions and thus can produce professional audio quality in wider coverage up to 180 degree. This way, both speakers and audience can hear professional audio quality regardless of where they stand or sit in the room or stage.

With the enhanced design, Bose L1 Compact System can ensure that sound is amplified and distributed evenly across the room as opposed to other sound system which tends to have the best sound heard only in some parts of the room; usually the center area. But most importantly, you get to enjoy the consistent professional audio anywhere anytime because Bose L1 is one to tag along without much fuss. For traveling, users can easily dismantle the Bose L1 unit into parts and get them assembled back for use later. No professional help is needed. What's more all the components in the Bose L1 Compact System are very durable and lightweight, making it even a better choice for portable professional audio applications. Other extras include broad connectivity options such as 1/4 inch output and RCA output to allow easy integration with other audio devices and PA system.

Pro Audio Comes Compact

Sound quality matters and so does portability. But the problem is that they do not really match with each other in most cases. You are always forced to make compromise every now and then. Now you do not have to any longer. As suggested by its name, Bose L1 Compact System simply delivers a truly professional audio quality in compact package. With highly versatile design and simple setup, you can carry Bose L1 around and enjoy professional audio anywhere anytime. Every place has different room configuration but you cannot afford to compromise both on quality and portability so Bose L1 Compact System comes with two setup options for flexible installation in various applications. In the first place, there is the collapsed mode which is perfect for small space and more simple audio installation. At thise mode, the Bose L1 Compact System comes as low as half a meter to be easily positioned on the tables. Among the most common scenarios are business presentation or roundtable discussions where audience are seated closely or around the sound system. With only loudspeaker array unit installed, Bose L1 Compact System also saves enormous space for other devices on the tables while retaining the professional audio quality. As for larger extensive venues, you only need to add the L1 Compact Extensions to the existing Bose L1 Compact System. There is no need for messy wiring or additional stand.

But then some people just do not get it how on earth that Bose L1 Compact System is able to produce professional audio quality with such compact built. If any, the secret lies within the proprietary design of the Bose L1 itself. To make up for multiple components for creating wider sound field, Bose L1 Compact System adopts a Bose Spatial Dispersion technology. At its core, it is a custom vertical shape in which six drivers are stacked and angled in particular ways that sound can be projected not only forward but also sideways for wider sound coverage. As such, albeit the single unit design, Bose L1 can produce an evenly distributed and consistent sound with professional audio quality. This way, both speakers and audience across the room get to hear the same powerful and professional audio quality.

Instant Optimization

With Bose L1 Compact System, Bose really mean it when they use the term compact. To get professional audio quality in any applications, all you need to bring around is the modular-styled sound system itself, nothing more. You will not require separated mixer, amplifier, or bass module to enhance the audio quality because Bose L1 Compact System gets everything covered. For powerful bass and thus overall professional audio quality, Bose L1 has a built-in bass speaker on its power stand unit while mixer functions are readily available with the Two ToneMatch channels which provide separate custom presets for microphone and musical instruments respectively. The second ToneMatch channel include several handy inputs such as 1/4 inch input, 1/8 stereo input, and RCA stereo input.

(Date: 22 April 2013; Lidya)

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