Radvision Scopia XT Telepresence System Drives Effective Collaboration

With the ever-changing business environments, getting effective collaboration is one tricky business. On one side, you may be able to easily collaborate with anyone from anywhere anytime thanks to the advanced technologies these days. For one, there is video conference solutions which enables you to communicate with people miles away with both visual and audio elements. But then as your network grows larger and your requirements change, conventional video conference solutions seem to be no longer enough. Enter telepresence system which promotes immersive experience and thus effective collaboration thanks to the enhanced high quality visuals and uncompromising interoperability. Radvision Scopia XT Telepresence System is likely to be the right solution to drive effective collaboration with a host of nifty features including full support of HD 1080p, intuitive controls via mobile application, and most importantly seamless interoperability with a broad range of other video conference or telepresence system.

Visual is one most deciding factor when it comes to collaboration and with Radvision Scopia XT Telepresence system, you can enjoy high definition, life-like images for immersive experience and thus effective collaboration. See other parties and be seen in high clarity and details like never before with the new Radvision Scopia XT Telepresence System. And with the support of 48 KHz audio technology, Scopia XT telepresence system also ensures every single sound is crystal clear. Breaking down the telepresence system itself, Radvision Scope XT features the same three screen setup like most telepresence system along with three HD cameras which is capable of capturing high definition images in full glory. To create a truly immersive experience, Radvision Scopia XT comes with four different screen sizes to choose: ranging from 50", 55", 60", and 65" with 65" is considered the best choice for optimal result and thus effective collaboration. That aside, users in business environment can also work with multiple applications and contents with Scopia XT telepresence system. In fact, this telepresence system has wide compatibility with various video and audio formats including the latest H.239 standard; ensuring seamless and effective collaboration when and wherever needed. To conclude, the new Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system is clearly an answer for those looking for the best bet to get effective collaboration.

A lot of video conference and telepresence system come as a comprehensive package with all the complementary build components such as display, camera, audio, and many more. On one side, users do not have go through the hassle to choose and prepare all the stuff by themselves. In contrast, such telepresence system did not live up to some users' expectations in terms of flexibility. Radvision Scopia collaboration system has been widely known for its high flexibility to provide users in business environment with custom solutions and their new Scopia XT telepresence system is no different. Within the sales package of Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system, users will get three telepresence system license to use with their telepresence system of choice. As for display, users get to choose the display as they see fit for the telepresence system although Radvision do give clues such as the 65" screen size, HDMI support, and Full HD resolution. Nevertheless, do note that you have to ensure all the three displays used for the telepresence system have identical qualities and specifications so as to get the best result and thus effective collaboration.

Next, users can also opt to have the telepresence system mounted on the wall or hold up on standing base. For audio, Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system also gives user total freedom to install their speaker and other component of sound system as they see fit for their requirements. All in all, Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system allows users in business environment to get the most ideal telepresence system for their unique requirements thanks to the flexible custom options available. Finally, users can also feel reassured about usability as Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system basically offers the most intuitive operation to effective collaboration by introducing app-based control system. With the telepresence license included in the sales package of Scopia XT, users can unlock Scopia Control functionality and use it to enhance collaboration.

Immersive Experience for Effective Collaboration

While the conventional video conference system may have awed you with how you are able to see people miles and hear their sound simultaenously, telepresence system is on different level together. In fact, telepresence system is invented to provide you with life-like immersive experience for effective collaboration. Combining extra large screen, high quality audio, and plenty of custom features, telepresence system really changes the way people interact with each other in business collaboration. As a leading manufacturer of video conference and telepresence system, Radvision continuously develop the right solution to meet customer demand for effective collaboration. And the new Scopia XT telepresence system is one great example.

In the first place, the telepresence system incorporates support both displays and camera with Full HD 1080p for immersive visuals including contents such as images and videos in real time and simultaneously. With the new Scopia XT telepresence system, you can expect to see the other person or people on the other hand in life-like qualities with incredibly high clarity or even life-size if you happen to use the super big display. As such, not only you are able to communicate and share ideas easier but also ensure effective collaboration. That aside, Radvision actually equip their latest telepresence system with dedicated calibration tool which relies on PC to tweak display and camera setting for optimal results.

Apart from image quality, Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system also works well with a broad range of other video conference and telepresence system. This way, users can have seamless effective collaboration with anyone regardless if they have different video conference and telepresence system. It is even more convenient for everyone in multi-party collaboration since Radvksion Scopia XT telepresence system also supports latest H.239 standard which allows enhanced data collaboration.

Intuitive Controls

Unlike conventional video conference system or other telepresence system, Radvision Scopia XT telepresence system set a new standard with their app-based control system. So instead of remote controls or PC-based control and management tool, Scopia XT telepresence system allows you to navigate through functionalities and build effective collaboration from your very own Apple iPad. Yes, you heard it true. This telepresence system provides handy controls on the ubiqutous tablet via Scopia Control Multi-Touch application which will be available for free download in Apple Store. Alternatively, users can also go with the more conventional web-based management tool albeit the limited capabilities.

(Date: 01 May 2013; Lidya)

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