Revolabs Executive HD� MaxSecure Wireless Microphone System Ensure Secure Communications

Exceptional audio quality is a must have in diverse applications and even more critical when it comes to workplace and business environment. But is there all to it? As time goes by, flexibility also becomes essential because people are no longer wishes to face all the cluttering cable and complicated setup commonly found with wired audio system. However, security seems to be the another crucial issue if you happen to deal with classified matters like in governmental institution, financial sector, or medical applications. Revolabs tries to address the need for high quality and secure communications with their new Executive HD MaxSecure Wireless Microphone System. Not only aimed to deliver unmatched audio quality, Excutive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system also features support the latest AES 256-encryption for highly secure communications in security-critical environments.

As a comparison, the Executive HD wireless microphone system only comes with 128-bit encryption standard to ensure secure communications. The advanced AES 256-bit encryption is especially meant to cater to some particular application with higher need for secure communications involving strictly confidential matters. The standard itself is compliant with security standard of AES FIPS 197 and AES FIPS-140-2, which have been approved by U.S National Security Agency (NSA) for maximum security applications. In terms of flexibility, the new secure wireless microphone system also retain the same handy features of Revolabs Executive HD lineup which are the rack-mountable design and ability to support up to 32 and 40 microphone array for America and International setup respectively. But the best thing of all is that you do not have to deal with the mess of wiring and additional cost for special furniture. The Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system will be available in four and eight channel systems to allow versatile applications for large venues such as conference room, auditorium, or boardroom. Apart from the less clutter because you are able to link multiple wireless microphone to the same system in one area, business users can definitely benefit from lower power consumption. The new Revolabs Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system is not only build to deliver top-notch audio quality but also secure communications which are vital in environment with need for advanced privacy protection.

While in some cases, privacy is more applicable for individual matters, group privacy such as in business meetings, medical consultation, or governmental convention seems to be more critical than ever as it usually entails confidential information or classified data. And if you are to be part of it or responsible to make it right, you really do not want to take any risk. Therefore, Revolabs Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system is just the right answer. Basically an extension to the reliable high-end wireless microphone system of Executive HD family, the new Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system offers the ideal solution to those looking for secure communications while make no whatsoever compromise on hassle-free design, flexibility, and most importantly audio quality. Similar to the other Revolabs wireless microphone system, the Executive HD MaxSecure also comes in a sleek compact design which supports for various different room configurations as well as styles such as tabletop, wearable, and hand-held. Such flexibility will make it easier for users to move around in the room; turning any presentation or meetings into more dynamic collaboration without sacrificing efficiency and quality.

What's more, users can also easily integrate Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system with other control systems via RS-232 or Ethernet. Or, they can opt for remote control and management of the wireless microphone system via bundled management software. Finally, to optimize the protection of your conversation and ensure secure communications, Revolabs also applies DECT protocol which works to prevent unwanted parties to detect or happen to hear you with the changing radio frequencies.

Ensured Secure Communications

When it comes to top secret or any private information belong to individuals or companies, you simply cannot take any risk. Regardless of their objectives, somebody or some parties may overheard it intentionally or intentionally and you cannot afford for that to happen. Revolabs Executive HD wireless microphone system has been widely recognized as best choice of wireless microphone system to meet the requirement of demanding applications including security aspect by offering support for 128-bit encryption features as well as DECT personal communication protocol. An enhanced version, the new Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system comes with even more advanced AES 256-bit encryption to ensure highly secure communications where security is a top priority. Such applications can include medical institutions for patient private health record and informations, financial and banking sectors for customer investment plan or any merger/buyout plan, and governmental applications.

Unlike the usual 128-bit encryption, the wireless microphone system actually works to protect your conversation by not only encrypting the information but also changing the encryption key every 60 seconds randomly, preventing any intrusion and ensuring secure communications every time. This encryption mechanism is highly secure in any sense, as proven by its compliance with U.S government and NSA encryption standard.

Highly Versatile and Flexible

With Revolabs Executive HD wireless microphone system, going wireless is a nature, rather an option and the new Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system is no exception. Similar ot the former Executive HD, it will be available in both four and eight channel system with support for multiple linked system up to 32 or 40 microphones per area. That aside, the secure wireless microphone system also boast rack-mountable design, allowing it to seamlessly integrate to existing system and different room configuration while saving significant space in your room. And since it is naturally wireless, users can feel at ease to sit, stand, and even move around during meetings or presentation without having to worry for any clutter with the wiring.

For general usage and navigation, the MaxSecure wireless microphone system is equally intuitive as other HD Executive family, sporting a LCD display on the front for easy access to system information as well control and configuration. Alternatively, those preferring a centralized control can choose to integrate the wireless microphone system to the existing control system via serial or Ethernet connection. The latter (Ethernet connection) option is only available with bundled management software which essentially enables users to control and manage the wireless microphone system remotely. At last, users can also count on Executive HD wireless microphone system for compatibility with diverse type of wireless microphone regardless of its style: wearable, tabletop and hand-held. Only, note that the use of different wireless microphone may require different adapters

Exceptional Audio Quality

Whatever the applications, audio quality remains the key aspect of microphone. With Revolabs, the audio quality is never the question to begin with. All the portfolio of Revolabs wireless microphone system always ensures an exceptional audio quality thanks to the "Designed For Speech" technology. The technology is exclusively developed to deliver high definition crystal clear audio including accurate reproduction of speech by using special audio processing algorithm. With the wideband frequency and RF Armor technology, Executive HD wireless microphone system will perfectly pickup users' voices without any interference which will reduce the quality such as noise, echoes, or other audio interference such as those from gadgets.

If you are enterprise users out for highly secure wireless microphone system which will deliver the unmtached top audio quality, you will not go wrong with the new Revolabs Executive HD MaxSecure wireless microphone system. Not only ensure secure communications, in fact it also offers excellent flexibility for demanding environments such as audiorium, meeting rooms, or board rooms.

(Date: 08 April 2013; Lidya)

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